Carlsberg Ice Comedy Network 'l'hc l’lcasancc. (ill lhc l’lcasattcc. ()5ll 334‘). Spin. £() ( £4). l’crrtcr nntntncc and .lcsus lookalikc l)an \ntopolskl iiiakcs a 'sccond conting' In his stomping ground tor niost ol last August. Suppan cotttcs trout I’aul Sitiha.

Hairy Watt Comedy Club lit-not \Vatt l'tiixcrsit} l'nion. thcarton. 45] 5333. ‘lpni. £3. llright )oting hnpc ol Scottish coincd} l)ougic l)uiilop hcadltncs. \\ ith star hacking tron) Brandon Rccd and Jill l’cacock. Studcnts and gttcsts nnl_\.

Three Fat Ladies 'l'hc Slattd. 5 York l’lacc. 55S 7373. ‘l.3tlpin. £4 (£3). .l()()ll lironu. .lanc Macka) attd llrucc l)c‘. Iin lll\ itc _\ott Io ,nin in this intcractn c iuttrdcr In_\stcr_\ c\cning. (ittcst star Milcs .lupp Iakcs on Ihc rolc ol Ihc rand} \icat'.

Wednesday 2


Velvet Cabaret 'l‘lic Stand. 333 \Yoodlands Road. ()S7ll ()lll) ()(l55. Spin. l‘rcc. Radio Scotland's skctch \ll(l\\ rcttirns lor its fourth scrics and oncc agaiti Ihc} 'rc on Iltc look-out lot' audicncc tuctnhcrs. ll _\ou lanc} a gcncrous hclping ol‘ stand-up coincd} ini\cd lll \\ ith as man} nll-thc—uall skctchcs )ou can stoiuach. all l'or no pcnnics \\ll;tl\(tL‘\L‘l'. hook _\our scat on (ll-ll 333 3435. ()\cr lSs ()IIl}. CACK Bar /,t)(). St) lhnnhartnn Road. 33- Sill3. S3tlpu). £3 (£3). l‘tH'lIllgllll} ncucniucrs coincd} cxcning l'caturing si\ opcn inic ll'_\ -ottts.


Crazy Cabaret 'l‘hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 55S 7373. Split. £4 (£3). .\ pic ‘i)' tni\ ol L‘UlllL‘tl) and magic coinplctc \\ ith unusual charactcrs attd an assortntcnt ol' /;lll_\ llollSL‘llSL‘.

Reg Anderson’s Fun Quiz Night 'l‘hc Stattd. 5 York l’lacc. 553 7373. 0.30pm. £l to pla}. l’it _\our “its against lIoSI RL‘g :\lldL‘t'\()ll liot' lllL' cltdnL‘L‘ lo \\ lll cash and pri/cs.


The Dunfermline Comedy Club ('arncgic Hall. liast l’ort. (ll 3S3 3l4l37. ‘lptn. £5. Bringing thc 7(ls hack In lilc in a big \sa). Yalcntinc l‘l}gti_\ struts his sttill \\ ith suppan lrotn \'i\ (icc.


The Stand 'l‘hc Stand. 333 \thdldnds Road. llS7ll ()llll (ill55. S.3llptn. £5 (£5 l. 'l'ough talking Raynond Mcarns is Ihc cwning's lcading light \\ith hacking cnurtcs} ol~ Martin littrh}. thrcc \chct Virgins and cotitpcrc Donna Krachan.


The Stand ’l'hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 558 7373. ‘lpin. £5 (£3). ()utlandish ohscnations trout .lttstitt Moorhousc

\\ ith hacking l'roni llrcntlan Mooltat) and .lohn \lL‘lll'ldL‘.

Reg Anderson’s Comedy Cellar l'iin Mac('ools. lhl l.othian Road. (i33 7H)”. ‘lpnt. l‘t'cc. ‘So Yott 'l'hink You'rc l‘unn} ' contcndct' .Iaincs l-crguson indulgcs in sonic straight-talking stand- ttp \\ ith hacking t'rom l'krainian Bcnc l.inchcstico\ attd Kcara Murph}.

Big Word Performance Poetry (iildcd Saloon. 3.5.3 (‘ougaltfi 33‘) 505.3. 0pm. £3 (£3 ). 'l'hc sccond instahncnt (it this lortnightl} high-cncrg) poctt'} cahat'ct l‘catut‘cs John Sinclair. Knkuino Rocks. .lack Shca. lilspcth .\ltll'l'd_\. and coinpcrcs .-\nita (iman and .lcm Rolls.


Stirling Comedy Club (‘imanc (‘cntrc. (‘mxanc Strcct. ()l7t\'() 473544. 8pm. £5 (£3). ('ontcd) capcrs cotnpcrcd h} Richard Allcn. lcaturing [cron (iihsnn‘s 7(ls characlcr Valcntinc l~'|_\gtt_\. with support from \'i\ (icc.


