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SCOTTIJSol-ighlszA O RA Scottish Opera IS Scotland '5 national opera company and one of Bntain 's largest arts organisations presenting opera at all scales

Scottish Opera is Scotland‘s national opera company. and one of Britain's largest arts COMPANY STAGE MANAGER organisations. presenting opera at all scales. The Technical Department has vacancies for the (Equ'ly Sm" 79"“ “mm” following permanent staff - Scottish Opera seeks an experienced Company Stage Manager for its autumn piano accompanied and summer instrumental ensemble (Bet. Hcm) accompanied tours in small and medium-scale venues In this busy and challenging post you wrll have overall responsibility for the Leading a team of 5 full-time makers (plus supplementary staff) in Scottish Opera's Scenic Workshops 5‘39? Mallagelllem TGCllll'CO' “’3'” all“ ’0' “‘9 "130309090 3”“ based at the Edington Street Technical Centre. Glasgow. Candidates will be expected to show a proven We'mre 0‘ "‘9 C35“ 0"- IOL” You W'” “3V9 Rel/'0“? [Ol‘lm‘l 90‘9"?“9 track record managing a team of experienced. mixed Skill makers (carpentry. metalwork and furniture and be prepared to lilallllallt‘WOdUClIOll standards at all times making). in the construction of scenic elements for all aspects of Scottish Opera's activity. “93” (“'V'llg "WW essential Start date no later than to August gout Salary For OJOl) description please send a SAE to Gary Sparkes Technical Manager Scottish Opera, Theatre Royal 282 Hope Street Glasgow 62 30A or e-mail to gsparkescjf'scottishopera org uk (Ref. ASMUZ) Applications in writing wrtlt covering letter and (‘V The Stage Management department is responsible for managing the company's rehearsal and ("losmg (me '5 15 may Am performance activity in Glasgow. on tour nationally and internationally. You will have previous Scott/sit Ohm WM ’t'1*“d”“(fl/r”“ll/WNWH’P‘ (WI/"cw wit/w experience of large-scale repertory opera or musical theatre. be flexible. highly motivated. be able to “""‘"”“"""""”"' ‘""’"”/""" ‘l""’”"‘” work as part of a team and remain calm under pressure. Book experience desirable. saIary £20,550 RTCI’l"l‘.-\'l‘l().\'s l’l'Bl.l(‘

A R'l‘ I’R( )( i R.-\ M MIC

(Rey. 3.303) K I y! M“ .r Research and Development Phase

Ma)" —Septemher 200i

The Running Props department is responsible for managing the company's props and furniture department (including the Armoury). servicing rehearsals and peformances in Glasgow. on tour

(listleintlk l'miiuntnenl lili\l I\ looking: to appoint tm» freelante [tinted workers on short term contracts In milk on the Rt'I‘lllJllttlh I’uhlit -\it

nationally and internationally. You will have experience of props management in large-scale repertory l’lnymlntnc m (wimutt opera or musical theatre and have basic prop making/sourcing skills. pi'nur' ,ut'r PROGRAMME (‘()-()Rl)l.‘\‘.v\’l‘()R fl’ee: £2400) Salary £22,359 l’l'lll,l(‘ AR’I‘ PROGRAMME i-:\;\t,t'..\'t'ok (Fee: etzuin litir iolt descriptions .llltl liittltei ‘1L‘l‘ill\I‘l‘.|1\L-\i“llll'\l .\i\i rm.“ Fruit. ('tstt }\ill k iixxiknxsini 'l'ui \l. (ill-\“mm lit \l\l-\\ (’Hikt. 2| (it l “mini l’i u i. (;I.\\(;()\\ ($45 91'". Reporting to the Running Props Supervisor. you will participate in all aspects of the Running Props 'm : um (.30 mm. Department activity including rehearsals and performances in Glasgow and on tour nationally and “‘"l‘ “""”"‘”‘"”‘“ " "“‘l'f‘.”""j';:"”" “-

