I Latino Sundays at l.oca. ()plll lam. £2. Weekly. llead doyy n for salsa. merengue arid l,atin pop Wllll I)Js. liye tlltlslc and percussion.

I Let’s Tango at Baracoa. 5pm lattt. l‘ree. Weekly. Tango and salsa yy ith 1)] .loel arid free dance classes to shoyy you how

I Long Weekend at ()\y gen (basement bar). 3 Spin. £3. Weekly. lidinburgh's 'fii'st' Sttn afternoon clttb features frisky party people Derek and ('harlie Aire. Mista B. Teri tl)a Needle Sisters) and friends playing techno and classic tunes (2‘) Apr). The folloyy ing neck to May) l'p? residents .\'ic and Alan join the party. yy ith transport ayailable to the May Day l'pl special at (’lttb Jaya so you cart party till 3am.

I Made In Iguana at lguaiia.

Uplll laiti. liree. Weekly. Bob ('airns does the laid-back Sun session thing in a rare grooy'e. afro-beat and nu-ja/l sly lee.

I Salsa at lil Barrio. 7pm 3am. l‘rce. Weekly. l.atin dance classes. See ('lassified for more iitfo.

I Records at “J. (‘lll‘lslles

9pm latti. liree. Weekly. The S1. records all-stars play accessible indie. yy liiclt they argue is better that) all tltat crap you get in ollter clubs.

I Strange Beats at Baroque.

Spin lam. liree. Weekly. A ftiitk and sottl selection.

I The Sunday Session at ('tiba .\'orte. Spin lam. liree. Weekly. ()ld encounters nest. on a ja/I-funk-soul tip

yy ith Ben and (lay.

I Taste al The (iilded Saloon.

‘lpin lam. l-‘ree. Weekly. l)amn comenient pre-club session to the main eyettl at The Honey comb. hosted by the one. the only Martin \‘alentine.

I Underword at The Human Be-ln. 9pm lam. Free. 2‘) Apr. l-‘ortnightly. Multi-media estrayagan/a that sees (‘aly'in manipulate some \ isuals and Hobbes tinker yy ith some y'inyl in at) eclectic fashion.


I 0.6. Blooms at (‘.(‘. Blooms. l().3(lpiti 3am. (Bar from 8pm). Free. Weekly. The best times frotn across the genres to shake your booty to at this gay clttb.

I Club DKY at Studio 24. llpm 3am. £1 .So before midnight; £2 after. Weekly. lordie. (iarath arid Ally encourage a ‘You bring it. \ye'll play it‘ music policy if] the getteral realms of rock. metal. industrial atid goth.

I Cool Runnings at The Venue i(‘oo|er). 10.30pm 3am. £3 before midnight; £3 after. 3‘) Apr. l’ortnightly. l)J l)irtsman. ably assisted by his trusty sidekick 1)] liabttlol. deliyers another instalment of his dtib. hip hop and reggae selection.

I Curios at The Bongo ('lub. Monthly. .\'est date the.

I Disco Kandi at l’o Na Na.

1 lptn 3am. Free. Weekly. 1)] lnnoyator supplies a spaneg selection of sesy. disco house aiid tipliftiiig l'S garage.

I Feelin’ Soulful at tigo. Monthly. .\'e\l date the.

I Keep It Moving at The Bongo (’lub.

10.30pm 3am. £1.00. (i .May only. Another

Bank Holiday treat froin the caring. sharing types at lleadspin featuring a special latiticli party for the latest Mystic Breyy' (‘1). To mark the launch. l-‘at (‘ity [Us Mail Triggs aitd l)itrren 1.a\y s yy ill be mising their initnitable blend of party hip hop. funk. sotil and disco. Bamboo Sottl play liy e and the lleadspin boy s do their thing through the back.

I Mode Organic at The (‘itrtts ('lub.

l lpiti 3am. £2. Weekly. A syyeet mis of ska. soul. fttitk. mod and freakbeat at this long-running (and noyy yyeekly ) (ills ,soiree. I Roulette at .\'oa. l().3()pm 3am. £4 (£3). () May. Monthly. (iraente McLean and Stuart Neish (in association with Smirnoff Ice) contittue with a nest residency that aims to sery'e tip the finest \ocal garage. trance and progressiye to hard house.

I (fl .l‘llL' l.l(|llltl Room.

10.30pm 3am. £(t (£4). Weekly. The latest hard house night to establish itself on the scene thanks to high production yalues. choice guests and a dedicated local folloyying takes a break front its steady sleyy of guests to host tyso residents nights this fortnight featuring R. Ross and Martin.

I Tackno at ('lttb Mercado.

10.30pm 3am. £(t (£5/4). 2‘) Apr (not 22 Apr as prey iously stated). Monthly. When l-‘red l)eakin liy ed lll lidinburgh he \y as simply a talented designer \y ith a fine line in easy listening. And noyy. thanks to his Lemon Jelly project he feckin' famous. We're proud that he “cut off to make good and heartin \yelcome his easy return at Tackno To Watclt (iirls By.

I Taste at The Honey comb.

l lptn 3am. £8 (£6). Weekly. l’isher it Price liye it tip in the main room \y ith garage and uplifting to hard house. and back room support in a [S house sty le as alyyays comes from Marco Smith arid Martin Valentine at this n ildly hedonistic arid gay-friendly Sunday institution.

I United at ('1th Mercado. Monthly. .\'e\t date 13 May.

I Up! Bank Holiday Special at (‘ltib Jaya. 9pm 2am. £(y (£5 ). (i May only. Monthly. Starting off at the long Weekettd at Bar ()\ygen ( transport ay'ailable). progressiy'e trance jocks .\'ic ('ayendisli and Alan James host art 1 l- hottr marathon of non-stop dance mania. All the usual props including the bouncy castle and the dressing—up box ys ill be iii full effect and the night \y ill also feature a yery special surprise guest.

Chart & Party

I Chocolate Sundae at Reyolution. l()pm 3am. £2 £5. Weekly. Sotilfttl house and disco dubs.

I Insomnia at The ('ay'endish.

l()prti 3am. £3 (£1 to students). Weekly. Bop till you drop to dance. chart and ‘)l)s tunes.

I Lush at ligo. l().3()ptii 3am. £3. (3 May. Fortnightly. (‘oiiimercial house courtesy of ('raig l)empster and Dale Wilkinson at this gay -friendly soiree. l)i‘iitks promos a bonus.

I Mad Sundays at The Attic.

I lptn 3am. £4 (£2 yy ith llyer). Weekly. ('heck otit of the asylum and into The Attic for an insane eyening of chart music and outrageously cheap alcohol. I Replay/Meltdown at lit-os/lilite. 0.30pm 3am. £3 (£l ) before 1 1pm; £3 (£2) before midnight; £4 (£3) after. Weekly. Replay sees the hits of the 7(ls and fills. er. replayed while the folks in Meltdoyyn relax to chart house and garage.

I Sin at The Ark. l()pm 3am. £3 (£1 ). Weekly. (‘hart atid party tunes. with busy at syy'eet shop prices.

I The Subway at The Subway.

()pm 3am. liree for students \y ith matriculation card: £1 otheryyise. Weekly. See Till].

I The Subway West End at The Subyy'ay West litid. 7pm 3am. l-‘ree for students yyith matriculation card; £l otheryyise. Weekly. See Thu.

Edinburgh Mondays


I Cocktail Night at Rttsh. .S’piii lam. Free. Weekly. Laid-back sounds massage your ears yy hile potent beyerages tantalise your taste birds.

I The Free Deck at \VJ. (‘lu-isties. S.3()pmr lain. Free. 3() Apr. Fortnightly. ()pen decks night where aspiring [)1s get 15 minute slots. l.iye acts also encouraged. all with a y'ieyy to future projects and collaborations.

I Salsa at lil Barrio. 7pm~lam. Free. Weekly. l.atiii dance classes. See Thu and (‘lassified for more info.

I Salsa & Bueda at Baracoa.

8pm lam. Free. Weekly. Authentic Latin beats with rueda and salsa dance classes (£3.50) from Sam.


O Beltane Festival After-Party at The Honey comb. l lpm 5am. £5 (£4);

yy ill) all Proceeds toyyards the liestiyal. 3ft Apr only. Honeycomb lintertainments take the rather ill-ady ised step of letting the body -painted sylphs. goblins. nymphs aitd sprites run amok oy er their spaitky \yhite furnishings. l).l l’epe tllelsinkt) makes his hard and funky trance debut. lllCl'L"\ c‘lc‘c‘ll'o l‘l'L‘aks from [he \VL‘L‘ l),ls. drum ts bass from 1)] (‘oyalent arid esplosiy e liye action frotn the Beltane drummers. Sure to be debauched arid colourful. See llitlist.

I Beltin at Studio 24. llpm 5am. £5.31) Apr only. l'nofticial post-party to the Beltane l‘estiyal oii ('alton llill. ('elebrate the rites of spring to some hard techno. trance and acid \\ ith the residents from local clttb nights l.oop. Lost and Rampage. I C.C. Blooms at (‘.(‘. Blooms. 10.30pm 3am (bar from ()pm). free. Weekly. 'l'lllngs lttelloyy ottl (or so they claim) at this gay cltib. \y ith an upbeat disco selection.

I The Profezzionals at l’o .\’a .\'a.

l llttn 3am. liree. Weekl}. 1).] Rodd} attd Jason mis tip Slls. filthy disco and house. I Swarm at The Honey comb.

10.30pm 3am. £4. 7 May. Monthly. .\'ey\ night that alloyys the otheryy ise unruly \llltlelll l} Des lllC cltattce to enjoy some great local 1)] talent it) the saltibrious surrounds of lidinburgh's hottest hotspot. Harry l.et's (io (Tribal l‘unktion) is jtist one of the jocks at “ink and drinks promos will no dotibt assist general enjoyment.

Chart & Party

I Carnal at ligo. Monthly. Next date H) May.

I Funky Underground at The Subyyay West lind. 7pm 3am. Free. Weekly. 7()s shenanigans with [)1 l)iggler and Daddy ('ool.

excunsmns o iguana

Edinburgh Clubs


: 3' “1ch Dress

Curb Dork Sktr‘, Lgh? blogse' ‘iefieeb 0r ’romers

30s": Dorkl'ouserstghfshirfi ‘te. do'li shoes or trainers.

Venue Cote Rovoletro Bar.

l? was? register bf

(behind Burger King 0‘

E03? endot zHinges 5‘)


5th along rock. 000 and disco Dote

Firs‘ Friday 05 the month

ulh May_ bi dune. Clh July.

Time 9 tom

Price to (3:5) CW” '3'" Advbnze ‘or .‘he best ocf‘rf anced ’tC Veil» nun/lib!" or: meheon.9131u770701 i l o -schootbop.c.om

s; is“,


A rotational representation of some of the best groundbreaking clubs in the Capital George Mac (Manga). Adam Bray / Colin Millar (Headspin) and Gary Mac (Nomad)

complete our rather speCIal line-up

oaneru SOMMCRVILLC [ULTRRGROOVE] As Gareth settles into his first bar reSIdency l0r two years it's a chance to check his fusion

of rare disco. warm New York house. old school hip hot) and beyond - wrth occasional


J0 naLIK [coneosr acconos] Little introduction required for our highly popular Friday night fixture - eclectic. open- minded funky grooves. old 7" singles. Lizard lounge classics and jazz business front a


COLIN coon [ULTRRGROOVE] Afro-house. deep disco and latin grooves create the perfect pre-club scenario or a genuine

dancefloor opportunity - Wllll regular guest DB


Global spectrum of jazz-based music including Brazilian fusion. abstract beats. dusted-off classrcs and ventures into original sample territory


iguana cafe bar 41 lothian street. edinburgh t. 0131 220 4288 www.tguanaedtnburgh.co.uk

food no

it served betueen s—3an tie

food @ night


9"} Apr—l0 MA, 2031 THE LIST 87