Natalie’s Games Night Delmonicax. ()8 Virginia Street. 552 4803. 9pm. l-‘ree. Weekly.

QUlZ Night Sadie lirttxls. Xv“) \Vcfl George Street. 332 S005. ()ptnemidnight. Free. Weekly.

Fluid Polo Lounge. 84 Wilson Street. 553 I22]. l0pm—lam. Free. Weekly. 1)] Wayne Dixon plays I'unk. soul and disco.


Crosslynx Group LUBT (‘entre. l I Dixon Street. 22] 7203. 7~l0pm. l-‘ree. May 9. Monthly. Meeting ol'('ro\\lyn.\ Group for transexuals and erosx-drexserx. Lorraine ol' llt'rled‘leek yy ill be \hoyy'ing her range ol‘ dresses. lingerie and goodies for all bttdding Miss (‘rossly'nx 200I.

Bi Glasgow I.(}B'I‘ (‘entre. t I Dixon Street. 22l 7203. 7.30pm. Free. May 2. Monthly. Meeting of the bisexual group.

Edinburgh Wednesdays


c.c. Blooms (‘.(‘. Blooms. 23 24 (ireenside Place. 556 933 I. l0.30pm~3am (bar from (rpm). Free. Weekly.

Bars Karaoke llotstulli. Rose Street. 225 765 1. 9pm. Free. Weekly.


Women’s Group Drop-In l.(iB Centre. ()0 Broughton Street. 478 706‘). 7pm. Free. Weekly.


Body Positive 3 Park Quadrant. 332 50l0. Support and ady‘iee for those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Centre For Women’s Health 2 Sandyford Place. 2l l (3700. Offering a

range of information and xery tees to yyomen and speeilie \ery iee~ tor lexbianx. Glasgow Lesbian Line Pt) Bm ($80. ()3 7'l'l.. 552 3355. (ii\ ing ady tee and support either on the phone or by SAl-L. Glasgow Women's Library I09 Trongate. 552 S345. ()pen 'l'ue~l-'ri Ir opm; Sat 2—5pm. A library full of \yomen\ literature as yy ell as the lesbian arehiy e. Phace West 49 Bath Street. 332 3838. The main \CH tee in the yyext for people al'l'eeted by HIV/AIDS.

Steve Retson Project 2 Sandy lord l’laee. 22l snot. ()pen 'l'ue & 'l'hu 5—8.30pm. Sexual health ady ice and counselling for gay men.

Strathclyde Lesbian 8. Gay Switchboard Pt) Box 38. ()2 201-1. 332 8372. Open 7 -I0pm daily. (‘ontidential adyiee.

Bi-G-Les (‘/() I.(iB’l‘. I l l)i\on Street. 22l 7203. (iroup ol'l’ering befriending and support netyyork I'or lexhlttlh. bixe\ual\ and gay men under the age ol 25.


Dykes Night Out Pt) Bo\ W). Iitll 3l.L'. lnl‘ormal get-togethers. Stonewall Youth Project Pt) Box 4040. 556 40-10. Regular meetings and social eyents for lesbians. gay men and bisexuals under the age oI‘ 26.

Gay Men’s Health ()thlx l)rop In (’entt'e. I0a l'nion Street. 558 04-14. lt'ree ady'iee and counselling for gay and bi men as well as those questioning their sexuality.

LGBT Police Link l.(iB (’entre. o0 Broughton Street. Mon () 7pm. Weekly. (‘all 620 5 l 38. ()20 5 HI) it you xx ant a chat \y ith your community ot'lieer. Lothian Gay 8. Lesbian Switchboard 556 404‘). 7.30 l(lpm eyery day. (Jay and lesbian helpline. Lesbian Line 557 0751. Mon & 'I‘hu 7.30- 10pm. Helpline for all lesbian issues.

Omar i h l)7)9f1fl‘lt$9(’Jfo€WJl.tCfl‘

_DIVIne Divas

2 for 1 between 10pm to 11pm

I wonder where all the women are?

Women only club

@ The Venue

Calton Road, Edinburgh 10pm to 3am, E6 or £4 cone (with ID)

Drinks Promos before 12pm Doubles & mixer for £2 NOW ON THE

‘0 ,‘ \ G 5‘ \lb

2nd Saturday of every month

NEW DATES SATURDAY 12TH MAY 4th Birthday Party, with DJ Trendy Wendy from Tackno; 3 Piece Suite: Joy

SATURDAY 9TH JUNE with DJ Michelle from The Polo Lounge; Poptastit

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Because I’m worth it

Look After Your Sexual Health

Protect yourself from HIV and other sexual transmitted infections. llave regular cervical screening.


0 G.U.M. Sexual Health Clinics 0141211 8601

SAPPHO - For Lesbian health and wellbeing 0141 211 8130

Counselling 0141211 6700

zit; .-. comm cuscow HEALTH BOARD


six—‘2 THE LIST 73