The Stand 'l'ltc Stand. 3 33 \Yoodlands Road. HIS-5t) ()llll (M55. ‘lpttt. £() (£5 ). .'\|l round \xrttcr. prcsctitcr. hut tirst and lorcntnst standeup coutcdtau. lit'ttcc Morton adds sonic cndurtng conic-d} class In Ihc ltnc-ttp and support conics ll'ttlll .lustin MonrhoIIsc and lircndan Mnohan.


The Craic House 'l‘hc ( )tttltottsc. l3a lirnughton Strch l.anc. 557 ()()()S ‘lpnt. l'rcc. .r\ttcr Ihc llltlllllcl} dcnusc nl Scrtill'} Murph} 's ()nc (‘oincd_\ ('luh. pt'cparc )otit' laughing apparatus lorch .'\ndcrson's latcst \cnttirc. laktng o\L‘l‘ a llL‘\\ \cnuc and incorporating |i\c music ittto thc sct. ch \\ ill hc loincd in this thrcc—ucckl} -ish cluh h} ls'c\ in Spcncc. 'l’hc lirst night also sccs gttcsts Stc\cu Dick and Paul .\lc.\'ci|l building up lol‘ Ihc tnain c\cttt 'l'ltc ch ()hadiah Stcppctmollc.

The Stand lllL‘ Slattd. 5 York l’laCL‘. 558 7373. 0pm. £(i ( £5). lrcland's Brcndan Burkc brings his charactcr coincd} and truc—Iilc tri\ ia hack to 'l‘hc Stand. Sttpport cntncs Iron) Ra} tuond Mcarns attd .Martin l‘tirh}.

The Bedlam Improverts licdlani 'l‘hcatrc. I ll) llristo l’lacc. 335 0803. ltlpn). £3 (£3.5(l). Scc l‘ri 37.


Phil Kay Dundcc ch. 'l'a} Sqttarc. (H.383 33353”. lt).45pnt. £ltl £l3 (LS £llll. .SCL‘ Hi 37.


The Stand lllL‘ Stand. 333 Woodlands Road. 087” (int) 0055. 0pm. £7 (£4). Scc Hi 4.

Madcap Comedy Club 'l‘hc StaIc liar. I48 llolland Strch 333 3l5‘). 9.30pm. £5 (£4). lrcland's Michacl Rcdtnond indulgcs in sonic laid-hack ct‘aic. \'i\ (icc and Bill} \Vatson prn\ idc Ihc hacking \\ ith tnorc acts still to hc contirtncd.


Boom Boom! 'l‘lic lion. 0 lltlntct' Sqttarc. 336 ()031. Upn). £(i. llillcd as ‘Scotland's lllL‘lltlllCSl cntncd} clttlt' Hill l)c\\ar is hack \\ ith a ncxx \cnttc lot‘ his cagcrl} auaitcd cluh. 'l‘hc first night sccs thc Rm ()hadiah Stcppcmsnllc in thc spotlight \\ ith support l'rntn .lolin l-‘lint. (iordon Brunton. onc npcn spot and. nl' coursc. Mr Dunn prcsiding as cnnipcrc. 'l‘hc \cnuc looks sct In hc pt'ctt} hits) o\cr Ihc l5ringc pcriod \\ ith a star-studdcd linc-ttp in thc pipclinc. \Yc‘H kccp )ou postcd as and \\ hcn acts arc annnunccd.

The Stand 'l‘hc Stattd. 5 York l’lacc. 558 7373. 9pm. £7 (£4). Scc Hi 4.


The Vigorous Lime Quiz Of Joy (‘ttrlcrs. 35h By‘cs Road. 338051 I. Spin. l‘t'cc. Scc Stilt 3‘).

Bank Holiday Special - Brendan Burke 'l'hc Stand. 333 \Yootllgtntls Rodd. llS7ll ()(ll) ()(l55. 8.30pm. £6 (£5). lrish cotucdian Brcndan Burkc pttts his acting c\pcricncc to tisc \\ ith sotnc charactcr conicd}. Donna Krachan and l‘rank Quinn stand-up in support alongsidc CUIIIPL‘I'L‘ l'il‘ttllklc Bo} lc.

Canvas Comedy Club (‘amas.

l3 l() \Valls Strcct. 553 3 ltll. 9pm. £5. l'nprcdictahlc. last-paccd ranting Iron) Allan Millcr \\ ith |)cs ('larkc. Kcara .Mllt‘plt}. onc opcn spot and coittpcrc .lamic Robinson.

Madcap Comedy Club 'l‘hc Statc Bar. I48 Holland Strcct. 333 3l5‘). 0.30pm. £5 (£4). ’l'hc chct'cnd ()hadiah Stcppctmollc lll pl'L‘LlClICS It) lllL‘

com crch \\ ith support to hc L‘tHlllt'tllCd.


Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Not one of the many teachings of God that Reverend Obadiah Steppenwolfe has instilled in his preaching, but this is a holy man, and an almighty funny man at that. On donning a wig, Elvis sunnies and a Southern drawl, arming himself with an irreverent array of props from a triple-cupped bra, peanut buttered Shroud of Turin to a crucified baby-doll, the good Reverend is a man on a mission; a mission to spread the word of our Lord. Should anyone stand in his way, prepare to incur his omnipotent wrath.

