I Single room, in city cen- ire flat tor professional n/s. to share w 1111 2 others. £240 pcitt. ’lelt 07971 374641.

I Dennistoun 3 rooms in large flat. Double bedroom. pri- \ale sitting room ck small study. Sharing wttlt I ittale.(i('11. sliowci'. landlords Itoine. cou- ples welcome. £300 peitt + IiiIIs, I)epttsil required. Tel: 01115500550.

I Really nice big room. in clean. modern 1)ennistoun flat. \vailable now tiittil eitd Sept. Sltare vvitlt I easygoing. gay male. £200 pent + bills (9 deposit. Tel: Stewart oit 07947 6111631).

I Room in friendly, sltai'ed flat. top floor of converted warehouse. great views across city. large liviitg roont. witlt wood floor. well equipped kitchen. £180 pcitt. + CT + bills. sltariitg w itlt 2 others. Tel: 0141 553 1532. or 07946 54323.

I Flatshare in Pollock Shields. large living roottt & kitclteit. near amenities. traitt 1 slop Ii'oin central. nt) USS. £200 pent. Tel: 0141 423 7921. I Large bright room avail- able in Soutltside flat. 10mins to city centre. all mod cons. recently refurbished flat. good location. £270 pent including ("1. wotild stiit young profes- sional. Tel: (1141 435 2843.

I Professional female required, to share 2 bedroont cottage flat iit Croftfoot. close to sltops ts train station. n/s pre- ICITCtI. £201) pcm + 13111.8. deposit required. Tel: 0141 583 8965.

I Southside, 2 bed- rooms in 3 bedrooiit flat. (iCII. all mod cons. excellent transport. Tel: 0141 633 2656. I Flatshare near Southern (ieneral Hospital. large flat. easy access to West liittl + city cetttre. furnished liv- ing roont. parking. must be seen. ito l)SS. £250 pent. Tel: 07971 518674.

I Flatmate wanted, to share large furnished llat ttear SUII. Shared living roont. Stiit young prolcssioital. Iiasy access West 15nd. parkittg. £250 pent. Tel: 07971 518674 or 0141 445 1070. I City centre, modern 2 bedroom. roof top llat. all ittod cons. suit professionals. £600 pent + bills. Tel: 07802 744620. I City Centre modern 2 bedroom roof-top flat. all tttod. coits.. suit professionals. £600 pcitt + bills. Tel: 07802 744620. I Student n/s flatmate wattted to share nice llyndland flat near l'ni w itlt 2 others. All ntod coits. iitc. (iClI. Avail. June for summer lease or year. £193pcttt + bills. Tel 0141 357 3418 or 330 6235.

I Single male 29. new to (ilasgovv seeks other similar (male or fentale) to fornt after dark evploration party aitd pos- sible central llatsltare. Tlte faintltearted attd rltythmless need itot apply. 07748 28 38 48 I Large double room for rent iit Cessnock. Close to shops ck l'nderground. £200 pcnt + bills. Call Franca 0141 401 4875. Available .Mid May.

130 THE LIST 10~25 May 2001

I Shawlands Double room available in spacioUs furnished flat. Handy for transport. sltops etc. Sharing witlt one. ideal for young professional. £220 pcm + council tax. Bills included. (311110141 636 5632

I Large room iit beautiful Cltaring X Mansions llatsltare. l-'/l5. wooden floors. gclt. (ireat location. ama/ing views. Stiit young professional n/s feittale. £325 pcitt line. C tax). Viewing recontmended. Available itow. 0141 638 2985

I Bright spacious flat to let in Oman. Fully furnished 3 apartment. kitchen/dining roont. g.c.1t. dishwasher. w.m.. 5 min- tites from tube. Rent £390 peitt 1)SS welcome. Phone 0141 445 3137 to view.

I Southside large fur- nished room iit lower flat conversion. Wooden floors throughout shared dining/sofa roottt stiit friendly easy going professional. 10 mitts city cen- tre. £240 p.c.m. pltis deposit phone bill extra. Call 0141 440 1482.


I Huge, elegant, single roont iit attractive. spacious New 'l‘owit/Stoekbridge flat with large. sitting roont and kitchen. (iCll. Power sltower. £300 pent. Call 0131 557 0008. I Single room available itt qttiet. clean aitd calm profes- sional flat. Close to city centre £190 pcitt + deposit aitd bills. Call 0131 346 7620.

