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Idlnburgh galleries continued DUNDEE CONTEMPORARY ARTS

152 Nethergate. 01382 606220. Tue 6.; Wed. Sat & Sun 10.30am—5.30pm; Thu 6; Fri 10.30am—8 tn. Free.

Ofllchsrd eacon: Sculpture L'ntil Sun 24 Jun (Galleries 1 6.; 21. In his tirst show in Scotland since 1984. one of the L'K's most renowned sculptors and former Turner Prize winner. Richard Deacon. transforms the gallery space with a sculp- tural work created from bent wood. Also in the show is a ceramic sculpture 'limmrmw and 'Iimim'mw um/ 'Iimrurmvt; the Iirst L'K showing of photographic work and a recent sound piece created in collaboration with .Martin Kreysigg. See I-Iitlist.

Informal Gallery Discussion Sat l9 May. 2pm. David Hopkins, author of the recently published. After .Wm/em Ar! /945—2()()(). gives an informal talk on the work of Richard Deacon.

Extra Sensory L'ntil Sun 17 Jttn l()ne Five Tvvol. An exhibition of applied arts to complement the Coming To Our Senses exhibition at McManus Galleries. Featured artists include basketrnaker Lizzie Farey: ceramicist Kate Schuricht; hand-hooked bags and tea cosies by iiyv Saunders and 'ewellery by Lin-kim Yip. lNendy-Sarah Pacey L'ntil Sun 17 Jun (One liive Twol. Jewellery by Wendy-Sarah Pacey who combines clear and opaque Pers ex with metal l‘oils.

Chi dren 1st Charity Art Auction Tue 15 May. 8pm. An auction of small artworks in aid of Children 1st. GENERATOR PROJECTS

25-26 Mid Wynd Industrial Estate. 01382 225982. Thu—Sun l—6pm.

The Republic Of Leather t'ntil Sun 27 May. Artists Alex Pollard. Augusta Wilson and Andrew Kerr will produce new work which will evolve throughout the installation and exhibition period.

MCMANUS GALLERIES Albert Square. 01382 432084. Mon-Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 12.30—4pm; Thu 10am—7pm. Coming To Our Senses L'ntil Sun 17 Jttn. The only Scottish showing of this national crafts-based touring exhibition. New works include magnetic gloves. a wall mounted piece tnade from leather which explores sound through vibration. neon sound sculptures and emotional light fittings that respond to you.

Outside The Cities

East Kilbride

EAST KILBRIDE ARTS CENTRE ()ld Coach Road. 01355 261000. Mon—Sat 9am—9pm; Sun noon—9pm. Prints L'ntil Fri 18 May. Lenny Laing explores various techniques and potentials for linocut printmaking using themes such as classical literature. aboriginal art and ancient history.

East Lothtan


Stenton. 01368 850256. Daily noon—5pm lclosed Thu).

Nael Hanna L'ntit Wed 30 May. New paintings inspired the changing land and seascape ot' the Scottish coastline. Maggie Vance L'ntit Wed 30 May. New paintings by Maggie Vance inspired by a recent trip to Florida.



35 The Stirling Arcade. (11786 479361. Tue—Sat l lam—4.30pm.

Department Sat 19 May—Sat 30 Jun. New work by emerging contemporary artists and musicians from London and the South-East of England featuring Semonara Chowdhury. Dan Holdsworth. Isan and Carl Harris. Olivia Plender and Sick Happy Idle.

Celebration Thu IO—Sat 12 May.

1 1am—5pm. An exhibition of expressive arts made up of work by children from local schools.

es Tl-ll LIST 10—24 May 200:


Touring, check listings

When Mary Shelley penned Frankenstein in 1818, it was unlikely to have been created with a ten-year-old audience in mind. Nonetheless, it is this dark tale of love, rejection and revenge which has been chosen by Catherine Wheels Theatre Company for their latest production.

The story has been adapted by acclaimed Scottish playwright Tom McGrath, faithfully reworking the original novel to suit a younger audience. Catherine Wheels’ Artistic Director Gill Robertson is confident that their choice of production will not be too terrifying for its target audience: ‘We just liked the story and really felt for the monster. 1 think the dark elements of it are ones which kids love. I mean everyone loves to be scared and we’ve got that element in the production.’

