WORKSHOP ANNE BOGART The Hub, Edinburgh, Sat 19 May.

Ask an actor about the use of a director, and you’re likely to get an answer incorporating forms of mutilation unseen in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Sir Ralph Richardson once put directors in their place when he said, ‘My idea of a director is a chap who puts me in the middle of a stage and shines a bright light on


In a sense, this reaction is understandable. The concept of the director as the primary creative force in the presentation of a piece of screen or stage art is relatively new. In the nineteenth century, if a piece of theatre had a director at all, their role was one not unlike a stage manager, making sure everything went all right on the night, but inputting little to the creative process, which was more often than not overseen by

the lead actor.

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Oulded Walk Around Newhaven

But as the last century were on, the creative role of the director became increasingly significant, until the concept of the auteur director, promoted in the film industry in the post-war period, became familiar to theatregoers. Whereas the towering figures of the latter nineteenth century were Beerbohm-Tree, Irving, and

Bernhardt, these days we’ll talk about Lepage, Brook or

Boal as the people to watch.

A rising biggie of the modern theatre is Anne Bogart. The US director who brought last year’s War Of The Worlds to Festival stages will be discussing the art of directing. She claims that there are six points which directors need to know to be successful. She’s quite cagey about what exactly they are, but any aspiring directors could no doubt pick up some gems from her

conversations on the matter. (Steve Cramer)

l‘l'cc. \Vcckly titii/ night vs ith hccr anti pri/cs up for grabs.

Village Nevvhaven Heritage Museum.

Newhaven Harbour. 551 4165. 2pm &

3 m. Free. See Sat 12.

he Adam Pottery Charity Event The Adam Pottery. 76 Henderson Roxy. 55" 3978. 2—5 m. iintry by donation. Sec Sat 12. Pop Cu 2 Night The Hayntarkct Bar. ll West Maitland Street. 228 2537. 8pm.

9.303m—9pm; Sun 9.30am—7pm. £6.30 for a one how SeSSIOn (under 188 £4.20). Europe's longest artifiCial ski slope is the perfect place to learn or hone ski-ing and snowboarding skills. Museum Of Edinburgh

142 Canongate. 529 4143. Mon-Sat 10am-5pm. Free. Packed with historic artefacts. this restored 16th century manSion tells the may of Edinburgh's past and its people and nooses important collections of Edinburgh silver and glass. Scottish pottery

Monday 1 4


Rising Tide Tour

Quaker Meeting liousc. 7' Victoria ‘l‘crt‘acc. 225 4S25. 7 9pm. l-i‘cc.

.\ public meeting on climate change

and shop signs. :. .. _.. v. _. ... Museum Of Scotland E. 2": ;:.i~~' it. a - '- - Chambers SHOOT. . -1' an. -,-.~: : .t 1 :- 11219. Moo—Sat

lOEitw‘—5t\vi‘; St.” «A:

i'iCOi"—I)L2'i2i “tit? Ca't “Hi? “. l"t:t!

Devoted St)'(3‘y tx> ‘."-. Newhaven Heritage

lltl\lL'ti by a group of activists

\v ho are touring the country to inspire debate and local action on the subject.


Christian Aid 2001 St Andrevv ’s and St (icorge's Church. 13(icorgc Street. 225 38-17. 1l1.30am330pm. Free. See Sat 12.

2"!“ 7in~ Fr; '."tl"-Ii..' '.y r‘ the .t>:._.o 9‘ tot: <:-‘.§.. the \.\J(i \l(, 51 \/ »e

c" 0"(1 ‘ron‘ (1"(,.i"11 7‘0 £1000. Royal Observatory Visitor Centre

:5 .t: is at: in. .t,t;:€ 8"VU.

