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. . ' "‘1 l //‘ 2 - I ’7 : x / \ Rosalind Hill’s .-’\\j ~ . ,, (I, I / \‘ designs, _w, I —-?-' 1 ‘. Mr 1 -s. ; inspired by the _ , \’ ,,

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Out of the studio and onto the catwalk

1‘“ be the chance for everyone to see what we’ve been I working on for so long. hidden away up in the fashion

department.‘ says Caroline Sievwright. one of the young student designers whose collections go on display at this year‘s EC A Fashion Show. They might have been hidden away. bttt the fashion and performance costume students have been drawing on a huge range of influences to come up with their innovative collections.

Postgraduate student Holly Mitchell takes her inspiration from the style-conscious residents of Paris. ‘They all dress tip for the daytime and they‘re not sloppy about the way they dress.’ she says. ‘lt‘s nice to see people in their Sunday best every day.’ Already selling her designs through Corniche on Jeffrey Street. Mitchell is looking forward to the shows: 'lt‘s really important it’s the best way to show your clothes. You get to create a whole impact by having all the models wearing your stttff with the right shoes. gloves. hairdos and everything.‘

Taking inspiration from a little closer to home is her fellow postgrad Rosalind Hill. ‘lt's inspired by a visit to the west coast of Scotland and how the weather can change so dramatically and the light changes as a result of that.‘ With around eight complete outfits going on show. Hill‘s collection and her colleagues are the result of several months of hard work.

Fourth year student Caroline Sievwright. a finalist in the Intervention Scottish Student Designer awards. mixes vibrant colours and shapes in her collection: ‘lt‘s a combination of a

122 THE LIST 10—24 May 2001

Elt’s project when l was looking at scttlptttre

and painting; the colours are to do with a

Milton Avery painting that I really love.‘

She‘s keen to point out that her designs

are versatile. saying 'l‘ll be showing them with a couple of pairs of jeum as

well just to show that it doesn't have to

be all dressy: it can be for day or night.‘

With many more students from the 2nd Year right up to postgraduate level showing their collections. it's going to be a busy show. With a consistently high

reputation. ECA has been invited to take part in (iraduate Fashion Week in London this year. while for their own shows. sponsorship from the Royal Bank of Scotland has enabled the college to create a more professional show than ever before. With a challenging future ahead of the young designers. Sievwright says. ‘something good might come out of the fashion show there might be someone there who likes my work.‘

It‘s a sentiment shared by most of the students. but in the meantime before they disappear off to New York. Paris or Milan hurry up and get one of the fast-disappearing tickets to see Scotland‘s designers of tomorrow. (Louisa Pearson)

ECA Fashion Show, Thu 17 May 7.30pm; Fri 18 May 3pm, 7pm & 9pm, 0131 221 6000