I Since arriving in Edinburgh last September. | liiiye enjoy ed the follow iligi studying for my .\I:\; making new friends: my 3lst birthday; assorted llIIll and theatre \ isils and the odd drunken trip up Arthur's Seal. I hay e. liow ey er found my sell lacking the fol- lowing: sinooching: Iiand hold- ing; romantic nights out; pas- sionate nights in and something warin and cuddly in my plat- form bed. If you're male. tall and think you can fill this slight \oid please write to Hos No

4| 3/I.

I Moderately fit woman mid 3(is. intelligent. funny. many interests incl li'ayel. w rit- ing. politics. seeks man prefer- ably reliable but dryly witty. with nice soft fleece for liill- walking ele. llo\ No 4l3/3.

I Come, be adventur- ous! tall. handsome profes- sional male llh’) seeks (iS()II female. any age for friendship ik fun. I’hoto appreciated. Hm No 4 I 3/3.

I Pocket full of dynamite w arm-hearted. blue-eyed. pro- fessional female. 30. seeks bright spark. who knows w hat he \\;ilils from life. l.o\'es the outdoors. wining and dining. adyenturc. lrayel and shared daflness. Box No 4 I 3/4.

I Athletic Edinburgh babe (i ll Bills. 33. seeks happy. fit. intelligent guy with a lust for life. for decent chat and entertainment \alue. Do you measure up‘.’ Box .\'o 4 l 3/5.

I Compassionate pro- fessional female 3()s. \\'|.'I‘.\| intelligent. handsome. and creatiye male for friendship and fun. Box No 4I3/(i.

I White male, 27 \YIII‘M. black female. BI) 30. (iltisgow area. I’hoio appreciated. Box No 4 I 3/7.

I Und alles ganz slill lllitl .so sclioen tliiss liltili w eiss dieses Ieben lohnt sieli weil man glaubeii kann dass es das wirklich gibt. Female. 36. \\'I.'I’.\| you! Iidinburgh/(ilasgow/space. Hm No 4 l 3/8.

I Glasgow male postgrad. quirky. funny. reasonable pre- sentable. 25. into music. cine— ma. reading. rayel. eating. drinking. all the Usual stuff. seeks similar female for w hat— e\ er. Box No 4l3/‘l.

I Life-loving, music-lis- tening cinema-going. story - telling. passion-seeking. still searching male. seeks soulmate female 3| 35. for friendship. lose and romance? liollow your heart. Bo\ .\'o 4I3/‘).

I Looking to make [his year special! Academic Asian female. 28. enjoys sports. cul- ture. restaurants. seeks a gradu- ate male law yer. dentist of simi- lar nature for friendship or pos- sible relationship. Photos appre- ciated. I3o\ .\'o 4 l 3/lll.

132 THE LIST IO—L'Ti'i Mai. .30.“.

I Musical male 47 with youthful streak seeks woman who can tune in to share cori— cci'ls. festivals. outdoors arid all the Usual I.isty pursuits. l’hoto apprecialed. (ilasgow area. lio\ No 4l3/l I.

I Small, feisty, Glasgwegian male, 36. w Itiii ii/s female. age uniiiipor— tant. for companionship and maybe more‘.’ Interests include books. walking. cinema. music. tistial list things. Bm .\'o

4| 3/1 2.

I Youthful inquisitive open-minded laid-back guy t3‘)i. ones tropical beach adyenture irayels. seeks free-- spirited uncoiiyentional woman t27-—3‘|i. any nationality for friendship fun esploration and who knows t(i|asgow l. Bo\ .\'o 4| 3/I 3.

I Unappreciated hippy chick? If you're at the stage of your life w here you need to lie in front of the open lire and chill out. it's time we inet...I3o\ .\'o. 4 I Z/l

I Fancy some GRRRRRRRW Warm. funny brunette (37i seeks iiiiellegent man with heart of gold for tiiooiilil walks. chasing squirrels and the pursuit of true

love. Bless! llidililitii‘gli) Box .\'o. 4 l 2/5

I Lovely playful arty female passionater inyolyed in life Iiopiiig to meet sorted intel- lectually and emotionally adyenturous gentleman for stimulating conyersation affec- tion and possibly more. Box .\'o 4 l 3/8.

I Glasgow male (30) ililo theatre/arts. cinema. swimming. and walking \YIII‘M intelligent caring like minded professional female (25-35) for friendship. romantic encounters. and rela- tionship. Box .\'o 413/9.

