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May Day mahem back on the agenda

Tony Benn welcomes public demonstration Words: Rachel Richardson

ince last year’s uncontrollable

disruption in London, May Day has

become a byword for aggressive political protest. And, considering the huge amount of hype surrounding this year’s events, every direct action protester in the land must have May Day circled on their calendar.

The event has been adopted by radical protesters after their successful London- based campaign. In a day of chaos, which brought anti-capitalist protest to the top of the news agenda, famous landmarks were targeted which resulted in the digging up of Parliament Square and the daubing of the statue of Winston Churchill and the Cenotaph with graffiti.

In previous years, the focus has been on celebrating International Workers Day, with marches and rallies all around the UK. And this year will be no different with thousands gathering in Glasgow and Edinburgh on May Day weekend to celebrate socialism. The TUC march in the capital will take place as normal, but events down south will possibly be overshadowed by the anti-capitalist protests planned for Tuesday 1 May.

U2 set for

The organisers in Scotland have invited the veteran socialist Tony Benn to address rallies in both cities. Speaking to The List, he emphasised the importance of May Day as a forum for articulating dissatisfaction to the government. ‘It is not undemocratic to demonstrate political views outside of parliament,’ he stated. ‘Such rallies are an important part of the political process.’

Benn believes that the May Day celebrations were in the spirit of the Tolpuddle march, when agricultural workers descended on London to demand higher wages. ‘Anti-capitalist protests are indicative of a growing body of opinion against globalisation,’ he believes.

The Edinburgh event on Saturday 5 May will kick off at 11.30am on Market Street and will march along Princes Street for a rally at 1pm in Princes Street Gardens. The rally will feature Tony Benn MP, Tommy Sheridan MSP, Bill Speirs of the STUC and Dr Ghada Karmi from the Palestinian Solidarity campaign.

The Glasgow rally will take place on Glasgow Green after a march from George Square which starts at noon on Sunday 6 May.

Coming quite soon . . .

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Work by Lucy Aldridge

Framespotting on show Young photographers showcase their art

Our Framespotting page is coming oft ‘lhe [_/.‘f."f; pages and movmg into exhibition spaces in Edinburgh and Glasgow. From 7- l2 May lTrayerse. l*rlini,urghi and 14—19 May (Arches. Glasgow/i, selected works; of ten Scottish—based photographers l)l(§‘.’l()tlfsl‘/ teatured on the page WI“ be on display. Presented by The /_/.',l in association with Beck's. the idea tic-hind the exhibitions is to support young, emerging artists by giving them the opportunity to showcase their works to a broader public.

The first date at each venue will he a special prcyiew night With an opportunity to ll‘-(:‘:l some of the featured artists. The Framespotting exhibitions ‘.‘.’lll not lllSl be a one-oft. but are planned as regular annual events. iDunia Brilli

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in-cheek comedic ability of Hollywood bad DOy Charlie Sheen, the Beta Band's new album is to be titled Hot Shots //. Out mid—June. it Will be preceded by a single. “Squares. on H June. Bated- breathing and waiting commence immediately . . . Scottish filmmaker David Hayman

(Silent Scream, The Near Roe/m is planning a follow-up to Live Aid at Glasgow's Hampden Park in May 2002. U2. Paul McCartney. Ronan Keating and Sting are among the artists repOrted to be headlining the tn-rc-day event . . . Edinburgh's leading hip hop showcase. Scratch. is planning a Tommy

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