{ Edinburgh, Thursdays Pre-club cont.

I Wired For Sound at The (iilded Saloon. ()pm lam. Free. 26 Apr only. Aspiring DJs get l5 minute slots to astound and ama/e the drinking crowd.


I C.C. Blooms ttl ('.('. Blooms. l0.30pm 3am (har l'rom ()plll ). Free. Weekly. Trip the light lantastic to Hi- NR(i dance action at this ever-popular gay har.

I Da Break (It l.;t Belle Angele. l0.30pm 3am. £4 (£3). 20 Apr. Monthly. l.iv e hip hop and drtnn a hass courtesy ol Balance and a solid hreaks and heats selection lroin DJs Demon and Bertie.

I Dekade at The Bongo ('luh. 10.30pm 3am. £4. 26 Apr. Monthly. DJs l'-Turn and Sekon/ playing a heady mix or (K and 1S hip hop. M('s welcome. I Dust at Sttidio 24. ll.30pm 3am. £2. 3 May. Monthly. (ioth. metal and industrial showcase for all you raucous monkeys otit there. hosted hy- the residents laii. Tony and Dave.

I Dysfunction at The Attic.

0pm 3am. £2 (£l ). Weekly. Formerly at The Venue. Dysl'unction have tiow moved the latest mix or nu metal. hardcore. skate punk and industrial here (or a weekly session that includes live action every other Thu. For more into. see wwvv.nightnews.net.

I Euphoria at The l'nion. l lpm 2am. £3. 3 May only. The club hrand cum house and trance compilation series tour hits Scotland with a show that includes The Man Adam. Simon Wehdale and loads of Tree giveaway s.

I Flava at La Belle Angele. l()pni 3am. £4 (£3). H) May. Monthly. New R&B. hip hop and ragga showcase that should he a regular crowd pleaser seeing as it l‘eatures lidinhurgh's leading nit-jack DJ daddies Nutty l’. Ambassador. (ihetto Fahulo/. DJ Dirtsnian and AJ. plus live l‘reestyles from Dark Paragons. Ytisli 2K and Scotland Yard.

I Floorplay at The l'nion. l lpiii--2am. £3 (£2). Weekly (not 3 May). Varying styles or house played by numerous guest DJs at this Heriot-Watt club night.

I Genetic at The ('itrus (‘luh.

I lpm 3am. £2. Weekly. Still a mighty popular soiree that showcases alternative. indie and lo-li. No smoking iii the har area. mind.

I Hustlers’ Convention at The Bongo (‘luh. Monthly. Next date l7 May. I Fusion at Po Na Na. l lpm 5am. £2. Weekly. All new showcase at the souk bar with DJs Mark B (Sttidio (irand) and the omnipresent Murray Richardson (20/20 Vision) playing vinyl gems in the realms ol house. hip hop. funk and soul.

I The Moneyshot at The Bongo (‘luh 10.30pm 5am. £5. 3 May. Monthly. Work that party in an old- .school to nu-school hip hop stylee with special live guests Task Force. plus guest DJ Ritchie Rul‘tone and the residents ol‘ choice Foly. (ietsum and Hood. Through the hack room. it‘s hig-up the drum & hass massive with Deeknical Hitch and gttests.

I Naked meets Sundissential at ligo. l lpiii-».‘\am. £l() (£8) non-nieinhers: £8 (£6) memhers. 3 May. Monthly. Southern sttpercluh Sundissential (aka ecstasy casualty central) joins lorces with one of our huinhle hard house residencies in a night of highly-produeed hedonism. In the main room. Sunny star (‘harlotte Birch will he mixing quality hard house alongside residents Phil York and (‘hris I). In the downstairs lounge. Sandeman and Fluan James showcase uplil'ting to funky house.

I Nocturnal at Noa. Monthly. Next date l7 May.

I ReJuvenation at The Bongo (‘luh l0.30pm—.‘~ain. £8 in advance (pltis hooking l'ee available from Ripping. l-opp and Underground Solu'shn): £l() on the door. 10 May. Monthly. ()ld-skool junglist Mickey Finn makes his highly- anticipated return to the capital. Support

82 THE LIST 26 Apr—10 May 2001

comes from the residents Twist. Relentless and scratch monkey Ra. See Fact File.

I Snatch Club at The Liquid Room. l0.30pm —3am. £4.50 (£5.5ll/L5 ). Weekly. Your man Harry Ainsworth keeps on pushing his unique brand oi musical and comedic entertainment along with Ba/ Peters. Spanky Alexander. Bronagh Keegan and The Redcoats. it's a funky disco cum caharet. hy the way.

