THE ii in. Who’s getting up to what

I Bully star Sarah Michelle Gellar and long-tiiiie boyfriend Freddie Prinze Jr. are engaged to be married. lloxrever. the ceremony ‘.‘/lli have to wait until they have finished shooting the Scoohy {)oo llif)‘.’l(: in Australia.

I The Cannes Film Festival iii—2f) lvlayi iury l‘} shaping up very nicely ‘.‘/lill leading ladies of (Llll(,lll£l. Joining head honcho L!V Ullinann .s Lynne Ramsay. taking time out of filming Morverri Cal/ar' to Judge short film competition

entries in the Festival’s Cinefondation . section.

Portuguese actress Maria de Medeiros and Iranian director Samira Makhmalbaf are also on Jury duty.

I Snub Of The Fortnight award must go to REM. who were to come to Scotland to launch their new album. Reveal. at Edinburgh Castle. The dudes from Georgia have opted for Venice instead.

I If ever there was a perfect subject for the giant screen llleX cinema

Lynne Ramsay


tecl'iriology. it's the lllil}€:SilC Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal: The Movie. to be released July 2002. is being made by Indian technology moguls reSiding iii America. Former Miss World Aish'xrarya Rai (who recently made a Boliywood film at Eilean Dorian Castle. West Highlandsi ‘.'.’|ll play Queen Munitaz. who inspired Mughal Emperor Shah .Jahan to erect the 17th centun/ iiiarhle mausoleum.

I A modern teenage adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello. O. directed by Tim Blake Nelson (the chain gang conVict partner , of George Clooney and John Turturro in O Brother; Where Art Thor/Th has been causmg problems in America. O has been branded controversial in light of recent high school shootings in California. Presumably a 50(J-year-old hack from England poses a greater threat to America's kids than the nation's policy of eaSy access to lethal firearms. A spokesperson for the film said: ‘Any perceived controversy will end up being much ado about nothing.‘ All's well that ends well, then.

REM judge Scofland

ii\‘/ \ I


Guerrilla Girls judge Hollywood

I Guerrilla Girls are cool. The Guerrilla Girls are a group of women artists. writers. [)OFiOl'lllOl'S. filmmakers and arts professionals who fight discrimination. The Guerrilla Girls' manifesto: 'We declare Ourselves feminist counterparts to the mostly male tradition of anonymous do-gooders like Robin Hood. Batman. and the Lone Ranger. We wear gorilla masks to fOCus on the issues rather than our personalities. We use humour to convey information, provoke discussion. and show that feminists can be funny . . . The mystery Surrounding Our identities has attracted attention and support. We could be anyone: we are everywhere.‘ The Guerrilla Girls' latest direct action targets one of the most sex discriminatory industries in the world. Hollywood. For some right-on fun check out: www.guerrillagirlscom posters, hwdstickhtml

I Icebox. one of the premiere web animation studies that rather irritatineg went bust earlier this year. is re-opening for business . . . Without a website. Eh? Icebox WI” once again produce creator- controlled content - Mr. Wong. Stars/rip Regulars and the Superb Zombie College but Will farm Out the fund-draining ii'iaintenance of the website to freelance operators. For once. and only once. here's thanking that scourge of modern economics: deregulation.

I Tortoise bored headaches into the kids at the All Tomorrow’s Parties weekender With a noodly two—hour set. while the old guard. Television. rocked the chalets at Camber Sands. Next year is already being planned with Shellac onboard as Curators. lnsider is perhaps unreasonably worried at the prospect of another Chicago gLiitar crew (who Wt” be Joined by Fugazi and a reformed Slinti. but delighted at the prospect of Kraftwerk. Ozzy Osbourne and AC/DC. who are on Shellac's wish-list.


‘There are days when she cannot get out of bed due to difficulties with

her joints.’

.F.\.. t t L..\.1iftz. .i...:. of“ t .\

‘My dream would be to have a little scene behind Pacino or Harvey Keitel.

Salli. ‘or fluid 15'3": ..:;.‘ .’ Mame iou'te got .i ..'"e.i'r‘, i. does"? "Mi"

Us (.‘t)'?t1ii‘i :"W‘f'di’

‘Where is God? I see no evidence of God. God is probably Barry Manilow.’ John lidori rrralier: .i hijarre leap of logic from atheis'r‘ to "l)’i'l,"‘.l;'.’."i} the singing hooter ' as; the ‘.i."te.'. son and ho/i’ ghost.

‘His name is Clive Davis, and he’s the head of my record company.’

When asktxl it God exists. Barri Mani/ow deli/es I i’rlori's clarrrr, hut riorrirnates another as the a/rriigliti one.

‘God is a verb, not a noun.’ Cheeky Monkee Mistikei.‘ [)o/e'i.‘ iii *tfli >:; the ar'gurrierit.

‘I used to love Five Star. Where are they now?’

Missy Elliot reveals a surprising influence. but who'd have the heart to tell her that Five Star drsappearerl faster than the turkey who /)t//rl[)e(/ into Bernard Matthews.

‘All I hear is how much Russell Crowe drinks. I don’t care. I see what’s on the screen and the performance he gives and it is wonderful.’ Dennis Hopper supports the ongoing tradition of prssedup actor's.

‘l’ve been everything. I was a diplomat, I worked for ITN, I delivered colostomy bags.’ The kind of varied life— experrences that helped Dom Joly create Trigger Happy TV.

John Lydon