4 which was nominated for Best First Film at the Celtic Film and Television Festival. Flight followed. which was shown on BBC Scotland and Canadian television. She is currently writing and directing a BBC2 series Mobile In London. and has been commissioned to contribute to Scotland's Year Of The Artist. Last year Davie held a symposium to raise awareness for Scottish documentaries. and was documentary programmer at the EIFF. She is co-producing the Nonrvegian film Sightseer.

Influences Documentary-makers Viktor Kossakovsky and Kim Longinotto

See Mobile In London

Where BBC2. Summer

HUW DAVIES, WRITER/DIRECTOR/ PRODUCER - v Background A film and photography graduate. Davies is currently Head of School at Napier University's Design and Media Arts Department. He has been making documentaries for television and for the Arts Council for the past sixteen years with co- independent filmmaker Nigel Atkinson under the umbrella of their joint company. Cliffhanger Films. In 1997 they launched a series of narrative dramas about architectural follies. of which Reflections Upon The Origins Of The Pineapple, is the latest. Two more shorts in the series are set to follow. Influences Independent workshop cinema from the 608 onwards See Reflections Upon The Origins Of The Pineapple 3 Where European Media Arts Festival, 3 Osnaerck. Germany, 27 April, Philadelphia International Festival of World Cinema. 28 April. Cameo. Edinburgh, 29 April

Rachel Bevan Baker is now making her own film based on a Christy Moore song, The Reel in

the Flickering Light.

IAN DODDS, CINEMATOGRAPHER/ DIRECTOR Background Trained at London's Royal College of Art where he directed three short films. This was followed by camerawork and editing on several short films including Becky Brazil's Best Man, music videos and the BAFTA Newcomer award- i winning feature. Frog. He won a BAFTA New Talent award for his work on To Whom It May Concern. Dodds is now working on a documentary with Amy Hardie. A Beginner's Guide To Dying. as well as two short films. Wish and The Window Cleaner (with Frog director Steven Morrison). Influences New Wave Cinematographer Nestor Almendros

18 THE LIST 26 Apr—10 May 2001

Tom Gerhard location III N Guardlan "f

See Best Man, ‘."i/i.<;h Where EIFF. August

RACHEL EVERITT, ANIMATOR Background Dornoeh-born Everitt completed an animation degree at ECA. graduating in 1999 wrth The Lost Note. Now working at Leith animation studio Bed Kite. she initially artworked on Rachel Bevan aker's The Green Man Of Knowledge and is now making her own film based on a Christy Moore seng. The Reel ln The Flickering Light. Everitt plans to supplement her animation wrth book

illustration work.

Influences Mus'r: and dancing. Paul Klee See T he Reel /n The Flickering Light Where Animation Week. Channel :1. September


(:tir‘r'er'itl';.r dexeloping two feature documeritar'ies. Sightseer ‘.‘.’|iil

,1 Ei'niiia Davre and

, ' Amy Hardie's A Beginner's Gt/ide TO Dying. Prt—zwously. she programmed the (.locuiiientary section for ElFF and worked as researcher on Scene By Scene. After havrng a baby she has now returned to prodtiCing.

Influences Documentary makers Viktor Kossakovsky. Andrei Tarkovsky. KaZuO Hara

See 89.": A Beg (3.. 3e *2 D, Where Nationwide. pending distribution deals. lnfoztaf’




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fltr'i;l-aré;.iti f§ii.’Ilt?:l tiliott‘ ltiir‘t‘i. .if Napier Ulll‘.t'l‘x.°t.. Slu-

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[‘z"‘til‘.‘t‘ Hliii't‘

the Flllltil()tlf3(:. H ZA and M" ii'w't‘. j()I) at: (lt:llt?l£ll rixariagm ii? Z'i!‘ l ) (lirieiita. Slit: it; llt)‘.'. altar :rkni W Fulton on [firtitni owner. Influences I‘tlliflllj Stigm l tt’tflfr. Ni Roeg. Seiiuii Sir/rim. tJHl‘ .Jaitiwiw “ti; f-lender'son: [)a‘.id l ‘..'li"ll. Hi.“ Luhrmaiin

See Bear‘lreornneit. l’iit l t:;f'.'f Where l lope-full, iii f;lllt:ll‘itlf3 ll‘. 3” ‘-i’

‘viii'l‘réfiio'léé‘gtron Background (Bethard studied photography and filri‘ at Niltlitrl Ulll‘.’()l'f3lt‘,. undertaking a fSIll‘I a“. an administrator at thet Ill in I)‘:7‘.'.’t:tt.'t h 8 studies. Ht; (L'i‘.'."ot<: art/l ’illfzv’iiffli Guard/an finger. a psychological tilrtllwl ‘.'/hi(:h 8 shown at the l !|ll‘ l t;‘:'.i.ii., Ht: has also .'.”ll't\‘.:’i ’).'l amoral other short lilriif; lll (Ilfiffl‘fllt (lithitfilil‘fii. including lighting assistant on Heck, Bra/it's Hes? i‘xiarr.

Influences Nothing ‘;l)‘:fil<‘lf,i “(on ts;s;rrr:|ate ‘.'."ll£lI ’,ou iii. and It“ 'i" Hi! See (’ill<’l.’f/r’(l.’i Arigi

Where Can‘t/i. [ i’l'le'lliill’li‘. Ti", /.‘I)'}i

ANDY GODDARD, DIRECTOR/WRITER Background Startwi «'1'. (Na, SOHO”, 8‘ In". [find/W zirvl Then ll 7 .0" To xtiid,’ ti‘Ntu/iratfli; at Nzi;,i»’;' U"ll./‘;l",lt,.

After ’,’i!ltl)l‘:Tll ’i a

.v ‘;’,l‘;‘;'t.‘.'l'lilllf} (:Ourse. Goddard rt‘ad‘; ri‘ultiple-aHarri running Little Sisters. He later rrarlr; Yahha Yahha Ding Ding. shown or Channel 4's Shooting Gallery. la‘.’ year he co-xxrote the rr‘.iiti;,lr:-Bl1.FTA nominee and .‘iinner. Kings 0‘ The ‘x'i/r/(f Front/er .‘xrtli Ian Rankn as part of the flew Found Lari/:8 Sew-:8 on Scottish TV. Most rederttl, Goddard rriade the Tartan Short Rice. Paper.