/.ri.‘\r \I'u. 1". um. I: I'H'n' .wu ..'r i! r H ll:

internationally. Previous experience of Props in a large-scale company and basic prop

‘~ “Hi” (It! fill/till! \ I (It I/l/ Ur .T’l’l/ maintenance/acctursrtion skills desrrable. ' '” ' ”' " " '

llllt'l'llc'lt \ limit lir'ernnrrre /-l!/i llm .‘II/I/

Salary £20,304 STAGE TECHNICIAN (Ref. ST05) SCOtUShthhTheatle The Stage department is responsible for fitting-up. striking and maintaining/storing the company‘s SU’nlner feSllval sets. operating cues and carrying out scene changes in Glasgow. on tour nationally and internationally. stztxiwflwt i,, You will have previous experience of large-scale repertory opera or musical theatre. excellent %§,BANKOF SCOTLAND stagecraft skills and a working knowledge of Health 8. Safety practice. Salary £20,304 STAFF Rl‘lQl'lRTCI):

° STAGE M.-\N.-\(ili.\lli.\"l' ° Ri‘lSllH‘IN'l’lxu. ('ARI‘I S'I'AI’I’

All posts are permanent and start dates are negotiable. . WARDROBE “My

All salaries are subject to a pending pay award.

For dBSCFlpllOllS SBHCl a lOI Angela Murie. Human RESOUFCBS Manager. SCOlllSh Opera, \arinus Contracts atuiluhle in (ilasgtm. Stirling & Aberdeen 39 Elmbank Crescent. Glasgow G2 4PT or e-mail to: 2nd Juli - 4th Mum! ( ‘l and covering letter in: Applications in writing with covering letter and CV (clearly stating the reference code) to: Kl'l-VNI'TI‘H 51(‘(il'|-\'\l~185--\|’\I|\|S'|‘Rs\'|’98~ _ _ _ Angela Murie. Human Resources Manager. Scottish Opera. “mi'i's” ‘li‘l’l‘{Tl}:fixiflfiifl‘i'fl: a)???” "m 5"" 39 Elmbank Crescent. Glasgow G2 4PT. ' ' '

Closing date for all posts is 15 May 2001. ('lming am- Friday 18th \la) Interviews will be held in Glasgow weeks commencing 21 and 28 May.


We would also like to hear from - Stage/Props Technicians. Lighting/Sound Technicians, Workshop Carpenters, Scenic Artists, ' I Prop-makers. Wardrobe and Wigs Staff. and Freelance Stage Management. 9215,5000 - £l7,5000 pa to April 2002

. . . . with possible 1-2 year extension We would like to hear from freelance experienced Technrcrans. Craft Workers and Stage

Management who are interested in short-term contracts and/or casual employment in the ""1"". A'T‘Q°d,d.’:°"|‘i‘f 6'29" “at”? ‘°"Tfi°g’ 'r'e‘lmgnsblszg'fwmg zzmtznde: departments above. A minimum of one years experience will be required in most areas. All work em "mm" '" "" ”° °' ' " "8" 9°“ °" w' e p y Y

. . . v . . . . running oi our ket employobility proiects, FAB PAD and ARTWORKS. Ideally you will be WI” be GIaSgOU based bUt may' m addmon' mVOIVe touring In SCOtland' qualified and have experience in workin with young people, adult education and/or

Please send a current CV and a covering letter to Gary Sparkes. Technical Manager. Scottish Opera. (ounselling and have 0 clear understanding 0‘ Working with pub“! 5800' “Hide”- Theatre Royal. Hope Street. Glasgow G2 30A or e-mail to: For a job description please call Amelia on 0141 341 0024 For an inlormal chat about the post please contact Susan on 0M] 34] 0024. Scottish Opera strives to be an equal opportunities emp/over and IS subsrd/sed by the Scottish Arts CounCIl Closing date 7 May 2001.

124 VHE LIST 2G Apr—TO Mm 2001