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Jazz listings continued


I Isle Of Bute Jazz Festival Various Venues. 01700 502800. £30 £35. The fourteertth year of this popular festival featuring national and international jazz stars in traditional and mainstream styles.


I Glasgow West End Jazz and Blues Festival (‘ottier 'l‘heatre. 9.3 95 llyndland Street. 357 3868. £ I0. A three- day jazz and blues extravaganza today sees live performances from ace guitarist Jitn Mullen and his trio. Hamish Stuart. attd local act Rev Doe and The ('ongregation. Tickets from Lost in Mtrsic 0l4l 339 8l55 and ('a Va stttdios ()I4l 334 5099.


I Goddard Henry's Jazz. Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 538 7385. Midnight. £5. These up-and-coming funksters play a selection of original and classic tunes. featuring vocalist Jerettty (ioddard.

I Jazz ‘n’ Jive Club l"airmile Inn. 44 Biggar Road. 3 l 2 8243. 8pm. £4 (£3). Jim l’etrie's Jazz Band join the Louisiana Ragtime Band for more traditional jazz sounds.

I Watercolours llenry's Jazz Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 538 7385. 8.30pm. £5. Breezy melodies with a Latin tinge from this pair of guitarists.


I Isle Of Bute Jazz Festival Variotis Venues. ()I 700 502800. £30 £35. See Thu 3.


I Wartime Ballroom Dance l‘alkirk Town Hall. West Bridge Street. 01324 506850. 7.30pm. £tbc. Wartime swinging classics with the llerb Miller ()rchestra.


I Savourna Stevenson Rothes llalls. Rothes Square. ()I592 6| l l0l. 8pm. £8 (£6 £7). An imaginative exponent of the elarsach or ('eltic small harp in both traditional and contemporary styles. Stevenson draws frotn folk. jazz and even African music in her performances.


I Glasgow West End Jazz and Blues Festival (‘ottier Theatre. 93—95 llyndland Street. 357 3868. £I0. See Fri 4. Today‘s performers include l-‘raser Speirs and friends. Suzartne Bonnar and The Sotrl (‘ollectiy-e.

I Hung Drawn Quartet Brel. 3943 Ashton Lane. 342 4966. 3pm. Free. This sasophone quartet led by Raymond MacDonald play jazz standards. Latin and original numbers.


I Hot Charanga Sauce Henry's Jazz Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 538 7385. Midnight. £5. The startling Latin voice of Carlos Pena fronts a new group playing Brazilian sort music. witlt Carrie

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‘Instead of asking why men won’ttalk to women, thrs play asks wh women won’t srt wrt men and not say anythrng for a whrle.’

Mark Little on Defending The Caveman, Theatre, page 61.

58 THE LIST 26 Apr—IO May 2001

McKenna (flute). l)aye Patrick (piano). and Mario (‘aribe (bass I.

I Pindorama llenry 's Jazz Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 538 7385. 8.30pm. £5. Hot Latin American jazz from this rtew group formed by members of Brazilliance.


I Isle Of Bute Jazz Festival Variotis Venues. 01700 502800. £30 £35. See Thu 3.


I We’ll Meet Again lialkirk Tow n llttll. \Vesl Bridge Street. “I .324 506850. 2.30pm 8; 7.30pm. £5 £6. More wartime nostalgia for the old ‘uns as liiona Harrison takes the audience down memory latte with this show of 40s classics in full .'\.T.S. uniform.


I Glasgow West End Jazz and Blues Festival ('ottier Theatre. 93 9S llyndland Street. 357 3868. £I0. See Hi 4. The sounds today come from The Nimrno Brothers and Rolling Stones tribute band Sticky l-‘ingers.


OBenn Clatworthy with Brian Shiels Henry's Jazz Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 538 7385. 8.30pm. £6 (£5). LA- based tenor sa.\ Benn ('Iatworthy joins forces with bassist Brian Shiels fora night of melodic invention.


I Isle Of Bute Jazz Festival Various Venues. 0| 700 502800. £30 £35. See Thu 3.


I Nigel Clark Trio (‘raigsfarnr Maree Walk. (‘raigshilL 0l506 433634. lpm. £5 (£3). (iuitarist Nigel (‘lark (once of llue and (‘ry in the dim and distant past)joins bassman liwan Vernal (likewise formerly of Deacon Bltre) and drummer Mike Bradley for an accessible selection ofjazz. and Latin tunes.


I Isle Of Bute Jazz Festival Various Venues. ()l 700 502800. £30 £35. See Thu 3.


I The Producers Wynd Theatre. Buccleueh Street. ()I 896 823854. 8pm. £8. lilectric and acoustic blues of the urban variety from this versatile l'K outfit. who were hailed as Blues Band of the Year in 1999.

Tuesday 8


I Benefit Concert For Waverly Care Henry's Jazz Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 538 7385. 8.30pm. £5 (£4). Support a good cause. and hear some good music in the process. Vocalist Todd (iordon with Iidith Budge and Tom Finlay Trio will all be on band playing theirjazz sounds.

I Centre Stage Jazz Club The Auld Hundred. I00 Rose Street. 225 I809. 8.30pm. £2. See Tue l.