I Sensual, warm, pro- fessional female (30s) seeks passionate open-minded man who Iias learnt to appreciate intimacy. Box .\'o 4| l/2

I Very eligable profes- sional male seeks graduate .\'/8 female doctor. teacher or similar 334 for long-term loy ing caring relationship. Thats all. Box No 4| l/4

I Tall independant artist. liasy-going. iii. 4() (Nil tlidin l. Seeks dark. com- passionate sincere mellow woman l38-4lli. Photo appreci- ated. Bos .\'o. 4| l/h’

I Me: Attractive, confi- dent, funny. inteligent female. 24. You: Big. sexy. interesting Iidinburgh based man. [p for it‘.’ (‘rap dancers/bad shoes need not apply. Box No. 4| I/‘)

I Scottish female urgently required. Your country needs you but not as much as me. Please saye this 34yo Iidiiiburgh male from sell- ing his body to a Rtissian mail order bride. Box No. 4| l/ll)

I Shy, unassuming but self—assured professional (2‘)). lpart lime iiiusiciani working in mind-numbing W cm ironiiieni. seeks \oluptuous fun. chirpy but thoughtful woman for gigs and stoned cony ersation. Bo\ No 4 Ill/l.

I Youthful female, (42), atlracliye and ftiii. seeks male souliiiate with (|S()II to share good times. dining out. music. cinema. trayel and romance. (ilasgow area. Bo\ .\'o 4lll/4. I New to Glasgow Single. straight. professional female. 35 \YIII‘M similar lniale or female) for friendship. nights oul. and a laugh. Hos .\'o. 4lli/h'

I Attractive intelligent brown eyed Belfast girl. lliid 3(ls. enjoys lillns and good company. Seeking good humoured professional male. not had looking for friendship and possibly more. Box .\'o.

4 Ill/II)

I 1 million time wasters later? Iidinbui'gh gay guy 33. likes keeping fit. music. eating otil. nioyies. Reasonable brain/body/looks. Seeks friend- ship. hopefully I-Z-l. .-\I..-\ promise? Box .\'o 4I3/5ll

I Lesbian, 29 Violinist. Attractive. sensitiye. friendly. sense of humour. .‘yly perfect woman is bright. butch. self- assured. I would welcome new friendships loo. (ilasgow/Iidinburgh. Box No 4|3/Sl).

I Gorgeous, young bi- curious woman. cleyer carnal and feminine. seeks the impos- sible? similar. for fun and games. Photo appreciated. Discretion completely assured. Box No 4l3/5 I.

I Woman seeks contact with other non-scene. n/s. pro- fessional 4()is|i. 5|)ish women for friendship. perhaps relation- ship. Interests: (‘Iassical music. walking. irayel. cinema. theatre. Iidinburgh area. Box .\'o. 412/SI

I Honest caring female (iSOII enjoys driving. country- side. good food. theatre. radio. the sea. n/s non-scene WIIIM female 4()+ for freindship possi- ble I-Z- . Box No 4| |/5()

I Glasgow/anywhere. Slim. fit gay man. 37. quite attractiye and friendly btit not out much due to work. Seeks someone for friendship maybe leading to relationship. Box .\'o. 4| l/Sl

I Woman 40 enjoys the- atre. music. eating out. wine. Seeks feminine. adyenturous woman with personality who is looking for no strings discreet liaison. NS. (iSH. Be daring. reply. Intimate letter. Iidinburgli borders. Box No

4| l/53

I Sensuous, slim, sexy, intelligent. atli'acinc couple Ill] 3‘). l 33> seek similar bi guy lpossibly 'I‘\',"I'.\7couplci lot ltiii. frolics. fantasy ltiliilliiieiil and clubbing. I’iccie please. Ho\ \o 41 I '5:

I Glasgow professional, 31, seeks non-scene gay 'bi guy Ilonesl. caring. sincere. Likes iiiusic. llllll. nights out or in. You're local nearby. \\i\l'ls' ing/studying. .v\l..-\. \Yrile soolii llo\ \o. 4|ll5l|

I Glasgow gay guy 33 llilo

litiicss. food. cinema. Non-- smoker. shy. told handsome. Seeks similar straight acting looking guy for friendship

maybe more. Not into skiiiy feminine guys Hos \o. 41” 54 I Bi-curious slim petite female. \ci'y alti'aclisc fenn- iimc. \ S. Io\cs music. good food wine. seeks similar bi—se\- ml «:5 4m for friendship possi- ble l-_‘ l. I’Iioto .ippieciated lio\ \o 4 I 3 5:

14 High Street Edinburgh EH1 1TE

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