V I saw you on a hen-night at the Tray erse bar on Saturday. 28 April. Yoti are attractive blonde. dressed in black. with a gorgeous smile. I am tall.

shy guy in w hitc shirt..iumper and chinos who told you how attractiy e yoti look. .‘yleet for a collcc'.’ llox No [7413/60.

9 I saw you live loot sortiething law student. dark. wiry hair. on friday night 111 (‘("s. You were with someone. w ho seemed to be rather affectionate. btit you seemed to notice me later in the evening . . . Box No [7413/61.

0 I saw you getting your oats at Scotrnid. You: wearing a pink skirt and buying lots of ltcalthy food. Me: on the other side of the checkout. looking tired and alcoholic. l.els cook together . . ‘.’ Box .\'o [7413/62. V I saw you the girl in the gents (0 rioa fri 27th. Me quite drunk. you stunning. blonde'.’ How would you like another kiss and feel. yoti know where! Box No [7413/63.

V I saw you Fiona in furriness who knows how to handle a brick. en route to the Bongo (‘ltib with your (‘anadian chum. Sat 28’. You're beautiful. t.\1c ('harlie Long Hair. writer.) Box No [7413/64.

V I saw you a fox arid a sheep. and you saw a stork. Put down your mummy-brushes. limma. and let's go find more wildlife - t.b. Box No [7413/65. In the traverse bar. house manager I think. love at first sight. a beautiful pixie like vision with cheeky hair and a great backside. 1 think 1 love yotl . . \. Box No [7413/66.

0 I saw you on th' 25 leaving heriot-watt. ttie lst. 8.36pm. Yoti sat beside me. 1 was to shy 2 talk. Yoti tall blonde. wearing red leather jacket. Me light brown hair. wearing denim jacket. Box No [7413/67.

V I saw you iii the kitchen blowing your stack. you naughty naughty antipodean sexual deviant. llar har . . . get the emulsion out. love. Box .\'o [7413/68.

VI saw you all l4 Souls r at l’tirelands. Samye Ling on the weekend of 28 April. thanks fora magical time . . . Hope to see you next year‘.".’ l.ove Jim. Box No [7413/69.

V I saw you iii Avalanche. very red hair. and my heart missed a beat. Seen you before in the Fruitinarket cafe. would you like to know your secret admirer‘.’ Box .\'o [7413/70.

0 I saw you at Morrison (‘irctrs every single day. (live me a call and we'll go otit to play?! Big spooti. Box .\'o [7413/71.

0 I saw you Vicki. citrus thtirsday. l colin. you fantastic. 1 iii love you in relationship. You ever change mind 1 always be here. ('olin. Box No [7413/72.

0| saw you In The Apartment on Tuesday 17 April in the earlier part of an evening. Y()[' - red boots. tnatching hair. and light grey and black - were sitting against in a green corner window seat with a friend enjoying some greenery and a very lively conversation. You made my evening with your most magical smiles. your beautiful laugh and your southern hemisphere accent. I would have loved to swap places with your friend at that moment. 1 - black and grey bodywear. black glasses - was sitting diagonally across from you arid our gazes met a few times. probably because I couldn't stop trying to catch your smile. - Interested to find otit more'.’ 1 would like to meet that smile again over a cup of coffee . . .

Box No [7413/73.

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V I saw you in Bierex bar. ('atisewayside. Thursday 1‘) April at lunchtime. You. lovely. dark-haired girl with glasses having meal with a guy near the back. We looked at each other quite a bit until you left. He. dark hair and glasses. was with another woman who is only a friend. If you are not

attached to that guy perhaps you would like to meet‘.’ Box .\'o [7413/74.

0 I saw you .\let you at ['ltragroove last Saturday. I'm. 22. from Sweden. you blonde girl. 28-girl from lidinbtirgh. Talked and danced some.

took a cab to your flat then. Didn't got your address. 1 want to meet you again? Box .\'o [7413/75.

0 I saw you Jee/ .‘ylate! I saw Y()[' Strrvivor (iirls . . lounging on the sofa infront of the T\' . . How can ljoin your illustrious ranks'.’ xx Box No [7413/76.

0 I saw you at the Abba [ixperience in The (‘orn lixchange. Sat 21 April. You. lovely blonde smiling girl with a black and white striped sleeveless top on. We looked at each other often on the dance floor and 1 really thought you were gorgeous. 1 was with another woman who was only a friend. He. older guy with short dark hair and glasses would like to make friends with you some time! litterestetl‘.".’ Box .\'o [7413/77.