“‘What about Darwinism", I like that one,’ says the blessed comedian of dissenting heckles. And his response? ‘Why, it’s just people in the audience thinking they’re all uppity and I just tell them that I love them as the Lord loves them and there’s no need for that, but if they keep on, I’ll beat them like a one-legged ginger step-child.


The Lord created everything; ain’t no Darwinism involved.“

Such is his impassioned belief in his God-given preaching mastery, the Coxville, Tennessee-born preacher has encountered difficulties with doubting non-believers: ‘Ya know people aren’t open to the Lord a lot of the time. I’ve been banned from the BBC and that is the truth. I did some work for them preaching and baptising old ladies. Course when she died while I was baptising her it didn’t get past the censors so Reverend Obadiah Steppenwolfe, the Sex Pistols and Frankie Goes To goddam Hollywood have all been banned from the BBC.’

And does he subscribe to US evangelist Pat Robertson’s view that Scotland is in need of salvation? ‘Yeah, that’s why I'm here. I heard they’re having a big barbecue over here too.’ (Maureen Ellis)

I Ht)‘./(.‘/(}/’</ Obadiah .Sto,'),')t>.');'.'t)/fo gig}; (tight/(ith. Wrought )txt’ <.‘e>/‘t.n')/ .‘J. flit/v I.

Ht)t.)./////)o(i<1///)t> {ho (VHF/INK of H?(P()li1/(f Hot/5a) on I t, 4' an!) how; {it l()’ll

Boon) on Sat :5 514(1). but") [ (limbo/(1”.


Whose Lunch Is It Anyway? 'l‘hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 55S 7373. lptn. l’rcc with drinks or a tucal. Scc Sun 3‘).

Bank Holiday Special - Bruce Morton 'l‘hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 55S 7373. S.3()piu. £(i (£5). Scotland's stalxsart ol' thc stand-tip sccnc \\ ith an L'\lL‘llthtl scl. .ltlslin .Moot‘ltothc. .loltn Mclii'idc and cotupcrc Susan Morrison CtllllPlL‘lL‘ lllL‘ llllL‘—ll]l.


Bob Doolally’s Bank Holiday 'l‘ltc Stattd. 553 \Yoodlands Road. llS7ll ()(ll) ()(l55. S.3(lpnt. £5 (£4 l. Scll-st} lcd l‘nothall pundit Bnh ‘Ihc gnh' trcats )nu (and \\ c usc Ihc tcrin ad\ iscdl} ) to a solo shim hritntning ()\ ct' \\ ith lilth attd innucndo.

Crazy Ape Comedy Club Bar /,()o. St) l)uinharton Road. 334 Sill3. H.5(lpltl. £4 (£3 ). Richard Smith and HM id \Vilkic arc ioincd h} thrcc Mct/


Red Raw 'l‘hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 558 7373. 8.30pm. £l. llnsI l‘in .\lc.v\rthur and hcadliucr l‘rank Quinn arc Ihc scasoncd prolcssionals. putting cight stand-up \ irgins through thcir paccs.

Tuesday 8 Edinburgh

Bob Doolally Special 'l‘hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 558 7373. 0pm. £5 (£4).

'l'hc scasou Ina} hc tllil“ itig to a clnsc. ltlll Holt l)t)()l;tll} gl\t'\ l()()llt;tll's ()u‘l' inllatcd pundits a run lot” thcir (nonc) as hc dishcs (hc dirt \\ itlt his tradctnark lilth_\ rattling.

Wednesday 9


Velvet Cabaret 'l'hc Stand. )3.) \Yoodlands Road. (lS7l) (till) ()(l55. Spin. l'I'cL‘. SL‘L‘ \Yt‘d 3.


Crazy Cabaret 'l‘lit- Stand. 5 York l’laL'L‘. 55S 7373. Split. £4 3). SL‘L' \ch 3.

Reg Anderson’s Fun Quiz Night 'l'hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 55S 7373. ‘).3llptn. U to pla}. Scc \thl 3.

Thursday 1 0


The Stand 'l'hc Stand. 33% \Ytnullantls Road. “(S70 ()llll ()ll55. S.3(lpit). £5 (£3). l~.ssc\ girl (iina R}an Isioincd it) sonic spiritual hcaling h} Ihc Rm ()hadiah Stcppcnunllc Ill and thrcc \'cl\ct Virgins.


The Stand 'l'hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 558 7373. 0pm. £5 (£3). l‘ctnalc angst pondct'ing l'rottt Sall} llolloua} with support in)!” l)cs (‘larkc and 'l'cdtl}. Reg Anderson’s Comedy Cellar l'in Nlacfoolx. l()l l.othian Road. ()33 7 lll‘). 9pm. l'rcc. .loining Mr Magic this c\cning arc hard-titan .latncs l't‘l'gl1\()tl. Martin l-‘urh_\ and lit) McArthur.

.’./‘;::, 1/ , ,' THE LIST 69

2", x-z.’