I Sputnik at The Venue (top lloor). l0.30pm 3am. £3. 26 Apr. Fortnightly. All-new night geared towards pleasing house tans that favour the leltlield side or the spectrum. Not a stint ol‘ cheese then l'roin Dan Frantic. llohhes and Lisa Thomson and more than a little real deal lroni guest (’olin ('ook (l'ltragroov e).

I 3 Piece Sweet at The ('octeau Lounge. llpm 3am. £2. 2o Apr ts ll) May. Fortnightly. Keen to please party girls 'l‘rendy Wendy. Sally F and Nicci allow entry at a cheap rate. have a ‘no music policy" that never tails to astound and aiiia/e. some ultra-cheap drinks promos and tree makeovers from Ms B. Smart. Fairly gay.

Chart & Party

I Back To Basics at Why .\'ot'.’

l lpm 3am. £5. Weekly. Wonderfully predictahle favourites (mm the chart crypt.

I Blasted at (iaia. l()pm 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Duhhed ‘tlie hest student night in town' hy some Radio I sage. this sweaty soiree leatures cheesy mainstream dance in the main room and indie from Planet liartli upstairs iii the lounge.

I Funky Underground at Resolution. l()pm 5am. £4 (£3). Weekly. :\ monster sottndsystelt). good odds at copping oil and some handy dance poditiiiis (or attracting attention to your l'unky strutting are just three ol‘ the reasons why Resolution seems like a good idea when you‘re drunk.

I Gold at The Ark. l()pm 3am. 80p. Weekly. It the very thought of Tony Hadley makes you moist. you‘ll he positively dripping at this luxurious night of 80s indulgence.

I Ignition at liros/lilite. 9.30pm 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. l.ast year’s ‘Seottish Discoteque ()l‘ The Year' still draws the numbers at this big ‘ole student night.

I The Subway at The Suhway.

‘)pm— 3am. Free (or students with matriculation card; £l otherwise. Weekly. A mainstream soundtrack pltis the odd .spot of indie.

I The Subway West End at The Suhway West lind. 7pm--3ain. Free (or students with matriculation card: £l otherwise. Weekly. DJs playing chart and party music (or a shameless drinking crowd.

Edinburgh Fridays


I Bar Union at Bar l'nion. Upmrr lain. Free. Weekly. Radio Forth's Kevin Jones plays some house and garage.

I Bass:Trap Sessions at Bani Bou. Upni—lain. Free. Weekly. lidinhurgh's spanky new ()riental style bar gets sorted in the styles ol'drum & hass. hip hop and hreaks hy wise Manga master (}-.Mac.

I Blok at PopRokit. ‘)pni—-lani. Free. Weekly. A regular venture courtesy ol Rohin Styler (Solel‘usion). Bootsy (Suhstanee/(lroove Theory) and (iregor (Douche Ma Touche). where rare groove. l‘unk. disco and hip hop will he the order of the day.

I Chaos Cubano at Baracoa.

l()pm— lam. Free. Weekly. DJ Mikayel hosts a night ol‘ funk. hip hop and salsa. I Conception at Holyrood t'nion. t)pin-Jam. £2 (£l ). ll May. Monthly. In a joint promotion with al‘liliated doom and gloom t'est Disehord. you'll find that it you start your evening here listening to nu-inetal and goth you then get free entry to wile away the hours until 3am at Disehord (see eluh listings below) listening to similar stul'l'.

Make some noise for Lisa Loud at Freefall, Sat 5 May

I Cuba Norte at ('tiha Not'te.

l()piii lam. Free. Weekly. Still

supply ing the hroadest musical spectrum l‘or Latin lovers atid still pivotal to the whole Latin scene.

I Cuts 8. Strings at The ()uthottse. 8pm lam. Free. 27 Apr. Monthly. The many-splendoured variations of house music as demonstrated hy Dale Fallen. Jock Mc(’lanachan. Kevin Roe. ('liris Martin and Seaii Keltie.

I Disco Cubism at The ('arvvash. 9pm lam. Free. Weekly. Ali ('ainphell shows he ain't no square when he goes disco house cra/y tor the night.

I DJ 0 at Pivo. 0pm lani. Free. 27 Apr only. Funhoy Flynn does his hit (or the trip'l'ycli lestival.

I EH1 at FIH l. 9pm lam. Free. Weekly. The highly talented Flat Not Sold residents l‘rom Homeless in Dundee snoop down to play some urhan heats and hreaks (27 Apr). while a mystery l)J turns up to play some mysterious records (4 May).

