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Daniel Clowes

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me Brian Michael Bendis (Image) .00.


arm: Kismet Denim

llzis doorstep of a graphic novel collects the ‘.'.rho|c- hard boiled ’lilllt' r,tor~,. originally ll.lI2!l‘3lltf(I ‘.'.a. back ‘.'.’."(rl‘r. of \IlllX /\la'neda. rriodern dal, bounty hunter. l-‘ieridrs has really got his gritt‘, realisri‘ (I()‘.'.’ll to a I. basing his characters appearance and dialogue on human 'iiodels. arid inixrrig his rioir rsh drawnig style .‘Jllll photocopied photographs of distinctive urban iconography, from <l'llll'.’ ()ll‘. streets to ’Iill’. dollar bills. Jinx Herself is based on a

Go'LoFISH Brian Michael Bendis (Image) 0.0.

If Jr/Ii. turns, lHt Lie? hold of {l copy of (It ,‘i‘i that's been out a ‘.‘.’llll() but ‘.'."iir:h first

introduces [Jaurd (‘iold

.rltr till fifty

a collection

‘.'./hr> figures I)l()'lllllirllll', lll \Jinx's story \Jurni iirig across a ten year time frame that straddles the exents portrayed in i/r/n, (Bolt l's story gives you the skinny on this lonesome grifter. And, boy, is his a .voeful tale of regret and l(?‘.’(:ll§](}. guilt and in ssed chances. But there's also a lot of humour and Illllllélllll‘. here. too. and you can see Bendis' distinctive visual style and shovr don't tell storytelling l(:(llllllfltl(: rle'~.'e|opirig. finally, filrn fans take note: [)axid Crorienberg. Julia Roberts and l'larve‘,’ Keitel model for Bendis' criminal creations. rMiles I‘ielderi




FUSED Audio it) mum O...

Aaahf Can't you just feel the sunshine spilling out of your speakers? This is the kind of light. frothy electro-pop that Sweden is so good at producing, and Fused have not let their country down. ‘Hey Girl and 'lwisted' are perfect slices of pure pop. while the more experimental tracks on the album. such as ‘Flashback' and "(error are ambient instrumentals. Pretty vocals. strings. keyboards. tinkly piano and funky beats combine to make an album that inspires you to ditch your Job. Jump in an open-top car. and head for the nearest beach. Roll on summer. . . (Kirsty Knaggs)


The Invisible Man (Matador) O...

Holed tip in the front room of his house in San Francrsco wrth nothing but his Apple Mac for company. Eitzel has built himself a truly great fourth solo album. Former frontrnan of the hugely underrated American MUSIC Club. he has spent nearly twenty years creating raw. COuntry-tinged rock and is in possession of a most s0ulful. rasping VOICC.

There's electronic elements here but they should not be overstated: this isn't the Pet Shop Boys. but ‘Anything' and the ethereal pulse of 'Christian Science Reading Room' illustrate a keen ear for funky drum breaks and lush atinospherics. ‘The Global Sweep Of Human History and Bitterness however. show that Eitzel is Still as skilled at those emotive. acoustic love songs as ever.

(Mark Robertsoni

.'\ F4 ‘vx ANI DIFRANCO Reckoning/Revelling

Re ‘A' ls O... Hilttll. ti" t'Ktt'“! t' ‘T f'W‘ .'.’ttlte lit‘t

Dii rancfi's w»-

acert‘ir RUCRLV‘W") HM!"

sees her srclr‘rattuw blisterir‘d guitar‘.'.wik .:.'.e:l.'\_i the bar ktlrnu'“! Tn:- srnoke tilled lit.'.' is: tiat is this (illli duff we alburi‘.

The t.‘.:> (ills are therrted '.'.!’.ll (line "no not guitw being the iart, it Is billed as. ltit a 7l\’\'t' upbeat late night iarr‘ wrth Prince esgue vocals and funk (4LT accorni>anrment. In true cornplerrw:ntan fashion. Reckonmg is an intense, yet lllt)l|()‘.‘." dinner part, friendly alternative. Lyrically. [)rl ranco has lost none of her ‘.'Ill'|()|l(2 bite but her usually prominent vocals fail to dominate these expansive arrangements. which may prove disappointing to her expectant fanbase. Ultiriiately though, this is a worthwhile and listenable addition to her catalogue.

(Emma Beebyl


ELBOW Asleep In The Back iV2l O...


If Elbow did indeed do/e through rr‘uch of their schooldays. it's no great loss -- because this five piece won't be needing day )obs anytirrze soon. Their debut is a contradictory piece of work. and all the better for it: bleak. rnournful. Jarring and driven by a pattered percussion that at times gives As/eep /.’l The Back the feel of a dance record. Lear: Singer Guy Carney setinds like a rr‘ournfal Peter Gabriel. bat his band never overdo the theatrics. Final track Scattered Black And Whites is a .‘Ionderful.

\ AK \1' { K ' _1' II‘: ‘V‘ 1"

Till: NECTARINE no.9

Received Transgressed And Transmitted (3(in: i':1

~‘xl l«IH'WL .0...


I’Ititlt lllltl I'm: Ina” -’. NM‘TJl‘lltr. ‘,r iu'll tint: .' iu'selt Illin'virig Hit it ftitu'w of |lll|"l7." possrzilities, .'..'!i"v' rock's rich titties", is torn to shreds. tl‘un (tat together again tl‘, its three guitar fr ;ntline. MIT], in a di‘ferent order 8') there". rirettl, prett, avant mt, nap on 'Susari Identifier] (lll’l )unkyard tribal ’)ll ‘Pong I at ‘.‘.'lll|f'

'1 id' soundtrack; an upside down western. lhe squatters dub of “Pocket Hadrodrops' and knockabout idiot dances of 'lSicr recall exerything frorn Yankee Doodle marching songs to ia// thugs .‘xaiiirig alter ()[HIIH‘ den redemption. And yet. arna/rngly. it's the Nectarines most complete. work yet. 1 yrically. it"; a scatological modern art cookbook of throuvazvay profundity and found- slang nonsense that nevertheless wears its heart on its snotty sleeve. And .vhen was the last time /ou heard I: pop song rhyme 'Joseph Beuys' 'J/ith 'Rolls Royce'." Look no further. Ceriiiis.

lNeil Cooperr

ll fr Ilt'



HOG MOLLY Kung-Fu Cocktail Grip (Koo! Arron Recerfim 0..

This album frorr ’17/rif, grunge rocker Tad [Joyle (of, errn... TAD lane. and his new ozrfr‘rt )irst screar'ns ‘METAL'. /\.'l’l it sounds iust like he looks big. heary. pissed off and sweaty. None of th nu metal nonsense either. this is old school hear; rrietal. Think