CI 2 FINAL RESISTANCE (Sony) £29.99 «o

You'd think those dumb aliens WOLild have learned by now. Every time they come to Earth looking to kick ass there is some lone fighter more than capable of sending them packing. And so it is With C 72. Promoted as a mixture of Meta/ Gear Solid and Syphon Fi/ter it rarely meets the heights set by either of those games. Sure it looks great with weird enVironments and weirder bad-guys littering the screen. but there is neither the heart- thumping sneakery of MGIS nor the Wildly unrealistic gun totting of SF. In fact the game never completely drags yOu into the world. which is a shame as much of C 72 is cleverly constructed and features some genumely impressive touches. Let's hope rampaging extra- terrestrials don't learn the folly of attacking Earth just yet. That w0uld ruin the chances of a C 72 2 and the promise of a cracking new series in gaming.

PS2 MOTO GP (Sony) £39.99 000

Moto GP is a fine example of what is right

C12 Final Resistance

and what is wrong about the PS2. On the face of it. this is a fine motorcycle racer with loads of options. upgrades and tracks to tear up. The graphics are. initially. smart and realistic. effectively pOrtraying the speed and danger of two- wheeled raCing. Controls are Simple and progreSSion is fast. But play it for a while and little things begin to niggle. ColliSion detection is ropy With a light brushing of riders knees bringing disaster while a barrier can be hit at over 100mph and it helpfully bounces you back onto the track. Player cornering seems to work differently from computer- controlled bikes and on the straight yOu burn everyone else on the circuit. Fine to look at but technically shaky. Moto GP is flawed but ultimately fun. Much like the console it runs on.


JAGGED ALLIANCE 2 (JoWood) £29.99 .0.

Having won the Turn- Based Strategy Game Of The Year in 1999 (yes. they have a Turn-Based Strategy Game Of The Yearl. it is no surprise that

Jagger: Ail r‘ce spawned a sequel. it is also unswprising to find that little has changed in the last two years. The gameplay in JA2 is \irtually identical to the original. with mercenaries hired. dumped into a Banana Republic and used to bring an end to Civil War square by square. Graphically little has improved and it would be easy to confuse titles one and two if iudged on visuals alone. There are. however. some changestothe background structure. money management is simplified for example. allowmg the combat aspects of the game to monopolise your time. Jagged Al/iance 2 is more of an upgrade than a seguel but is still a playable alternative to the sea of RTS's out there.



Now. we all know that pomt-and-shoot games are top fun. The closest any of us get to lethal weaponry and a wide choice. from furious mayhem like House Of The Dead to accurate snipery in Silent Scope. make for a delicrously guilty experience. For those who like a mixture of speed and accuracy Time Crisis is the game of choice. lts duck and reload feature tests both the eye and the reflexes and proves Quite a challenge for even the sharpest of sharpshooters. This second instalment is no different. The environments may be new but the gameplay remains horribly addictive and. if your arms can stand it. many hours will be wasted staring at your

TV down the sights of a lump of plastic. Howex er. if yeti dont hate a gun. dont bother.

P82 SKY ODYSSEY (Sony) £39.99 0090

Ski Oo'issei Is an admirable title. Eschevnhg \iolence fer peaceful

adx enturing this is a flight simulation wrth a difference. Walking a fine

line between Simple stunt-

filled trickery and genuine simulation Sky Odi 386’} challenges yOu to discover the secrets of a lost island usmg naught but yOur aeroplane. At yOur disposal are a range of old-school propeller driven machines. each eminently Customisable and exhibiting their own in-flight nuances. Levels are varied and interesting. relying on careful flying over and through a believable landscape for its fun rather than any adversarial combat. Strangely this works. The planes are fun to fly and the deveIOping story is intriguing. Unfortunately. the market for this kind of game is limited and the chances that a game- playing public brought up on shoot-em-ups. beat- em-ups and mass destruction will give time to Sky Odyssey are slim. ALSO RELEASED Daytona USA 2001 (DC Sega £39.99) Round and round and round.

18 Wheeler (DC Sega £39.99) Pig Pen this is Rubber Duck. Desperados (PC lnfogrames £29.99l Thankfully no Antonio Banderas in sight. Stupid Invaders (DC UbiSoft £34.99l ETs without lOs.

Crazy Taxi (PS2 Sega £39.99) Sega game on PS2 shock.

Sky Odyssey



Some say the days ASP it‘an are gone the music business Although it could accelerate a band's meteor c rise to fah‘e. the internet has ooened up possibilities that here pi'exiousw unheard of. This is a fOf'LllT‘ for unsigned bands to exchange nexus and \iews. and here impOrtantly to let the world hear yOur tunes. |f y0u attract enough interest. then enter the A8.B man.


Attention holidaymakers! Keep track of the latest travel news and Current political Situation of yOur destination country this summer, wrth this excellent government Site. Updated hOurly. it contains the very latest information relevant to the British traveller abroad.


From the producers of This Life. Ultraer/et and Bal/ykissangel. comes this web Sitcom. Based around a neighbourhood pub. Coronation Street this is not. Video segments are available to stream With more being added all the time. The fact that most of the gags are sourced from old dirty iokes somehow doesn't detract from the overall enjoyment. And who knows it might even make it to TV soon. You saw it here first etc. etc . .



\ t1 tile K'X‘VJ‘ Jx \.

cos the DMD. ‘tl‘at Ms

Dears s an expert ir‘

{x ‘\\ \l\‘\ \\\' I ‘\~\!\ :‘

his rather b .‘a'ie scoot site does indeed tackle Int" l'dlhe' l‘t’ttd‘v Slll‘it‘t‘f of ri‘lcr'oelect'unit‘s \Rlill no {TOMS barred radiatite and none "adiatne transmor‘s and me like. HOV-(“\C‘l MS Spears features as a backdrop for warn of the technical graphs. Piieiile .‘ Sexist? Perhaps. but et’lucational into the bargain.

FIGHT GAME ame/fight3.swf

Web animation can sOmetiines be quite spectacular and this is a fine example. Think Crouching Tiger" meets The i'tri'atrix with your browser being the fighting ground. This is an amazingly choreogiar)lied stick figure fight. and while that sOunds less than riveting. it's worth a look Just for the attention to detail in the aniriiation. Fighting talk indeed.


Yes. I bet yeti thought they were dead. But no. Ian and Janette are alive. kicking. screaming and performing. This site merits absolutely no inclu5ion here. but is a trip down Memory Lane nonetheless. when women dressed as schoolboys. and men had really really bad perms. (Steve Blair‘i



wwwnightnewsnet Edinburgh-based site With goth clubs and events listing and a huge gallery of pics from

numerous events.

Goth Quote Generator

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Goth festival in Britain. EdG&R

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of events and meetings. Am I Goth Or Not?

wwwamigothornotcom Judge others on iust how 'gothy' they are and submit a photo to be Judged

yourself. (Dunja Brill)

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