I Single room avaiable in central llat (off Royal Mile) front June 6. £190 pm. bills £20 pitt. Phone 07968 000 875 and leave a message.

I Double room in central flat. Secure etttrypltone. lift. sltarittg witlt two others. £250 pitt + CT + bills. Avail early May. Tel 0131 220 4082 eves. I Large, bright room available front 1 June ins paeitts and friendly. Brunisfteld flat. sltarittg with 4 others (postgrad students). £210 pent + bills. Must be student. prof n/s. Tel: 0131 221 9678 or 07977 597160.

I Comely Bank (Learntonth Ave). n/s prof female to share clean. well decorated 3 bed- roont flat with 2 others front 20 May. l)(i. WM. (iCH.

811. £210 pent. Tel 0131 332 2760.

I Room to let, 2 ittiits walk to Royal Mile. 10 mitts Princes Street. Superb views of Arthur's seat. Large Lounge. Bathroom. Kitclten all ittod cons. Clean. tidy. friendly person wanted to share with easygoing ()1. cou- ple. Avail imrttediately. £190 pent + Bills. CT. Tel: Home 0131 556 0865. work 0131 523 3431. Mobile 077 547 544 59.

I Professional female Wanted to Sltare vvitlt 2 Professional Males. .\'/S preferred. Central Location; Spacious. all mod-cons; £180 pitt + C/T + Bill sltare. Tel:- 0131 661 8467 after 6.30pm. I Friendly flatmate wanted for small btit cosy boxroom. available iit 3 bed- room llat front May 2001. Storage space is available apart front what's iit boxrooitt. All mod cons. nice location ck 01] good bus routes. Rent is £150pcnt +

share of bills. Call 01 31 538 1900.

I Newly decorated sin- gle roottt itt contfortable city centre llat ljtisl off Royal Mile) to share with 2 others: professional female preferred. £200 deposit

required. £250 pent inc CT + bills. itot inc phone calls: Tel 0131 557 1982.

I Good sized room avail- able iit friendly central flat to share with 3 others.

llandy for Traverse and 1:11ntltotisc. Rent approx £235 pettt ittc CT + bills. Call 01312291117.

I Single Room in excellent Contely bank flat (Learmonth Ava). Sltaring with 2 others iit young easy going flat. £230 (inc. CT & bills ex tel). Pltone 0131

343 2498.

I Short-term let until approximately the end of June vvitlt a possibility of extension. A double bedroont is available inttttediately itt tidy. laid back. 3 bedroom New'iitgtoit flat. Sharing kitclten and bathroom (with shower aitd batlt) with 2 others. £250 pcm + bills. Close to L'ni. pubs. shops and bus stops. (lay friendly. Young pro- fessional or ntaiure student wel- conte. Please pltone Cara or Chris on 0131 662 0255.

I Friendly flatmate want- ed to rent roont iit comfortable

n/s Drum Terrace llat (by liaster

Road). sltaring with one otlter. £260 (incl CT + bills). Tel: 0131 652 0917.

I Single Room available now iit Newingtoit.

Close to Shops attd City. fully furnislted. (iCH. to Sltare with 3 others and a cat.

No Smokers or 1)SS. £2l0pm + CT + bills.

Phone Ivonne 07754 410957 or emailziruppel (0‘ templetoncom I Bright large double roont iit spacious l.eitlt

Links flat 10 minutes front cen- tre.Would suit n/s professionalAll ntod cotts.

£ 290 per ittoittlt including all bills. Phone 0131 555 4946.

I Single Room available ttovv iit Newington. Close to Shops attd City. fully furnished. GCH. to Share with 3 others attd a cat. .\'o Smokers or DSS: £210pm + CT + bills. Phone Ivonne: 07754 410957 or email:iruppel(a‘tentpletoncom

I Flatmate wanted! Bright double roont in mod- ern 2 bedroom flat. to share

w iilt one other. 1.eit1t Area. large living roottt. kitchen. batlt. fully equipped. £250 per ntonilt as Single or £300 as Double roont. Available immediately. Contact: 0131 555 5593.

I Newington two double rooms to let. To share with 2 students and plenty of

alcohol. Would sttit non smok- iitg students. All mod cons. (iCIl. garden attd

parking space. l-‘rom 1st July. £250 pent pltis bills. Call 07974 757015.

