Art listings


I3 Randolph ('rescent. 225 5366.

Mon l’ri 9.30am 6.30pm; Sat

9.30am A I .30pm.

Kosovo Refugee Crisis: A Photographic Essay Thu 26

Apr Tue l2 Jun. Medicins Du Monde present an exhibition of photographs poi'lt‘ay ing life in the refugee camps of Albania. Macedonia and Montenegro by well-known photographers.


66 (‘umberland Street. 558 9872.

Mon Fri l0ain- 6pm; Sat l0ani 4pm. Eduardo Paolozzi: Calcium Light Night and Other Works l'ntil Wed 30 May. Prints of Paolo/zi‘s ('ult't'um fig/ll Night attd other works. LEITH GALLERY

65 The Shore. 553 5255. Tue—Fri

I Iain—5pm: Sat I lain 4pm.

Alastair Fiddes Watt and James Watt l'ntil Sat 28 Apr. .‘s’ew- paintings by two of Scotland's renowned artists. Alastair l'iddes Watt captures the changing effects of light and colour in his land and seascapes of the North West of Scotland. James Watt's paintings are inspired by a Iifetitne of liying near the riyer (‘Iyde as he paints yessels aitd small fishing boats.

Katherine Campbell Legg t'ntil Sat 28 Apr. Jewellery.

Michael McManus l'ntil Sat 28 Apr. Sculpture.

Contrasts Sat 5 Sat 19 May. New paintings by Nicola I)a\'ies. Deborah Phillips and Jenny Martin. l)a\'ies captures the diversity and beauty of the Scottish Highlands: Phillips paints the Scottish countryside and Martin captures the display cabinets and treasures found in the Royal Museum and the British Museum in London.

Michael Ross Sat 5 Sat I9 May. A small exhibition of paintings.


Belford Road. 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon» Sat

l0am 75pm; Stilt noon 5pm. (‘afe. Circle Of Friends: Leslie And Sadie Martin And British Modernism From The 1930s l'ntil Sttn 28 ()ct. Architect Sir Leslie Martin ( I908 2000) along with Ben Nicholson and Naum (iabo co-edited the seminal publication ('t'rt‘lt': Ittlt'ntutitmu/ Surrey (2H‘tmslrm'lti‘t' Art. while his wife and artist Barbara Ilepworth were responsible for the magazine‘s layout. While working on the publication. the Martins becatne lifelong friends with leading artists and architects. This exhibition features works by (iabo. Ilepw'orlh and Wallis. drawn from their collection together with works from the (iallery's own collection.

Can You Judge A Book By Its Cover? Sat 28 Apr Sat 9 Jun. Six of Scotland's leading artists have been commissioned to produce a cover image for one of (‘anongate Books‘ new Pocket (‘Iassic series of Scottish writing. Alison Watt has painted an image of blank paper to illustrate Muriel Spark's selected stories; John Byrne has created an ‘impish Vision of James Kelman; Calum (‘oly'in has reconstructed Robert Burns' head and will be seen in its original fortn as a corner installation along with the final photography: John Bellany has created a portrait of Sir Walter Scott: Douglas (iordon has illustrated stories and poetry by James Ilogg and Dayid Mach has created two tnatchstick heads to illustrate R.l.. Steyenson's Strange ('ust' ()fl)r .lt'kyl/ And Mr Hyde. NEW SHOW. '

Apollo by Max Beckmann Mon 30 Apr. 12.45pm. Mayen Beckmann. the artist‘s granddaughter discusses his work.

96 THE LIST 26 Apr—IO May 2001

Alasdair Gray Sat 5 May. I2.45pm. The author is in conyersation with BB(' Radio Scotland's Brian Morton.

Built Painting: Mondrian & Nicholson Mon 7 May. l2.45pm. Atnerican art historian lilectra Mcls'innon giy es a talk on these two artists.


The Mound. 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon Sat

I0am 5pm1Sun noon 5pm.

Andrew Geddes (1783-1844) Painter And Printmaker l'ntil Sun 29 Apr. A major exhibition on loan deyotcd to the work of painter. dealer and collector. Andrew (ieddes. bringing together 40 of his finest works as a portraitist and landscape painter. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

The Piazza San Marco by Canaletto Fri 27 Apr. l2.45pm. Patricia Allerston from the l'niyersity of Iidinburgh giyes a talk on (‘analetto's work.

The Trinity Altarpiece Fri 4 May. l2.45pnt. Writer. critic and art historian Bill Ilare discusses Hugo y'all del‘ (ioes' painting.

NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 624 6200 (recorded inforltialion 332 2266). Mon Sat

10am 5pm; Sttn noon 5pm. (‘afe. I‘ree. Josef Breitenbach l'ntil Sun 3 Jttn. The first British showing of rarely seen portraits by (ierman-American photographer Josef Breitenlxtch

( I896 I984 I. As a regular contributor in the l'nited States to maga/ines 'l't'mt'. I'tH'IlUIt’ and Harper's Humor. these rare photographs produced before Ieaying Iiurope in I94I haye remained hidden until his death and include images of famous artists and writers who sat for him in the I930s.

Thomas Carlyle: A Hero Of His Time l'ntil Sttn 3 Jun. An exhibition dedicated to the Scottish historian. social commentator attd essayist. Thomas (‘arlyle ( l795~- l 88I ) whose theories about the public‘s need for heroes inspired the establishment of the National Portrait Galleries in London and Iidinburgh.

