Background An

" actress in theatre and

televrsion for 28 years. Peebles trained at the ECA. after which she set up Communicado. For the last few years she has also been getting Involved in frlm. After directing an unseen short. Shadows Of The Blind. she hooked up with Colin Howe and together they got funding to make Nan. of which he is the writer. Peebles is making another film with Howe called Tangerine. a love story involving a retired Fonh Railway Bridge painter. Influences Federico Fellini. Peter Mullan. Mike Figgis. Jane Carnpion See Nan. Tangerine Where Tangerine. ElFF, August: Nan. BBC later in the year: Info: vamptdmtlworld.Com



Background Pinsky is a veteran of theatre and film soundtracks. as well as being one half of Finitribe. His most recent collaboration is with Dino Martino on the score of the BAFTA New Talent award-winning live actionanimated fantasy Frog. directed by Steven Morrison. He hopes to be working on

May Miles Thomas’ One Life Stand was the first ever UK digitally- shot feature

Morrison‘s new project The Window Cleaner (possibly starring Alexei Saylel. while Saul Metzstein and Jack Lothian's Late Night Shopping features a Frnitribe track.

Influences Stanley Kubrick. John Barry. David Shire. Bernard Herrmann, Walter Murch

See Frog. Late Night Shopping Where Late Night Shopping in cinemas from 22 June. Info:


Background Radich‘s college graduation film, A

Good Man Is Hard I To Find. won the

:5 ElFF's Fox

. Searchlight Award. He has many short .:. .-.'. films under his belt and is currently in America earning a living as a cameraman. Radich is also Currently involved With Adrian J. MacDowall‘s Cineworks- commissioned Toon Fair. Influences Werner Herzog. Alexander Jodorowsky. David Lynch See A Good Man ls Hard To Find Where Channel 4 later this year

BRIAN ROSS, WRITER/DIRECTOR Background Ross was born in Tain and grew up in the Highlands. He studied filmmaking in Canterbury.

graduating With Geordach 'l Sellotaped the reels together for proiection'. From that inauspicious

h .r beginning. Ross went on to make Wheels (still his favourite) in his home town. Charmed. Bite (written by Andrea Gibb) which screened in Cinemas around the UK With the film Junk Mail. and the Tartan Shon Spitting Distance. BOSS IS Currently writing his first feature. the working title of which is Cold Climate.

Influences Emir Kusturica. Ealing comedies. Highland upbringing

See Bite

Where Supponing Junk Mall at repertoire screenings


Owen Thomas self- financed short films for a number of years; May Miles Thomas has a long professional career in music artS. documentaries. design. commercials and music videos. Their first collaboration. in 1996. was The Beauty Of The Common Tool. a short directed by Owen from May's script. which made the first round of the Oscar nominations. Their next film. One Life Stand. was the first UK digitally-shot feature. and it cleaned up at the last BAFTA Scotland New Talent awards. Their new feature. about an asbestosis sufferer. Solid Air, will shoot in Glasgow this Summer using Sony's new hi- definition camera pioneered by George Lucas. Influences Oliver Stone. the Italian Neo-Realists. the Dardenne brothers’ Rosetta See One Life Stand Where Not in the UK where. outside one-off cinema screenings. only television companies have shown interest; Info:

SARAH TRIPP, DIRECTOR/PRODUCER Background Gaining a BA and an MA in Fine Art Tripp moved into film after getting involved in First Reels (the original incarnation of Cineworks). She started with a short (Two Days In Spring). but documentaries have proven to be her forte. Anti-Prophet looked at Scots' beliefs and Why Work? followed one woman. Nell. as she sought out career advice. Tripp is currently in post-production with

Testatika. which examines a Swrss cult and their ‘energy inachrne'. Influences Dogme 95 filmmakrng manifesto

See Testatika. Why Work? Anti~ Prophet

Where Testatika. EIFF. August; Will Work? Camden Arts Centre. London; Anti-Prophet. available from CCA. Glasgow

JOERN UTKILEN, DIRECTOR/WRITER/ PRODUCER Background Utkllen moved to the UK in 1996 due to the lack of film courses in his native Norway to ~ study at The Surrey Institute then ECA. SpeCralisrng in comedy drama shorts wrth considerable success. he won prizes at the EIFF in 1999 and 2000. wrth My Job / and My Job //. respectively. and produced the BAFTA winning Who '5; My Favourite Girl? With a couple of ads and a FilmFour short (Paperc/ipmaker) under his belt. he's setting his sights on bigger things wrth scripts for a televisron series and a feature film in development. Influences Jim Jarmusch. Dogme 95 filmmakrng manifesto See My Job I and // Where Downloads available at wwwatomfilmscom


, ' Background Warrrlow studied film and dance at Brighton University. then further dance studies at the Laban Centre in London. She directed and choreographed Roots. a film for the Forestry Commission. and most recently made Cross Spin. a short With which she hopes to bring dance to the masses. under the FVA scheme Small Wonders. Influences Dance. US choreographer Merce Cunningham See Cross Spin Where Cameo, Edinburgh; GFT. Glasgow. April & May

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