I Robbie Williams/Mick Hucknall Tribute Bourbon Street. (ieorge Street. 553 (ll-1 1. 7pm. £5 tL‘loSll with dinneri.

I Open Stage Ihe Halt Bar. Woodlands Road. 564 I537. 4 Spin. l'ree. Weekly session lot‘ loeal ltlltsietttlts. I The Young Neils lhe llalt Bar. Woodlands Road. 5o-l I537. S.3ilpm. I'it'ee.

I Coco Sombrero .\le(‘huills. High Street. 553 3135. lllpm. l'ree.

I The Sex Gods Samuel l)ow ‘s. Nilhstlale Road. 433 ()lll7. S,3llptn. I‘t‘ee.


I Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, The Mad Professor, Love Clinic and Dennis Nolan The liquid Room. ‘)e \ietoria Street. 335 35(i4. 7pm. UH. .-\riwa l)uh Show ease presented in assoeiation with trip'l‘y eh. l.ee ‘Serateh' l’erry the godlather ol duh. who es en helped Boh Marley tine tune his sound. headlines these rare low key dates ahly supported hy The Mad I’t‘olessol‘. l.()\ e (‘linie and Dennis Nolan. See lettlltt‘e page 1’

I Future Pilot AKA and The Bill Wells Trio The :\ttie. I)yer's (lose. 7| (‘owgate. 335 S383. 7.30pm. to. (ieographie Reeords night in association with trip'l‘yeh. lileetronie drenehed rh)thm guitars lrom l-'uture l’ilot AKA and tree spirited Via// li‘ottt some time eollahorators The Bill Wells 'lrio.


I Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Mad Professor Renti‘ew I’erry. (‘lytle l’laee. 43‘) SO70 7pm. L'Il). Ilekets l‘t‘om hranehes ol‘ l'opp. See teature tor the duh eeeentrie who hrings an all-new show to Seotland. l’url ofll'i/fl_‘\'t'/i.

I Wheatus Queen Margaret l'nion. l'niy‘ersity (iardens. 33‘) 9784. 7.30pm. L'l5 plus hooking lee. .\'o age restrietion on this show. .-\doleseent sports metal from the hand w ho haye only reeently yaeated the top ten with their dehut hit "Ieenage l)irthag' w'hieh surely speaks to the inner tortured teen in all ol Us.

I Kristin Hersh and Stephen Hero King 'I‘ut's “ah “ah llut. St \'ineent Street. 33] 537‘). 8.30pm. L‘ll). Tickets from hranehes ol l-'opp. llersh continues to wrestle puhliely with her inner demons on her latest alhum Sunny Bun/('1‘ Ii/tu'. Support from the latest inearnatioi‘. oi Patriek l-‘it/gerald. one- time lead singer with eult Slls indie trio Kitehens ()t‘ l)istinetion. Part of Irip'ly‘r/t.

I Charlie Landsborough Royal ('oneet‘t Ilall. Sattehiehall Street. 387

55l l. 7.30pm. £15/£I.3/£l()plus eredit eard hooking lee. 'l‘rad eountry. Yee-hah. I The Ataris 'l‘he (iarage. Sauehiehall Street. 333 l I31). 7.30pm. £7 pltis hooking lee. ()yer- l—ls show. Spriter pop hunkers with an al‘l‘eetion t'or inusieal lt'ihutes to Bill and Ted.

I Stapleton, Lapsus Linguae and Pariah .\'iee ‘n‘ Slea/y. Sauehiehall Street. 333 0037. 0pm. Free. 'I‘hree prime moyers in aw kw ard. gangling hut highly eonsidered guitar ahtise with Stapleton taking hullan Tom as a eue. l.apsus Linguae's dehtit single on Jonson I’amily Reeords is out now and is frankly splendid. I’ur! rtfiII'i/tilfy't‘ll.

I Singleskin, Odeon Beat Club and Pentothal The l3th Note (me. King Street. 553 [6338. 8pm. £3. Singleskin are eurrently on tour promoting their dehut single ‘7‘) Iileetroshoek 'l‘reatments‘ out now on Path Reeords.

I The Blues Poets The Seotia. Stoekwell Street. 553 868 l. 4pm. Free. Fortnightly resideney.


I One Minute Silence, Earthtone 9 and Linea 77 The Liquid Room. 9e \‘ietoria Street. 335 3564. 7pm. W. A night ot’ heay'y roek

aetion headlined hy l.ondon rap-roek outtit One Minute Silenee.

I Lupine Howl Ihe Mite. l)yer's (lose. 335 S3S3, 7.3llpm. £5. l-ormed hy lormer memhers ol Spirituali/ed this trio take indie roek in a new soaring eleetro tinged direellon. I’d/l of Il'l/’/\t II.

I Mark B & Blade The Venue. 17 3i (illllttll Road. .557 .3073. Illplll. LS. See Hi 37.