","—Sgt’. ‘.i.:"‘»—:’.t;"‘: Sc." refit £33.54 £2.53: Scotch Whisky """ ~~ °::rst:-’. 5‘8 T" s Heritage Centre

it." v‘er/i' n ryr‘ tug;

"é‘;£1.t’:"S. "':;"‘ ates:

Ocean Drive. Leitn. 555 5566. Mon—Fri 9.30am—4pm; Sat 8. Sun 9.30am—430pm. £7.75 $375—$595; fart‘iiy ticket £203. The former royal yacht has opened its doors to members of the public after a $2.5 miliiOn

354 Casttehill, Tne Royal M ‘e. 220 0441. Daily TCam—5pm £26.50

Edinburgh Life


Cubism National Gallery ofModern Art. Belford Road. 62-1 6200. 12.45pm. Free. Patrick Elliot discusses this artistic movement invented by Picasso and Braque in u hich objects are represented as an assemblage of geometrical forms.

Book events

Mary Contlnl Port Seton Library. South Seton Park. Port Seton. 01875

81 1701). 7.30pm. £1.50 (includes \vinei. Mary Contini demonstrates the recipes found in her nevv book [fury l’t'tm .Sii‘t't'rit' Plt’ tifbury Press L' 12.99).


Christian Aid 2001 St Andt‘evv 's and St George‘s Church. 13 George Street. 225 38-17. l0.30am~3.30ptn. Free. See Sat 12.


Carnival Olass: Prizes From American Fairgrounds Royal Museum. 2 Chambers Street. 2-17 4219. 1pm. Free. Rose \Vatban gives a talk.

Wednesday 1 6

Book events

Poetry Reading \Vriters' Museum. Lady Stair's House. Lady Stair's Close. 529-1901. 2~~3pm. i-‘ree. Contributors to lit/in/mre/i: .‘ill Intimate City present an informal reading of their work.


Christian Aid 2001 St Andre“ ‘s and St George's Church. 13 George Street. 225 38-17. l().30am—3.30pm. Free. See Sat 12.


Conservation In A World Heritage City Museum Of Edinburgh (formerly Huntly House). 1-12 Canongate. 529 41-13. 12.30pm. Free. Will Garret. group leader for Conservation and Design at City of Edinburgh Council gives a lunchtime lecture.

The Portrait Miniature In Elizabethan Court Culture National Portrait Gallery. 1 Queen Street. 62-1 6200. 12.45pm. Free. Freelance art historian Angela Cox gives a talk on the portrait miniature.

Six Things | Know For Certain About Directing For The Theatre The Hub. Castlehill. Royal Milo-173 2000. 7.30pm. £5113). Acclaimed American director Anne Bogart shares her experience of theatre direction. See preview.


Fantastic Plastics City Art Centre. 2 Market Street. 529 3993. 10am—3pm. £3. Adult workshop to learn more about fabric. thread and plastics.

The People’s Story Canongate Tolbooth, 163 Canongate. 529 4057. MOn—Sat thm-Spm. Free. Situated in the Canongate Tolbooth, the sights. SOunds and even smells of Edinburgh folk from the 18th century onwards are faithfully reproduced.

Writers’ Museum Lady Stair's HOuse. Lady Stair's Close. 529 4901. Mon-Sat 10am—5pm.

histon, anti *‘te'itagaa Museum

Scotland. the pt; :1 i3; ".z't ceittains 5:20 t"t?"‘.‘:’. 13a 27... arranged exn t): 0's lit».- Tut-w"

WOW‘g “0'72 l2't3""8°.12'1.. ’tf‘ i"‘ti'."...‘°.'7tl 8ft.”- through the i":i..stra :w- st. '. ~‘ .t.t.' Revoitition. to We li"‘.:t¥t."". 1:; ::.-_;.=.~.:.:'

t {it} ' if» i National War 1. c i k. -

Museum Of Scotland EdIOOtirgn Cast e. 22:5 7534. Daily 9.458m—5.33p"‘. ‘2

Royal Botanic Garden

Oy",°r‘ Dry. .".."..

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1A.“). L.- (1.

Royal Yacht Britannia

$325—$450); family ticket £14. Take a romp tnrOugt‘ tne traditions and piston; oi yer national OrinK at this fully ":eractrve attraction

0.24 May 2001 THE LIB? 103

Free. A treaSure-hOuse of items relating to three of Scotland's most famous writers: Robert Lows Stevenson, Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott.