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TRIP'I'YCH Festival New three— day. three city music festival with a strong line-up featuring Jimmy Cliff. Roy Ayers. Lee Perry. Jarvis Cocker and DaveMancuso. See feature. page 12 . _. , Various venues, " V Aberdeen BREAD AND ROSES Edinburgh G/aSgOW’ Film Socnlrt (‘lllf‘llW “l’tl‘~""t" K ‘f l ' ‘l t Frl,27_sun ,( t) ,1 /, it) at .t t), (‘)ti(, 1 (lite) () l-lolli/ii'xood to ll‘(1k(:bft?tltI/-t’7(} hoses. ‘.'.’lll(,li cnaiiipions immigrant offiiti: (lltfillifflf; lltillilllt; for their rights in downtown Los Angelica. See [)l(}‘/lt?\".’ and reView. pages 28 8t 30 OFT. mastitis. ; / wit/ions: 1. f} influx/uh.


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dun/Ii.- uiii;i.- .ltlillll Willi “In” excellent live i,lii M. [iii -iiii(:iiiiii linelxz, lri‘iin new album. ‘Th9‘7‘3“‘ Altiuiuflii ‘I. Sin.- [movie-vi. p. ii ii: if (Iii/n

/ \i.‘/I.!lii}i‘.', l (Ii/i/iiiiu/i; li'iiiuiir/aiiil, tilting/titan


Books Straight outta oI‘ Broughty Ferry, Dundonian

Duncan's fine literary debut. The Smiling Schoo/ For RICHARD DEACO I Ca/vrnists. is a collection of Art In his first solo show in Scotland since 198 , one of tilt:

touching. often hilariotis short UK's most foremost sculptors; transforms; the DCA's; main gallery 5man See rewew page 108 space With a unique wooden sculpture which emulates the sea. 3/00,];Sbury See preView. page 89. DOA, Dundee,


Music The intense Mr Cave promises to mesmerise with a

live performance tr

drawing on material a i MEMENTO

from the new . Video/DVD Young British director record. NO More - Christopher Nolan's; ingenious thriller Shal/ We Pan. See . . about a man (Guy Pearcei suffering DleV'eW- page 48 from memory loss on the trail of his, Barrow/and, Wife's murderer. See f(:‘./l(:‘.‘.’. page G/asgow. . . 1 14. Fox Paine.

follow their recent seaSide ramblings at Rothesay PaVilion with the release of Rock Act/On. their most accomplished and captivating album

celebrations and featuring street performers and muSic throughout

the night. See pi‘eView. Page 104- THE BEAU I V UEEN OF

MQGWAI BELTANE MUSIC The Festival The annual fire festival Glasgow quintet extravaganza. borne Out of pagan

Ca/ton Hi//. Edinburgh.



Theatre Martin McDonagh's internationally successful play in a n :w production

to date. See rewew page 10") directed starring Una

' k ' .4 z \ " E '0 Set/flipaw lv‘chean. Scc prenev. p 1g,

60. Tron, G/asgow.