Lou MCLOUGHLAN, DIRECTOR . .. ,v Background Frcn; ‘t' London. l/ltioughlan

trarne’i at Citllil,¥;f‘.‘.’€:ll Art College before gorng on to Leeds Unzxersrt, to stud", .r'lt:o art. She's; been editing and nsron rnrxrng for several I,ear€; on films such as The / mam: ()r‘ r'//irt/':, Though based rn Glasgow. she's currently rn London xix/orkrng on a documentary. focusing on ‘the rrzost rrrrportant puhirsher of the 20th century who has rather fallen from grace and is now exrled in Paris," 'l'hat'f; Scotsman John Calder to you and me: Jeremy Isaacs rs also involved and Mel oughlan's film 170 The Last l"./orr/r has received support from the Small Wonders fund. the Natronal Lottery and Scottish Screen. Influences Step Across The ll/ater. a documentary about experimental rrrusrcran Fred Frrth

See 70 The Last l/Vord

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tviail‘é’mfifé’c’m Background Mead vvrorks wrth Edinburgh trlrrrrrrakrng collective the Sprocketeer's. he also writes for televrsron. He grew up rn Lrverpool and became a harr'dresser for seventeen years urrtrl trve years ago when. fed up Wlili hrs chosen career. he decrded to become a \.‘./l'|i(}l'-(lll‘(}(:i()l'. Since then he has made a short drama vxrth

Sr )rocketeers. Over Land And Sea. and rs currently engaged by Carlton 'lelevrsron *.'.’r'rtrrtg Blue Dove. Influences Akrra Krrr‘osainra. Barry Levrnson. Davrd Mamet

See Over Land And Sea

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Background Metzstern began hrs film career as a runner on Slim/ow Grave. Hrs shorts include Magic Moments and Santa C/aws. both of whrch received a Cinema release. Metzstern has also made a number of documentaries for televrsron rncltrdrng James Stewart: The Last Of The Good Guys and The Name Of This Fr/m ls Dogme 95. a profile of the Danish frlm movement. Lothran collaborated wrth Metzstern on that documentary as well as Santa D

Adrian Mead was a hairdresser for seventeen years before he became a filmmaker.

Alison pastor‘s.“ ,

Sunni O'Connor's Metacorpus

Calum MacDonald's The Gashlycrumb tinies


A handy guide to the organisations and schemes that have nurtured Scottish and Scotland-based filmmakers

BAFTA Scotland Scotland's version of the Oscars. with a separate New Talent ceremony every second year.

Cameo Cinema Jim Poole Short Film Award (JPSFA) Relatively new annual competition with cash and screening prize. named after the original cinema entrepreneur.

Celtic Film And Television Festival Cornwall- based. but Scotland-friendly festival which programmes annual highlights of Scottish filmmaking.

Cineworks Community filmmaking scheme. based at Glasgow's G-MAC.

Duncan Of Jordanstone Dundee’s highly- regarded art college which runs a pioneering hi- tech electronic imaging course.

Edinburgh College Of Art (ECA) Runs film and television production courses.

Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) The world’s longest-running film festival (since

1947) with numerous short, animation and local

film programmes.

81/2 Glasgow-based short filmmaking scheme set up by the now sadly defunct Antonine Films. but still in business with patron Peter Mullan.

Film And Video Access Centre (FVA) Edinburgh—based community filmmaking organisation, which administers the Small Wonders scheme.

Fuji Film Competition Annual competition open to students providing film stock and cash prizes to winners.

Glasgow Media Access Centre (G-MAC) Glasgow-based community filmmaking organisation.

Glasgow School Of Art (GSA) Runs film production courses.

Longshots Annual short filmmaking showcase operating out of G-MAC.

New Found Lands Annual short filmmaking scheme. administrated by SMG and Scottish Screen.

Pilton Video Edinburgh-based community video project.

Scottish Students On Screen Annual student filmmaking weekend symposium held at Dundee Contemporary Arts and administrated by Scottish Screen.

Napier University Runs film production courses.

Scottish Screen Scottish film industry’s umbrella organisation.

Small Wonders Short film scheme, administrated by FVA.

Tartan Shorts Scotland’s flagship annual short filmmaking scheme.

Trystero Edinburgh-based annual short film festival.

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