Wednesday 9


I Martin Kershaw Quartet Henry's Jazz Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 538 7385. 8.30pm. £5 (£4). See Sat 28.

Thursday 1 O


I Lights Out By Nine Henry's Jazz. Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 538 7385. 8.30pm. £5 (£4). See Thu 26.

The following details are for regular free weekly dates: see main listings for one-off or ticketed shows. Gigs are listed by city, then by day. Residencies will be listed, provided that up-to- date details are supplied to us. Jazz Residencies listings are compiled by Henry Northmore.


I June Love and Alan Pike I~..rr l)rink Man Woman. 34 King Street. 552 9227. 8pm. Mainstream jazz wrth meals. I Paul Gallacher Corinthian. I9I Ingram Street. 552 I I()I. I0pm 3am. l’iano classics. from Broadway to Beethoven.

I Danny Thompson Baby (irand. 3 7 lilmbank (iardens. 248 4942. Hinillplll. .‘\ \\ ide selection from this lounge pianist.


I Andrew Mann (‘orrnthian (see Thu). 6pm 3am. Piano and live vocals. I Bobby Wishart & Band Borders Books. Mtrsic and ('afe. 98 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 7.30 9.30pm. Mellow. I Live Jazz The l'ruitmarket and l-‘irkin. Albion/Bell Street. 222 7700.

I lptn. A fortnightly rotation of Latin and mainstreamjazz with The l-‘irkin l’iye (l’ri 27 Apr) and The Muldoon Ragtime Bartd (Ht 4 May).

I Tap Moi-La Brewery Tap. I055 Sauchiehall Street. 33l 5580. 9.30pm. Playing Northern soul and funky jazz. I Danny Thompson Baby (it'atttl (see Thu). [0.30pm. Lounge pianist.


I Bobby Campbell Quartet (‘harnbers Bar. (ieorge Square. 552 I740. 2.30 5.30pm. Mainstream and mellow jazz sounds with liddie Toal on vocals.

I Harry Margolis’ Miller Band

l.‘ Attache. 27 \Valel‘loo Street. 22l .32 ll). 2 5pm. Big band in the (ilenn Miller vein.

I Lauder’s Big Band latrtler's.

Satrchrehall Street 33l 5I.\() .‘ 5pm lhe lug band \l‘lillyl, wrtlr \otals :roru lleatlter \\ lrrtclortl

I George McGowan Orchestra l'at l)rrnk \ \\orrr.m (see llltl'

2. 30 (rpm l‘rgltteen prete lyre band

I Willie Mitchel (’orrntlrrarr (sec llltl' (\ptu 3am \\ rllre llrttltel and other resrdents supply the Inc prano .tutl \ocals

I The Blue Notes ( ate l\’Htlj,'C_ ltrltn Street. 552 4133 S 30 l0 30pm llre ltlues .utd other l.t// sounds

I Shelagh Buchanan Stzzlers' Steakhouse. “9 \ll‘lttll Street. 553 £200 9pm. l-.njo_\ |.t// gtrrtar .llltl \otals tiyel tlrnner bookrng on the number .tlmye I Live Jazz lilaeklrrats. In Bell Street. .552 592-1 9 30pm \lotlern |.t// Itrnk with the Jazz lnerdent on Sat 28 \pr and Button [p on Sat 5 May

I Johnny Logue Brewery lap, tosi Sauelnehall Street. 339 0043 9 illptu |.r\e jazz Iqu and coyers

I Kurt Wylie Baby (ll.lll\l (see llrur

I0. 30pm. lounge pranrst


I Michael Deans Jazz Quartet ('ottrers Bar. 93 llyndland Street. 35" 5825. 4 7pm liratlttronal |.l//

I Sunday Jazz with Bobby Wishart Mael .tcltlan‘s. 57 \\esl Regent Street. 332 0595. oprn ltye |.t// every Sunday.

I David Jones l’rteltet .mtl l’l.tltr). 9.‘ \Vest (ieorge Street. 353 3003 .8 l0prn ('onternporary |.t// piano.

I Live Jazz lllaeklrrars. 30 Bell Street. 552 5924 9 30pm \lotlern |.t// with the Ross llanulton Quartet on Strn 29 :\pr and Madelrne l’rrtelrartl on Sun 6 May.

. Roost lllt' ( illlv'ls\\()l'l\ lit'k'l (it).

ll53 ll55 ('allteatl Road. 049 (IlSl. 8.30pm. \eyy blues band w ith a Iernale singer Strn 6 May only,

I Kerry Tracey ( 'or IIIllI|.tlI (see lllll ). lllpm 3am. ('lassre jazz ptano III the l‘.ll.t l’ilzgerald rnotrld.

I Jazz DJ Baby (irand (see 'I lrtr ). l0.3()prn.


I Fionna Duncan with The Bonnie Rae Trio Me( 'htull‘s. 40 High Street. 552 2| 35. 9pm. \larnstream jazz


Jim Mullen plays at the Cottier Theatre, Glasgow, as part of the West End

Jazz Festival on Fri 4 May