The creative team were keen to keep the character of the monster as close to the original as possible, casting former Boilerhouse actor Lee Hart in the role. The monster’s

superhuman powers will be reinforced by a set based around a massive climbing frame with harnesses, allowing a highly energetic and physical


As with past Catherine Wheels productions, the show will tour around the country, stopping off for a couple of dates at the Children‘s International Theatre Festival, but the company is looking forward to further afield performances. They have been invited to perform Martha on Broadway in October of this year and Robertson is naturally excited: ‘It’s fantastic; it’s great that children’s work can happen over here and be of a quality where it can be picked up and be put on Broadway. 1 think it’s great for Scottish theatre and obviously it will be a ball.‘ And if their high calibre work continues, it should only be a matter of time before Frankenstein

follows suit. (Maureen Ellis)

We welcome submissions for this section, but cannot guarantee inclusion. Please send details to our offices at least ten days before publication. Kids listings compiled by Maureen Ellis.

Activities And Fun

Saturday Kids Club lit 1 l .v Sat 12 May. 11am& 2pm. £3 (£2). The .-\rches. 253 Argy 1e Street. 0901 022 0300. .‘\\L‘L‘\ 3—6. Theatre-rites aim to make bedtime fun and rcawakcn imaginations in their ‘Sleep Tight' production. Watch as strange tigures emerge from the darkness and pillows are turned inside otrt to reveal a variety of surprises.

Children’s Workshop Sat I: May. 10am—noon ck 1* 3pm. I-tee. IJttrrcII Collection. 2(1601’o11okshavv s Road. 28" 2550. (‘harlie Ilackett leads this workshop for children aged over 8. Places limited. so arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Giant Sculptors Sat 12 May ck Sat 19 .May. 1.30~2.15pm rages 4 "i ty 2.30—3.30pm rages 8-121. £25 lot” live weeks. The Lighthouse. 11 Mitchell Lane. 334 2000. Advance booking required. Take a class in line art and design and begin work on a masterpiece at these art classes.

May Magic At Mugdock Sun l3 May. 1—4pm. £1.50. Mugdock ('ottntry Park. Craigallian Road. Milngav ie. 95o 6100. RSI’B host a day ot‘ activ ities for young explorers including games. ct‘alts. and a wild mystery trail.

Giant Productions’ Dilly Dali Sun 13 May tk Still 20 May. 2 2.45pm.

3 3,-1.5pui t\ l -1¢15pttt.£25lorsi\ vveeks. \rt (ialleiy t\ Mitseum. lselvttigrove. .\l_‘.‘_\ 1c Street. 334 2111111. .\ges 2 b.1'.\p1ot'etatry tales using storytelling. music aitd movement 111 111L'\e \ istlal all classes.

Art And Sculpture Sat 1‘).\1ay. 10am noon t\' 1 3pm. £12lot lotii vveeks.11ttntertati \rt (iallety. l‘mvet‘stty i)l(l1.1\f_'l)\\.t\.:1l11111k'.lk1\11k"k'l. {2‘1 5131. \gcs S 12 \Iould yottt ideas titto a unique sculpture at this course led by 'I'adhg \Icls'endry

Saturday Kids Club Sat 19 May. 11am Iptn rages 3 (i1t\ 2 -1pm Iagcs

" 1 1 t. £5. '1'1ie.\rthes. 2.5i.\rgy1e Street. (19111 H22llillll.11ut1dmg Katherine 11atmiett's cati design their ovv ll I~s11111\ to take home arid vveat w 1111 pride. \Veat' old clothes as it‘s likely to get \cty messy at this Impact .-\l‘Is workshop.

Children’s Workshop Sal It) May.

1 3pm. 1'rec Ituriell ('o11ecttoti. 211011 I’ollokshavvs Road. 2b" 2550.1'ist11a 11ev 111 leads this workshop tot children aged over S I’Iaces Iittttted. so arrive early to avoid disappttiutmeut.

Teddies In The Park Sat 19 .May.

1 4pm.Stoue1avv Woods. oll Stonelavv Road. Burnside. 64“ 246“. ('elebrate the llllltli anniversary ol the Bluebell \Voods \\IllI;tt1.t_\011.111111} tun including a circus workshop. bouncy castle. lace— painttug and dancing displays.

Spread Your Wings Sat 19M.ty. 1.30 35‘11‘111.(‘tookston('astle.'1o11cross Park. 2541‘ \\e11shot Road. "63 1863. 11av e a go at making and tlytng yottr ow n kite vv ith the (‘ountty side Rangers.


Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade tl’tit Sat 12 May. 1pm; The Prince Of Egypt tt' i Sat 19 May. 1pm. £2 25 itamtly ticket £91. (ilasgovs 1t1m Theatre. 12 Rose Street. 332 8128. See 1'11111 1ude\,

Thrill Ride «1' t daily 3pm \\ 5 im tnot tho :4 May i. Mysteries of gypt it t llitl Sun. lprn. 2pm. 4pm tnot Thu 24 May t. and double-teatures 'I‘hu Sat. 6pm tv 8.30pm; Sttri. 6pm. £5 t£3.501; double teature tickets £9 t£b.51)l. IMAX Ilieatte.(i1asgovv Science (cutie. 50 l’a. ttic Quay. 420 5111)”


Punch 8. Judy with Jim Cuthbert’s Magic Show Sat l2 May. 2pm. £4 t£3t. Scottiin Mask ck 1’uppet '1 heatte kt‘llllc‘. S 10 Balcarres \H'llttt'. ls'elv tridale. 339 61S5. 1'radittona1 tatntly laughs guaranteed with Mary Reid's puppets per‘torming the seaside tavourite bet'otc Jim (‘uthbet‘t demonstrates his itiagtcal v tllamy.

Can’t You Sleep Little Bear? and Three Wishes Sat 19 May. 2pm. £4 t£3 i. Scottish Mask tk I’uppet 'I‘hcatrc (cutie. .S 111 Ilalcarres Avenue. 1se1\tnda1c. 33‘) 01S5. 1’ttv1;t\l)tll‘1)cts present a double bill ot stories. The first tells the tale ot a bear who is alt‘aid ol the dark and the second is based on a ttiischievous green man.


Now And Then: Artworks With Young People t’ntil Sat 12 May. Street 1.evc1.261\'mg Street. 552 2151.1’hoto- based artworks made iti collaboration with children arid young people from over twenty schools in (ilatsgovv.


Activities And Fun

Quickies For Kids Royal Musettm ()1 Scotland. 2 ('harnbers Street. 247 4219. 1"ree entry to museum for visitors aged 18 and under. 'Icn-minute talks for children held ev cry Saturday at 2.15pm and every Sttnday at 3.15pm. Learn more about the ‘I’ython' on Sat 12 May. arid ‘I‘airy I‘ales I'rom Japan' on Stilt 13 May. \"euture into the vvol'ldo1'I'.1cphitttts'on Sat 19 May and then journey inside the ‘.Iung1e Iiook‘ on Sun 20 May.

Tour De Force t’ntil Wed 30 May. 1-‘ree. 1)ynamic liarth. IIolyrood Road. 4‘3 2070. :\n exhibition from (ilasgow Science (‘entre teaturing simulated tornadoes. sound stretchers and bttbble vva11s.

Rhythm 8- Rhyme In t I May are lit 18 May. 2.30 3.30pm. £1. Southsidc ('ommunity (‘entre. ()1d('hurch. Nicolson Street. 07951 409 449. Ages 3 arid under. Musical workshops for babies. toddlers arid their carers giving children the opportunity to participate in dance. drama and musical activities. liach session is different and ranges from world music. classical. percussion. Scots song arid much tnore.

May Fun Days Sat 12 Sun 13 May. 10am 5pm. £4.50 l£3.25l. The Tall Ship .’\t (ilasgow Harbour. 10(1Stobcross Road. 339 0631. I‘amily fun and games leaturing a bouncy castle. model ship competition. sea shanties and jet bike rides on Sun 13 May.

Toddler Morning Mon 14 May & Mon 21 May. Ilatii. Iiree. Borders Books. [hit 26. Fort Kinnaird Retail Park. 65" 4041. Toddler and family session with storytelling. colouring-in and chatting.

Animals From Other Countries 1th 15 May. 10 11.30am.1’ree.(‘ityArt ('entre. 2 Market Street. 529 3993. Ages under 5. learn more about exotic creatures with the hpr of Sandra Marvvick. Textile Printing On A Multi- Cultural Theme Sat 19 May.

10am noon 6.; l—3pm. Iiree. City Art ('cntrc. 2 Market Street. 529 3993. Ages over 6. Jacqui I’estell leads this family workshop.