ROCK 90V JOCK ROCK AWARDS 13th Note Club. Glasgow.

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JULIAN LLOYD WEBBER Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, Tue 17 Apr

i". ‘80 " gal " " rx’X’.‘ ri‘ ‘tlt‘lt How galling it must be to enter the ., . m. i ‘5}, t, UM, world imbued with an awe-inspiring A. t. .. ,_ t. ,i, . h HO, 1,, talent, only to spend your entire , mum gm, , career known as the brother of ‘that 5. x: » t, 3,; ML, 1 r, i ,. bloke who writes musicals’. Julian ,n ,3”. . W; .;,,,,,..,,.t, \ mmwm

Lloyd Webber may well be one of ‘n .w rev war". rlirlli’. a' the finest cellists of his generation, but to Mr and Mrs Joe Public he’ll always be Andy’s lesser-spotted sibling, and the guy who plays the theme tune to The South Bank Show. Which is a shame, because he’s a truly stunning musician and, as Tim Nice-But-Dim would say, a jolly nice bloke.

Touring Scotland with the Master Recitals series, Lloyd Webber delivered an eclectic programme which not only demonstrated his own diverse capabilities, but that of his instrument. A beautifully structured first half saw gentle melodies from Bach and Faure interspersed with harsher, pluckier numbers from Frank Bridge and Britten. Each piece came with a softly spoken intro from Jules, neither esoteric nor patronising but invariably interesting. A previously unannounced piece by Lloyd Webber’s late father opened the second half, followed by a Grieg sonata which gave piano accompanist John Lenehan a real chance to shine.

And then we were into the MacMillan, the world premiere of his Cello Sonata No 2 - but somebody should have warned us to bring our life jackets. The musical equivalent of a storm- induced shipwreck, this latest work from one of our finest contemporary composers fires out a kaleidoscope of mental images. Lenehan’s hands crash up and down the piano like a ship’s bow on rocks. The long, sustained cello notes eerily evocative of an abandoned Marie Celeste.

rr‘tltri‘n'iitIrEcv'n.;::1t‘nrt‘r;t trowi‘t‘.

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t‘l‘iil‘thllt‘tl "‘ illt' ".lltllt’t llli(lt“ltll"ill‘tl. Curviw‘w: Hor‘f. .lwr-nsttrr .inti mun: Hi‘t‘fl '.'.rt“ unhit " .‘u‘n. :wlt itrtli\t=t‘tlr‘.l l‘ltlt‘dt‘ t‘."lllt\‘f§:§t’tll shotilti in. ntlrmittrlx tinnitutrntntl, Anti:1.‘ThwfrxwlntrnitxlnAmi-‘1' l\l‘, ltl, ‘\t’il‘r” t.‘\.

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lz-tivntmr‘, thwart-r llilll‘t’, .’i’llil‘,l§§, ltitll’ultlltrl‘1f;Q‘-i\.(1§;

'thlJ il‘iit‘tll ‘l'lr~ txinr wont: A? tlwrr

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position to lllllllt‘l thy armor". o‘ t’wwr li't’illtlf; tnm tuner. 'f «tir‘not l‘w ton: l)t¥l()lt‘ thr- rust wt tho llltl lllllf; twr tho hoqtirltnq homily, wt i‘;illl‘rl‘.. l zt-rr

when (l(?[)ll\.'(?(l of lll‘t lmnti .rrr l wrurnr: solely on {ill gittotit;trti (lllllttl

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(lllillllllIOf‘). ()l)‘~.l()tlf§l‘, fltlfilt‘lltlllt‘," enough to ‘.‘.’lll tho £1‘.’.'.’lltl lor trout lit?‘.‘.’(i()lllt?l tin :i llt? ‘.‘.rrth Author litm.

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Andy’s Iil’ bruv braves the storm

H‘Hélltl tor Inst ‘,t:;ii'r; turn: fkllltlitr .'.<:nt to lllt3/<3[)ll‘,’l'f; tlor thou 'fSt;irq.t.'r,-r' LP). inking; l)l’)t;ttt‘(llllt}f; to {l illll‘dl. thorn; is; the realm of (Eiginrlntltlu linrl (ill.ti()tllitl'\,’. ()llt: to ht,- rnhnhrtrzrl (torntl, and not (llfillll'l)(?(l l», (:hgtttinq (ll tht:

Uneasy calms give way to tumultuous rumblings, and we quickly learn to expect the unexpected. Easy on the ear it ain’t, but in a world where romantic adagios reign supreme, we could use a little excitement. After such a rigorous dinner, Lloyd Webber cleanses our palates with mi.

Dvorak’s tender Songs My Mother Taught Me, i or lilt:()lltl‘,'(1lt>l)(:(llti at heart. sending us off into the night with a lullaby rather llt)lll|llt3(‘:f; (illtl =.'.rrnnor'f‘. (,(lll nr tux ho: than MacMillan’s fantastical nightmare. (Kelly Apter)

l()llll(l (ll r.‘.r‘.'./r.'>(:l\ro(:k.or<i. (Cunt; VV‘/l|t3l

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Glasgow: Virgin, Rotthzinzin (i£lll(}l'lt)f;, :53? won - Credit card bookings from: llllh‘fl l .nk: f"-§.' .551 l 1*. \Wzi,’ Alllrll’l' :-;’-:<i 942;]; Edinburgh: Virgin - Pl'llultff; Shoot. 22031234 - Ripping Records South Hutton. LAWS r'oio - Way Ahead til-11. 3).”, r r-‘L’t’wfi

Eric Bibb Quccu’x Hull. lidiuhurgh. ll .\l;i_\. Justin and Joolz

('ulhouw. (iluxgtm, l l Mu}.