Portrait Miniatures From The Clarke Collection l'ntil Sun I7 Jttn. Over 70 portraits from this outstanding collection of Iiuropean miniatures dating frotn I580 to I820. go on display. Highlights include Nicholas IIilliard's copy of llolbein‘s portrait of Henry VIII and John Iloskins' late miniature of(ieneral (ieorge Mottck. lst Duke of Albermarle.

An Introduction To The Clarke Collection Wed 9 May. l2.45pm. Stephen Lloyd gives an introduction the (‘Iarke (‘ollection of Portrait Miniatures currently on show in the gallery.

King Over The Water Fri 27 Apr-Sun 30 Sep. £3 (£2). An exhibition charting the life of Prince James Francis Iidward Stewart ( I688 I 766), known to history as the Old Pretender. Included in the display are rarely-seen icons of the Jacobite cause. a life-size reconstruction of (‘anoy'a's magnificent tomb to the exiled Stewarts and an important new acquisition which will be unyeiled when the exhibition opens. NEW SHOW. Painted Ladies: The Portrait Miniature At The Restoration Court Wed 2 May. 12.45pm. (‘atherine Macl.eod frotn the National Portrait Gallery in London give a talk.


()n-line gallery.'-

Miniatures One The opening exhibition for this new on-line gallery which showcases the work of up-and- coming artists from Glasgow and Edinburgh with all works available to buy.


I4 New Street. 558 7604. Mon Sat

I Iain 6.30pm. l'ntil late on Bongo (‘Iub nights.

Jan Nimmo Thu 26 Apr Tue 8 .May. Woodcuts by (iIasgow -based artist Jan Nimmo whose work centres on the political struggle in South and (‘entral America. Black Tide Thu H) .May Tue 5 Jun. Artesian Maga/ine organise an exhibition of ‘outsider art' (art produced outside the established art scene by the unlutoredl by local and international artists. I’ttrl u/klrie (irtts Festival 2()()/.


55. 6I & 75 Bread Street. 477 4524.

Mon Sat 10am 6pm.

Earth Odyssey 2001 Exhibition Sat 5-7Sat I9 May (Gallery I. 6I Bread Streeti. An exhibition of paintings and sculpture by oyer 30 yisiotiary artists. l’ttri u/Arte (irtts l“t’.\1ll'(l/ 200].

Ragged Sun l'ntil Sun 20 May ((iallery 2. 55 Bread Street I. An installation of music and paintings by Matilda Brown and ('olin son.


2l St Leonard's Lane. 662 I6l2. Mon Sat l0atn-5pm; Sun noon 4pm.

The Rug Odyssey t'ntil Sun l3 May. Rttgs. kilims. artefacts and photographs collected front the nomadic and tribal people of Iran.


75-79 ('umberland Street. 557 I020. Mon--~l-‘ri 10am 6pm; Sat 10am 4pm. Whyn Lewis l'ntil Thu It) May. New paintings.

Charles MacOueen l'ntil Thu It) May. Recent paintings.

Anna and Sarah Noel l'ntil Thu It) May. Ceramics.

Gail Klevan I'ntiI Thu I0 .May. Jewellery.


l7A-l9 Barclay Place. 477 2933. Tue Sat l0.30atn-6.30pm. l'ntil Sat 28 Apr. Internet gallery w w w.chameleon- a website for Edinburgh-based artists. go liye with an exhibition of mixed media works including graphic design. painting. sculpture. ceramics.

"3" ~ ,r_ Woman Fighter by Alberto Diaz ‘Korda’ part of Cuba Si! at The Dick Institute, Kilmarnock

textiles. furniture design and silk paintntg. Mixed Exhibition A changing selection of paintings including reproduction art Van (iogh. Dali. Monet. Kandinsky. Miro originals and work by tip-and-coming local artists.

PATRIOTHALL GALLERY (WASPSI Patriothall Studios. oil 48 Hamilton Place. 225 I289. Daily

noon 5.30pm or by appointment. Sharon Ouigley and Susan Woods l'ntil Sttn 29 Apr. Recent paintings by two lidinburgh-based painters. Sharon ()uigley attd Susan \Voods. Quigley lakes inspiration Iron) cellular structures. patterns aitd forms while Woods' paintings allude to cinematic screens of colour. Cityscape: Innovative Work By Ciao Architecture & City Design Cooperative Sat 5 Tue l5 May (I‘ronl (iallery Tue I-‘ri noon 6pm; Sat tk Stilt noon 4pm). .-\rchitecture plans. models and photographs detailing recent projects by (‘iao.

The Space Between Words Sat

5 Fri ll May (Back (ialIery daily

noon 3pm I. Working in a yariety of media. artists Kirsty ()‘( ‘onnor and (iraeme ('raig-Smith explore know it \erbal cotnmunicatitin in this work-in- progress project. I-‘or further information call 07967 443 l 53.


('Ierk Street. ()67 7776. Mon Sat

Illam 5.30pm.

Etta Shade - A Closer Look At Edinburgh l'nliI Mon 30 Apr. Watercolours by Iitta Shade inspired by the historical closes of lidinburgh's Iliin Street.

Michael Kinane: New Horizons l'ntil Mon 30 Apr. Watercolour paintings of lidinburgh.

Allison Young Mon in Apr Sun 3 Jttn. Paintings and photography by Allison Young inspired by walking trips across Scotland.


6.3 Dublin Street. 557 0480. Tue Sat

| lam 75pm.

Spring Exhibition l'ntil Sat 28 Apr. New paintings by Angela Martin. Alison Williams. Natalie Kudriew ski and Donald Proyan le1s a selection of ceramics.