4 currently working on a script for a children's feature film about dogs. Influences Woody Allen, Italian filmmakers like Fellini

See Drive Of A Lifetime

Where Cameo. Edinburgh, 29 April

MINTTU MANTYEN, CINEMATOGRAPHER/ DIRECTOR/WRITER Background Born in Finland. Mantyen is in her final year of a BA photography and film c0urse at Napier University. " She is Currently shooting The Wannabe. a bittersweet comedy directed by Mark Ash, With whom she worked on Watching last year. She wrote and photographed Nine Lives with director Rob McCann and directed Forgotten. about ‘the logic of memOry and dreams'. Influences Krzysztof Kieslowski. Chantal Akerman, cinematographer Sven Nykvist

See Forgotten, Nine Lives

Where Napier Graduation Show, Cameo. Edinburgh. June; probably EIFF, August


_ Background 5: McCann was a film

i .\ a? animation techniCian‘

"“ at John Moores University. Liverpool for six years before studying film at Napier University. He graduated in 1999. winning the Fuji Film Scholarship in his third year for Station and an Award from Media 2 for his Journeyman Project in his fourth year. McCann is currently finishing off his graduation film, Insomnia/Nine Lives. “Nine lives. six people. three relationships,‘ he says.

Influences Martin Scorsese, Todd Solondz

See Insomnia/Nine Lives

Where Info: robamccann@hotmail.com



Background After working as a knitwear designer in Paris for two

1 years McIntosh went travelling, returned to Glasgow and enrolled on an MA at the Art School where she gravitated towards film. Making films since 1994. she is best known for I Am Boy: ‘A short film about a Siberian DJ.’ she says of the film which brought her a BAFTA New Talent award nomination. Mclntosh's most recent film. Electronic Fabric Film. recently played at the GFT.

22 THE LIST 26 Apr—1O May 2001

Nicoll’s Horsehair

Influences Jonas Mekas. Eastern European animation. Harmony Korine. Sonic Youth

See / Am Boy

Where Has just been bought by SBS in Australia. but Scotland?

CAT MCKIERNAN, WRITER/DIRECTOR Background A Napier University graduate in photography, film and television. McKiernan says. ‘I -- wanted to make films since I was fourteen. but it didn't seem like a real opportunity until I was working for the BBC in my early 20s and realised people do this for a living.‘ She is moving towards that goal, having completed the Cineworks film Sex And Death. which has been shortlisted for the JPSFA.

Influences Tim Burton. Jeunet and Caro See Sex And Death

Where Cameo. Edinburgh, 29 April


Background McKinnon studied film and television at ECA and Napier University. Her films from that time include The End, Diary Of A Madman written by Colin McLaren, and Hopp/A “The Broons go to Auschwitz.“ according to McKinnon co-directed by Kenneth Simpson. The experimental film 3 was

Morag McKinnon’s Home won a BAFTA and a staggering fifteen further awards.

her best learning ()XIXEY'IOllflf,’ liefoie she made the Scottish 'lV Prime Cut Fantoos/i. Then came Home. which won a BAFTA and a staggering fifteen further international awards. MeKiiiiioii has since made the Tartan Short Birthday and pop Videos tone for The Delgados with line-dancing nuns. and a documentary lstill to he editedi aliout homeless people on Christmas Lye. She has three features in dwelopiiieiit: the Glasgow-set Hawaii la black comedy extension of Horiiei, Reasons For Yeti To Die or 5‘ 7:3 ihoth working titles. both written by McLareni and World's Not Yours. which lvchiiinon is writing.

Influences Andrei Tarkovsky

See Home

Where Periodically on FilmFour

MOIRA MCLAUGHLIN Background Hailing from West Lothian. McLaughlin got involved lll filmmakiiig when she went to Vapour/er to work in a l(:|f;‘.’|8lf)ll

show production office. She came home to study at ECA. where she has one more year to complete. Last year McLaughlin won the Fuji Film Scholarship and made the 16mm short Here Be Dragons. She's just back from Canada again where she made the DV short christmas: T/ME. McLaughlin is currently dG‘JGIODIflg her graduation film. Influences Travelling. people

See Here Be Dragons

Where Info: mOIrarose‘M/nbihotmallcm‘n