I Stockbridge double room to let lll large sty Iislt llat. Sltare with two guys. Wotild suit tt/s prof. All tttod cons. £275 inc bills. 07974 961 642.

I Bruntsfield double room iit liABl'l.()l'S flat? Prof. person req. to share w itlt 1 otlter. £250 pent + bills & CT. Tel. Joanna on 0131 2290063. I West End luxury llat seeks gay‘friendly. mature. prof fetttale to share vvitlt 2

others. l)b1e roont. own pltone tv. £70 perweek inc bills ex pltoite. Details

01415765756 Immediate entry Sltort / let available.

I Double room with box- room for storage iit spaciotts. n/s. ittaitt door flat itt Stockbridge/(‘ontely Batik. £350 pcttt including CT and

all bills except tel. Avail front w/e 19/20 May. Tel 0131 332 6557.

I Room available Mid- July Mid Sep! Female flat- mate. n/s. wanted for lovely. brigltt fully furit double room iit Fountainbridge area. Top floor flat. (3(‘11. close to ToIIeross. l0 ittiit walk to Princes St. bus stop iit front of the house. sltaring witltone other fentale. £70 week incl bills. no CT. phone bill excl. £100 dep. Please phone Nicole 0131 229 1868.

I West End, Downanhill, brigltt spacious top floor flat. newly decorated. finished floors .new kitchen. (iCH. access to private gardens. 2 ntins front llillltead I}. tt/s mature prof to share with one otlter. £350 pent + deposit. incl bills + CT. Tel 01413346818

I Flatmate wanted, preferably foreign student or postgraduate. for spacious sitt- gle roont iit brigltt and quiet Marchmont flat. available late May / early June ((1 £ 260 per month. including bills. Phone: 0131 2299144.

I Single room in friendly. international Tollcross flat. available front 1

June. sharing with two otlter professionals. Living room. (iCH. WM. £170 pent + CT + bills. Call Carmen or Carol. 0131 2290080. limail: Carmen.(ialve/.(0


I Young, professional required to share 3 bedroom spacious. fully -furnis1ted flat ill Marcltntont area. £220+bills Call I'rascr. I’ItiI or .Iulie on 0131 447-6078.

I Morningside, single room available in spacious friendly ntodcrn 3<room appart ittettt. All facilities. incl: (iClI. \\';tsllc‘l‘/I)i‘y L‘l‘. [IV/VCR. Dishwasher. etc. Preferably yotittg professional. l‘ront end othme. £230.- escl bills. 0131 446 (1356 L'\L'lllll:._'\. t)i'117759 313381

I Attractive furnished double bedroom available to rent iit 3rd floor flat w itlt one other person. ()11 1.011001] Road at Abbeyltill. £220 pitt plus CT aitd bills. Ideal for postgraduate student or young professional. Tc10131 661 2556 t'vcs.

I Room available, one person required for single roont iit large friendly flat. sItariitg

w itlt tltrce others.

10 ittiit walk from city center. All ntod coits. £200 pitt all inclusive. Avail 25 April.

Call Joltit or Connor oit 01315571441.

I Leith single room in shared lilat £220 pcitt + bills Tel 0131 478 1120.

I Wanted Female Postgrad flatmate. for a fully furnished 3 bedroom flat in liorrcst Road told town). £220pem + bills. Tel. 0131 226 6779 or 07779 870196.

I Non-smoking cat-lover required? (lay-friendly profes— siottal wanted for

single/small double room 11) beautiful Victorian semi. Trinity area. Sltaring

with two women and three-and— a-Italfcats. All ittod. cons.. gar— dctt. real lire

etc. £275 pcitt incl bills & council tax. phone bill exclud- ed. Call Catltcritte

oit 0131 552 7529.

I Easy-going vegetarian it/s to share brigltt. spacious flat off Lauriston place. £275 pent + bills + CT. double room avail mid May. Call Chris/James 0131 476 1834.

I Female flatmate want- ed for a brigltt and sunny room iii a beautiful spacious flat lll l.eitlt sharing witlt 2 other females. Wotild prefer someone mostly veggie. Room available now. £230 pent inc.CT. Tel: Kate or Saralt (1131 5536572.

I Non-smoking female wanted to share Bruittslield Hat. £162.50 pm + ('T + bills. Telephone 0131 228 1873.

I Room in large llaymarket llat available oit a weekly basis. £55 per week. with one week deposit. Available now. Contact Mia 07957 230 551