Howe Gelb Hill Nuic ('luh. (iluxgou. l2 .\l;i_\. Jim White In Bt‘llc Angolc. lidiuhurgh. l3 .\l;i_\.

Clive Gregson and Boo Hewerdine l’lcuxguicc ('uhurcl Bur. lidinhurgh. l3 Mu}. Average White Band liquid Room. lidinhurgh. l8 (k ll) Motorhead

Burro“ land. (lluxgtm. I h‘ Mu}.

Glenn Tilbrook (izu'ugc. (ilaixgtm. 1‘) .\lil_\. The Raphaels Lu llcllc Angelo. lidiuhurgh. l0 Mu}.

Alice Cooper l’|;i_\hou\c. lidiuhurgh. ll Ma}.

50 THE LIST .‘r‘ »\;\r Mm. .‘x‘

Backyard Babies ('utliouxc. (iluxgtm. 33 Mu}.

Ozric Tentacles liquid Room. lidiuhurgli 24 .\l;i_\: Rcul'rcu l‘crr). (ilmgtm. 35 Mu). Echo And The Bunnymen (igu'ugc. (iluxgtm. 25 Mu}. Deacon Blue l’l;i_\|iouxc. lidinhurgh. 25 .\l;i_\: ('l_\dc .-\udiloriun‘.. (iluxgtm. It) .\l;i_\. Deconstruction feat, Snuff, Pennywise, Lagwaggon Sl-1(‘(‘. (ilmgtm. 3(3 .\l;i_\. Gordon Giltrap l’lcmuucc (‘uhurct Bur. lidinhurgh. 2(3 Mu}. The Donnas (iurugc. (iluxgtm. 37 Mu}.

* Disturbed ()Ml'.

(iluxgtm. :8 Mn}.

Everclear Burro“ lurid. (ilzixgtm. 23 MA).

Henry Rollins l’m ilmn.

(iltixgtm. 3\’ Ma}.

* Cast Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. 3‘) Mn}: (izu'ugc. (iluxgtm. 3U .\l;i_\'.;i

Papa Roach

Burro“ lund. (iluxgtm. 3” Mn}. S()I.|) ()l'l Mary Chapin Carpenter R0} at (‘ouccrl Hull. (iluxgtm. 3t) .\l;i_\.

* Mark Eitzel \L‘uuc. lidinhurgh. 4 Jun.

* Travis Burro“ lurid. (iluxgtm. 5 .luu. Tindersticks Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. (w .luu. Incubus Bur-mu lguid. (iliixgmx. 7 .lun.

Tool Burro“ lillltl. (iluxgtm. 8 Jun.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse Sl-‘_(‘(‘. (il£l\:_‘tl\\. lllJuu.

* Astrid (‘ottit'rx 'l'licutrc. (ilzixgtm. Ill .luu. Semisonic ('h llL' .-\udiloriuru. (iluxgtm. ll .luu.

Reel Big Fish (iui‘ugc. (iluxgtm. || Juu.

Limp Bizkit SH .( '. (ilgixgtm. IlJuu. S()l.l) ()l'l

Roxy Music Sli(‘(‘. (iluxgtm. ll Jun.

Guns ‘N’ Roses Sli(‘(‘. (iluxgtm. l3 Jun. Judas Priest

Burro“ lsuid. (iluxgtm. l3 Jun.

* The Proclaimers liquid Room. lidiuhurgh. H Jun; (inrugc. (illiNgtHK. l5 Jun.

The Wildhearts (iurgigc. (iluxgtm. l5 .luu.

Goldfrapp liquid

Room. lidinhurgh. l7 Jun.

* lrn Bru Live 8: Loud Bulluhouxiou l’urk. (illl\:_‘tl\\. 17 Jun.

Willard Grant Conspiracy ( ’ouuliug llouw. lidiuhurgh. l7 .luu.

* Super Furry Animals Burro“ lurid. (ilzixgtm. 33 .lun.

* Gorillazhn-n liwhuugc. iidiuhurgli. 37 Jun.

Suzanne Vega liquid

Room. lidiuhurgh. 27 Jun;

King 'I‘ut'x. (iluxgtm. IX .luu.

Nashville Pussy (iurugc. (iluxgtm. 3 Jul. Robert Cray Ro};il ('out‘t‘rt Hull. (ilzixgtm. 3 Jul.

Vonda Shepard R()_\;ll ('ouccr't Hull. (iluxgtm. 3 Jul.

David Byrne ()uccn'x Hull. lidinhurgh. 4 Jul. 33 King l’l'lllL'L’\ Strccl (igirdcm. lidinhurgh. H .lul.

T in the Park Kinnm, llziludo. 7 (k X Jul. Megadeth Burrtm lillltl. (iluxgtm, ‘) .lul.

Bob Dylan Stirling ('zixllc. l3 .lul.

Beach Boys :uid Status Ouo lidinhur'gh (mile. W .lul.

* Saw Doctors Burro“ lurid. (ilzixgtm. 3i) .lul.

Mark Knopfler ( lulu Auditorium. (ilil\f._'U\\. 30 Jul.

Tom Jones l'.dinhlll'gli ('iixtlc. lidiuhurgh. 30 & ll Jul.

The Eagles quupdcn l’urk. (ilzixgtm. 33 Jul. Robbie Williams Humpch l’urk (iluxgnu. 3 A; ~1:\ug. St)l.l)()l"l' * Gig On The Green, (il£l\:_'()\\. 25 (k 2!» Aug.

* Shed Seven

Burro“ lurid. (iluxgou. 7 ()L'l.