I Mouse On Mars, Andrew Weatherall and Andy Votel I.a Belle Angele. IIttslle's (lose. 33.5 7.530

llpm 3am. LS. layperimental eleetroniea l'rom (ierman eeeentries Home On .\lars and turntahle support li'ont Andrew Weatherall and I“ isletl \et‘y e (the home ol Badly Drawn Boy l Reeord's hoss .-\ndy Votel. I’url of trip/it‘ll.

Monday 30


I Lionel Richie Sli('('. Iiinnieston Quay. “87” ()4!) Jiltlli. (1.30pm. bill/£37.50 pltis hooking lee. llello'.’ Is it him you‘re looking l'or'.’ Riehie danees on the eeiling and other t'itlletllotls atllles to get the party going.

I Fly Pan Am Ihe Hill Note ('luh. ('lyde Street. 343 3l77. Spin. [7. Instrumentalists li'oin Montreal. inl‘lueneed hy \elyets and Sonie Youth.

w ho l‘eature memhers oi ( iodspeed You Black Iimperor. So it's going to he arty hut tun in an oddly eompulsiy e way.

I Degrassi, Senator, Olson and Huckleberry 'l‘he l3th .‘s'ote (hie. King Street. 55.3 lots. Spin. £3. l)egrassi eonelude their month as the l3th \ote's Residents with another eyening ol liuga/i-inspired alt.roek anties with Hammond-led lu/l punks lluekleherry prey iewing traeks lrom their l‘ortheommg alhum.

I Acoustic Jam Niee ‘n' Slea/y. Sauehiehall Street. 333 9037. ()pm. Weekly session with tree hoo/e lor performers.


I Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and The Dave Graney Show Barrowland. (iallowgate. 553 Joul. 7.3()pm. S()l.l) ()l'T. See preyiew lor the :\llssie erooner.

I AH and Stamping Ground King 'l‘ut's Wah Walt llut. St \'ineent Street. 33| 537‘). 8.30pm. £7 plus hooking tee. More holshy punky eapers.

I Accolade and Overhaul 'l'he l3th Note (me. King Street. 553 M38. Spin. £3.

I Stone Whisper and Skappah Flo (ilory Box. ('urlers. Byres Road. 338 ()5l l. 8.30pm. l"ree.


I King Adora, Mo Ho Bish 0 Pi and Easyworld The Venue. l7 3| ('alton Road. 557 3073. 7.3(lpnt. to. Do King Adora‘s mothers really let them out looking like that'.’ (Elam pop lot' apprentiee goths.

Wednesday 2


I King Adora, Mo-Ho-Bish-O-Pi and Easyworld King Tut's \Vah Walt Hut. St Vineent Street. 331 537‘). ls’.3()pm. to plus hooking lee. ()yer- le See Tue l.

I T Break The ('athouse. l'nion Street. 348 (shots. Spin. £3 on door. Another heat in the 'I‘ in the Park talent seareh.

I Elkie BI’OOKS l’ay ilion ’l'heatre. Rentield Street. 333 [846. 7.30pm. £lh.5()/£l-l.5t). (irayel-yoieed. hig-haired diya.

I Lummox, Pellet and Landlady The 13th Note Cate. King Street. 553 1638. 8pm. £3. Plus DI Borg. Start ol‘a new monthly resideney at the Note.

I Acoustic Open Stage The Hall Bar. Woodlands Road. 56-! I537. 8.30pm. Free. Ilosted by I’addyK (iirls.

rock & poo listings Music

Open Auditions

Are you: > The best male singer in the UK! > A sensational dancer! > Aged between 16 and 22!

....If so, this is an opportunity to audition for the best new pop band in the country. One of the UK’s most successful major record companies

and management teams are launching what will be THE band of 2002. We’re holding auditions

around the country:

Saturday 28th April > Cardiff > Angel Hotel, Castle St. CF10

Sunday 29th April > Manchester > The Britannia Hotel, Portland St. M1

Saturday 12th May > Glasgow > Post House Forte, Bothwell St. G2

Sunday 13th May > Newcastle > Assembly Rooms, Senkle St. NE 1

Saturday 19th May > London > Hippodrome, Leicester Square, WC 2H

Registration: 10am - 1pm. Please be available to stay all day, bring a CD of a track

to perform to, and be prepared to DANCE to it. We look forward to seeing you there!


s. daliaimus? El

HAMPDEN PARK, GLASGOW FRIDAY 81h MN! 2001 our 576 3456, 0870 739 944mm

WEDNESDAY I3"! JUNE 2001 01484 541 I88, 0870 739 94443241121

cWled/ucwdca'a: h M III In


WAY lbl'll "NE 2001 0870 906 382704 in, 0870 739 9444‘22mn


SUNDAY mt: m 2001 0870 739 9M4'mm, 029 20 230130


TmnwubflnbdmhdmhadWmvhham rmwm» Rosamund “$10M


2r,,;_{,r~1’, Ma, 232‘ THE LIST 53