Substitute Venue (Planet Peach), Glasgow, Fri 11 May.

laude Young is coming to

town. The second wave

Detroit production luminary, widely held to be among the best techno DJs in the world, thanks to his acrobatic turntablist style, is launching True People, a monthly residency at the Sub Club. What’s more, the night looks set to be closer to a house party than the traditional techno purist evening, characterised by moody boys peering at the decks and intimidating anyone who doesn’t fit the techno-spotter mould.

‘The music policy’s going to be very open,’ Young confirms, ‘I don’t want this to be another predictable techno night, I want this to be a party. When I first started going to parties, you could heard a mix of music, and in a lot of places you don’t hear that mixture anymore.’ Young laments the days when DJs were quite hopeless at mixing but fairly inspired in their choice of records, arguing that it’s better to have a mix of styles than ‘twenty records that sound pretty much the same’. True People will follow this righteous ethos and will, according to Young, ‘be more like a party in someone’s basement with some pop stuff, some house stuff, some techno and some old disco things.’

Young’s plan to confound expectations with the music policy is part of a wider reaction to the current state of nightclubbing. ‘I

think that people are getting ripped off when they go to a lot of clubs these days,’ he says. ‘A lot of the sincerity has gone from the people running clubs and it’s become about doing whatever you can to get a ton of people in. It sometimes seems like whoever can draw the straightest line musically is the most popular DJ, but to me that just doesn’t show any skill, and True

People is a reaction to that.

‘I want to give something back to the people who come to the club,’ Young says. ‘We’re going to give away a lot of stuff: I’m going to do a mix CD, and give



Messenger Sound System, The Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Sat 28 Apr.

74 THE LIST 26 Apr-l0 May 2001

Claude Young wants his debut UK residency to be one big party

away 100 at the door, just a little exclusive for people coming to the club. It’s not going to be another club where they get stars in to make sure of a big crowd, the people who play are going to be my mates. If there’s no guest, I’ll be playing the whole night, and if there is a guest the door price won’t change. This is a pure enjoyment thing for me, I want to have fun again, and

have a place for people to have a really good time.’ True

The fact that most people turn out to see Jah Shaka for the simple reason that they can get publicly chonged while getting their stomachs churned out by the most extreme heavy dub this side of Zion doesn't really seem to bother this resin v0iced ambassador of Jah. “We try to play educational and spiritual muSIC; those are the two elements we try to incorporate all the time. Any dance we are playing, we look to bring one soul closer to Jah.‘ Jah Shaka is a true legend. his travelling deep roots bandwagon is revered and SOught out by every shon-term memory sufferer from Japan to America. In the capitals of Europe the man IS Virtually a saint: drop his name in an Athens coffee house and you WI” not remain friendless and smokeless for long. By concentrating on the spleen-splitting freQuencies of bass and ear-piercing tops. Jan Shaka has few eguals. His

People looks to be that increasingly rare thing, a club with clubbers in mind, based on good music regardless of genre, and good old-fashioned fun. (Jack Mottram)

gigs are akin to standing in the (:oittrt; of a volcano waiting for The Rapture to wash yOu on yOur to Babylon. so it's partICuIarly fitting then that most of his influences are of an ethereal nature.

'l get my inspiration from his Majesty Jah Mighty directly but we've played With many artists over the years: The Tv/inkle Brothers. Johnny Clark. The AbbyssInians. We try to promote any artist who‘s got good roots music. Shaka picks them out and plays then: to the people. and the peOpIe are looking forward to the messages that Will sort them out in the future life. and roots mLiSic is an implement of these messages.“

Back on planet earth. Jah Shaka is looking forward to this one-oft Scottish gig Wlth Messenger SOund System. "They are very beautiful peOple that love reggae muSic: we ‘.'."lH do Our best for them.‘ iPaul Dale)

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IF YOU WANT TO SEE DJ Cosmo and DJ Harvey at The Honeycomb for free on Friday 11 May at Waxworks (there's two pairs of tickets up for grabs), sadly you'll have to muster some brainpower to answer the following question: DJ Cosmo regularly plays at ‘Body & Soul’ in which North American city? Answers to duncan@honeycomb- before Wednesday 9 May.

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