I 4-Play at ('luh Mercado. 4 l()pin. Free. Weekly. Serving you hard working. hard partying types with a iiiind-melting mix or music (courtesy or kitsch queen 'l‘rendy Wendy) and drinks promos. Parties ol twenty or more who hook through the venue's guest list system have the chance to win £150 in a cashhack draw.

I Immersed In Music at l’iv-o. t)pm lani. Free. Weekly. The capital's leading dance DJs mix tip a storm at the capital's trendiest style har.

I Jam Jar at The (iilded Saloon. 9pm lam. Free. 3 May. Fortnightly. Live musiciansjam with resident DJs. ()pen decks and floor providing you're not shit.

I Made In Iguana at Iguana.

9pm lam. Free. Weekly. local hero Joseph Malik‘ ((‘otnposl Records) dazzles the crowds with his hlindin' range of funky tunes. l'rotn hip hop to house to Latin and jan. This lortnight. Jo‘s joined hy Soma star Nick Peacock iii celehration of that trip'l‘ych iiiusic festival (27 Apr).

I Oxygen at ()xygen. (ipm lam. Free. Weekly. This popular pre-cluh has now secured a fantasy DJ dream team. featuring (‘olin (‘ook (l7ltragroove). Stuart Duncan (Atomic Bahy). (ieorge T ( Boomhox ). Kris Keegan (Arehaos) and Martin Valentine (Taste) on rotation. Please note the early start.

I Rebel Waltz at ('ity (ale 2. ()pm— lam. Free. 4 May. Fortnightly. Murray ‘(ilohetrotting’ Richardson is oil. gallivanting and so it falls to wily cohort Marco Smith to rock the party at the deep house jewel of lidinhurgh's pre-cluhhing crown.

I Salsa con Cabor at l.) hat-no. 8pm 3am. Free. Weekly. .loiii D.ls Hector. Nano and the l.atin posse at this swinging harrio party where the tequila runs like water.

I School Bop at (‘alc Royal.

‘in1) Iain. £(i (£5). 4 May. Monthly. Relive the shite tiiusic you had to stiller on the community centre dancel'loors oi your childhood namely the rock. pop and party hits oi the 70s and 80s

dressed in the school tinilorm that made you look shite at the little. Yes. it's the pre-cluh lrom hell \y ltll ti dress code to match. To hook requests email

nirdjtu schottlhopcom.

I UrbannI-IangSuite at Bann's. llpm 5am. Free. Weekly. Fight vegetarian snacks served to a hip hop and hreaks soundtrack l'rom Dolphin Boy (Tummy Touch). pltis guest D.ls lt'ottt (irand ('entral. Fat ('ity and Pork Recordings.

I What It Is at ('ity ('ale 2. ‘inii lam. Free. 27 Apr. Fortnightly. Boh ('airns (NtiSpirit) hosts his nu-ja/I soiree where all manner or percussive. Alto—heats and via/ly Bra/ilia hreaks get a seeing to.

I Why Not? at Why Not‘.’ 8 l()pm. £5 (includes entry to citih al'terwards). Weekly. Salsa dance classes (or heginners and intermediate enthusiasts. with a l‘eisty cluh night to lollow should you so choose.

I Word Up at Rush. 0pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Yogi Haugliton and DJ Fahulo/ host a swanky pre-cluh that‘s got the goods l'or all you Rtkli lreaks ottt there.


I Arakataca! at The Bongo ('luh. llpm 3am. £5. 27 Apr. Monthly. DJs Jal'ler (Senegal) and /.uppa lnglese (Bogota) host a liery mix ol salsa. Alrican. Latin and ('arihhean dance. As they 'v e hotli heen DJing (or over 30 years. this is the hest selection oi past. present and luture tropical dance you‘re likely to (ind.

I Aswang at Studio 24 (downstairs). Monthly. Next date l3 Jul.

I Big Beat at La Belle Angele. l0.30pm 3am. £8 (£7); £2 oil with Roy Ayers tickets. 27 Apr. Monthly. Alter heing worked into a sottl ja/l lien/.y thanks to Roy Ayers at The Liquid Room. you'll appreciate this positively huge showcase that sees the London Jan (life's Snow hoy assume the hongos w ith The Latin Section. plus Ja// ('ale DJs Adrian (ithson and Phil l.evene AND the Jal/otech dancers. It's a heck or a line-up and you'd he a dtiiiih ass tool to miss it. I Blitl at The Venue (top liloor).

l0pm 3am. £5 hel‘ore midnight: £6 alter. 4 May. Monthly. Part one oi a two-part