THE HOLE TRUTH Re: Scottish Film Special (issue 412) In response to your recent article on :30 Scottish filmmakers to watch, there were some gaping holes in the line—up. Where is Dan/id MacKen/ie. who has directed more shorts than almost anyone on the list. has Just finished production on his first feature and is. I gather. preparing to go straight into his next one? Where is Faye Jackson who wrote and directed the feature Resurectrng Bill or Bernard Rudden who directed the feature Daybreak?

I myself wrote. produced and directed. Ties. the first independent Scottish feature film of the 90s.

add is Helensburgh-b0rn

writer director Ruth Barrie and her crew who recently finished shooting her ECA graduation film. Travelling Light.

Travelling Light WI“ be screened in June at the Filmhouse as part of ECA's degree show.

Dylan Matthew vra e-mai/


Re: Scottish Film Special

(issue 412)

My company, Genuine Games Ltd. IS shooting Highland Fling. a comedy feature. in Edinburgh. Glasgow and Glen Coe this June. Any coverage

your go-tee elsewhere. David Comrie vra e—marl


Re: Funny Ha Ha (issue 412)

Nice to know that one of The List's readers IS enthuSiastic enough abOth comedy to have seen every srngle comedian currently working in Scotland. What a shame she thinks ‘they’re shit'.

Maybe in future weeks we can look ton/yard to Karen Eliot's informed and erudite opinions on all Scottish bands. Scottish theatre. Scottish dance and every Scottish film. People like this

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your list. am halfway through production on the epic feature documentary A Thur trier-Being Nation. being shot in the US. wrote the adaptation of the best-seller The Guv'nor. due to start shooting later this year with Vinnie Jones starring and. in a few weeks. start shooting the action/thriller feature The Ticking Man. which I have written and am directing. Steven Lewis Simpson

vra e-mai/

(In our defence, the Scottish Film Special was designed to highlight some of those not established in the eyes of the general public which we defined as those filmmakers who have not yet had a feature film produced

you w0uld be the publication that discovers what is likely to become the next Restless Natives.

Gordon D. Ross


via e-mail

FLAME SPOTTER Re: issue 412 First of all a cover that reflects little of the wit. cultural diversity and creative edge inside. Pasting attractive women on the front is never going to make the publication stand out on the shelves. Also how refreshing to see that The List has finally discovered that some of their readers who go to the cinema. listen to music. visit galleries. buy

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Mouse On Mars, Glasgow School of Art, 27 April

This could have been an exceptional gig, had it not been rendered largely impenetrable by atrocious sound quality. For any band. a poorly adjusted sound system is a serious letdown. but for a band who utilise such intricate complexity as Mouse On Mars. it robs their music of its meaning.

Much of the band‘s carefully crafted sonic chaos was lost amid woolly. indistinct bass and a complete absence of clarity.

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and distributed in the UK - Ed) books. etc. also might be interested in Matthew Padden Mouse On Edinburgh Office a drink and a quality night out in one via e-mail , Mars Pippa Wright SOUND AND FURRY of Scotland's gay venues. The List's i marrzd by f'angm” ftm'ce . . . . _ r soun ane arm ()n Re. Scottish Film Specral gay section makes for a good read system New Projects Director

(issue 412)

Our film, Furry Story. has been developed for the BBC and is intended for national release. The animated film was produced using the SD technology used by Ridley Scott for the Oscar-winning digital effects for Gladiator.

Alex McSherry

Magic Stone Productions

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LET THERE BE LIGHT Re: Scottish Film Special

(issue 41)

One clutch of additions you should

and is an acknowledgement of its diverse readership. On a purely commercial level. it also makes the current gay-focused information publications look like the sad student rag mags that they are.

Look forward to the development of future issues. Angela Carolan via e-mail


Re: Glasgow skatewear (issue 412) Fuck off with your skatewear shopping articles . . . if you don't skate don‘t wear our clothes . . . go and scratch

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