Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee, Sat 28 Apr-Sun 24 Jun.

cores of twisting, spiralling pieces of steam-bent

ash make up this unique installation. Evoking a sea

made out of wood, the fifteen separate clusters spill out onto the gallery floor, emulating its every swell and undulation with each individual section riveted together by metal strips. This is Richard Deacon’s remarkable new sculpture, created specifically for the DCA.

Born in 1948, Richard Deacon is undoubtedly one of UK’s foremost sculptors. A central figure of the New British Sculpture Movement of the early 80$, Deacon went on to represent Britain in the Biennale of Paris in 1985, won the Turner Prize in ‘87 and was awarded a CBE in ‘99. His work is housed in many international museums and his public sculptures are permanently sited in locations around the globe.

In his first solo show in Scotland since 1984, the

UW84DC: work in progress by Richard Deacon

‘I still use wood but it gets more complex and more ambitious,’ says Deacon. ‘l’d never have thought of filling a whole room with a sculpture back in the 805 but this is quite different to anything I’ve ever done before. Most of the time I’ve tried to make things that you are aware of as sculpture, as objects that you are separate from, but in this case, I’ve tried to make something that overwhelms and surrounds you.’

Deacon describes himself as a ‘fabricator rather than a constructor’. When he makes his sculptural works he doesn’t carve or model but builds, using elements of engineering to form his precisely-made structures. UW840C emerged from a series of parts, rather like a Meccano kit. Taking inspiration from a variety of sources, the form and title of his new piece is a metaphor for the sea.

‘I take inspiration from all sort of things,’ he says. ‘It can be sensations, found objects, things I’ve seen or slogans but I also work in relationship to particular ideas and, in this case, this sea metaphor. It’s both applicable to the


centrepiece of the exhibition occupying the DCA’s large gallery is UW840C which, when read, quickly translates as ‘you wait for the sea’. Gallery-goers will be able to walk in-between the sculpture as well as view the pieces separately. Employing wood as a medium has been a constant in Deacon’s career, but his new installation piece

is like nothing he’s created before.



Various venues, Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Michele Lazenby’s work in the Eye Pavilion

It is now widely accepted that art in hospitals makes a difference. But we're not talking murals here. FuSion is a unique art project set up in 1999 by Kirsty Lorenz of Artlink. and currently taking place in hospitals throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians. From collaborations and commissions between artists and patients and staff

and departments. FuSion enc0urages artists to develop new work and explore new ways of working.

The eight artists selected for the Fusion Commissions are perhaps

faced with the toughest challenge. Co-

ordinated by Stephen Hurrel. each artist is required to spend a period of research within their deSignated department. engaging with staff and patients to produce a piece of work. Their ability to communicate effectively is crucial: so too is a sensitive approach.

'There are different skills required to carry out this protect] says Hurrel. 'You need to have that extra interest in people and processes. It can be quite overpowering in a sense because you're going into this climate where everyone has a speCific and important role. as they are dealing with life and death situations.‘

Taking up the challenge at Edinburgh's Royal Infirmary are Dundee duo Dalziel + Scullion (Chaplaincy and Sanctuary). Catriona Grant (Sleep Laboratory). Michele

way the parts bend and sweep and the feeling that I wanted the work to have.’

Along with UW840C, Deacon will be showing a bright red ceramic sculpture, a series of photographs and a recent sound piece. So shoes off, roll your trousers up and take a paddle in Deacon’s oceanic invention. (Helen Monaghan)

Lazenby (Eye PaVilion). Rachel Mimiec (Cardio-Vascular Department). Anne Morrison (Liver Transplant/ Haematology Department) and Janie Nicoll (Neo-Natal Unit) while Stephen Skrynka is based in the Urology Department at the Western General and Zoe Walker is at the Plastic Surgery Department at St John's in Howden.

After completing their initial research. ideas are beginning to take shape and Hurrel agrees that the artists are undergoing a range of emotions. From feeling privileged. inadequate or humble. they are outsiders looking in on an extraOrdinary environment from a creative perspective. Their desire to create something really worthwhile for the individual departments is testament to their shared admiration of what most of us take for granted. (Helen Monaghan)

I The Fusion Commissions will be completed in August. An exhibition at Edinburgh '3 Fruitmarket Gallery IS planned for February 2002 along with an accompanying publication.

News from the world of art

DUFF HOUSE’ AND Macdu‘f Arts Cei‘t'e are seekng a". .l". :2: to take up a. four lllt‘illil‘ fellowsn p at the House The .ii'i‘. of the i‘t>|lt‘\.'.:;hi;: lg. to proxitlt‘: a professional JIIISI the chance to develop ideas in a new t‘llU'tllllllUHI and it; designed to proxith a concentrated periotl oi atttnih or research The two main themes are ‘ttontoinpoian art ano heritage and 'art in the rural ieinote context' Applicants; should apph in Writing. stating how they would respond to the themes (lll(l Outlining the” reasons; for applying to Claudia [intake Duff Home. Banff. A845) 38X. Enclose a CV. up to six Iiisinin slides or Video plus two catalogues frorn prewous exhibitions. Deadline for applications is f riday :1 May.

i ,Mi”

.I..'5‘i5*,. .51.} f " iii-Ml, 2a.; / :1 i A, 2' i‘ ll

Beck’s Futures 2 winner: Cabaret by Tim Stoner

TIM STONER HAS won the Beck’s Futures 2 award, picking up a cheque for £24,000. Beating off competition from fellow shortlisted artists, the winning paintings evoke images of happiness which reveal a dark underlying theme. The 30-year-old artist studied at the prestigious Rijksakademie in Amsterdam and is currently studying at the British School in Rome. Beck’s Futures 2 is currently on show at the ICA in London and will then tour to the Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh (2 Jun-2 Jul), followed by New York and Newcastle.

AN INTERACTIVE CD—ROM entitled ‘A Young Women's A—Z Guide To Life' was launched last week at the Stills Gallehy. Edinburgh. The CD-Rom IS the reSUlt of a series of workshops where eight yOung women w0rked With artists Lindsay Perth and Sophie Scott. The project. inspired by Alan Currall‘s Encyclopaedia. offered participants the chance to put aCross their own Views as yOung women IlVlng in Edinburgh. The CD—Rom is available from Stills. For more information call 0131 622 6200.

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