V I saw you Andy - Town House. [faster Monday. did you have a twinkle in your eye'.’ get in tottch - Mark. Box No [1/413/78.

V I saw you at the Northern Quiz Night. 1 know a red-haird diamond when I hear about one. Fancy a Roger‘.’ Box No [7413/79.

0 I saw you June. on St Patrick‘s Night. You said 1 wouldn’t remember your name but it was your number 1 lost. Wanna meet for a (iuinness sometime. Box No [7413/80.

V I saw you your name was Su/y/Stisan. 1 so much wanted to salsa with you | always do'. Shall we go to Spain together" You se\y thing? Box .\'o [7412/1.

VI saw you at Bongo ['ltib Stilt 25 Mar. We spent the looking and smiling at each other but you left before the end and \tllllsllctl. \Votlltl like to see you again. Box .\'o [7412/2

0 I saw you at .lulien Donkey-Boy. you were a New Yorker at ['S(' and l was sleepy and awkward. l'd love to meet you again and talk film. Box .\'o [7412/3.

V I saw you I hay e seen you around . . . 1 find you very attractive. so if you want to do s‘th constructive . . . 0111 Happy bit‘tltday‘l Box No [7412/4.

VI saw you with day s-ol— the-week-coloured hair. w eegie smile and buffy lips. Are you tip for some ftin'.’ Box .\'o [7412/5. V I saw you long-haired gttapo waiter in Tapas ()le. 1 made you spill coffee beans. Do You want to serve me breakfast‘.’ Box No [7/412/6.

C We saw you blond boy extraordinaire. Atrssie waiter (0 blue. Traverse. ['s young. male. mai-tai. eheeseboard and pudding. You traded tables for crossword clties with other people. Menage a trois‘.’ Box No [7/412/7.

V I saw you sorry and unkempt. wallowing in self pity. dandruff and bloodshot eyes. Me: pathologist. own transport. Box No [7412/8.

VI saw you fast talking. shaggy haired. era/.y gtiy at The Apartment. For A Night ('ould You Accelerate Swerve llump And (it)? Box No [7412/‘).

VI saw you [$111. wet. limp and no use to anyone. greasy. small and in a world of your own. Let's get together and deep fry properly. (‘rispy and erect is what 1 need oh. soggy chip. Box No [.7412/11).

V I saw you Miss Lost Sock! Fancy losing your knickers?! You foxy lrish bit o’ stuff! x Box No [7412/11.

0 We saw you in lilll. Sun 15/4/01. You were wearing a tight white top with red stripes. L's: (iap top and ‘l’sycho' T- shirt. Wanna meat us‘.’ Box No L7412/12.


V I saw you spill your oranges on the payenient 111 the sunshine. (‘hie sheepskin .ind denim kid. ('ome round loi chocolate. it's better lot you Box No [7412 13.

VI saw you and you and you and yoti. day alter day. lllt'lll alter tiiglit. you rnunehable git boys and mice all the sweet pastries in the dustbin eould not expt‘csss how l‘ll miss you' Box .\'o [7412/14.

VI saw you in 1111. Sun .‘2 Apr. You 1’sycltol shirt. me l-‘(ll-s' ['nion Jack 1' shirt l-aiicy a Stella on the " Box \o [7412/15.

. I saw you g‘olflt'otls Spanish waiter in 'lapas ( )le You gay e tiie a tree peaeli schnapps and a big snirle' How do yoti serye bi‘eaklast l ies muy gttapo . . . Box \"o [7412/16.

VI saw you ('aroline Sitting in the Meadows. Sunday session w itlt the crtisties. eyes like sapphire flames btirned into my soul. share my lltlclsltlsl some klllgltl‘.’ 13o\ \o [7-112’1 2

VI saw you looking bad. naughty spanncr's. Sorry lot being a joey. l'or' you I'd burn my Prince/.‘yliles Day is bootleg and smell bobby bunny. lloway man 1 loye youT‘. Box No [7412/18.


VI saw you on the (iouroek - l)unoon l-erry 18/4/ll1. You. blond male. glasses. black jacket. light trousers. .\le.dark haired male. combat trousers. green t-shirt. I walked in front oi you in from the ferry. You noticed I noticed you. l’lcasc contact. Box No [7413/90.


V I saw you ['l’S dr'iyer tisually comes to my office or l‘airbairn Road around

2.3(lpm. You tatight me how to write the tracking label etc. kindly. 1 am a receptionist / administrator of the Japanese electronics company. 1 would like to talk to you more but cannot. as my managers are watching and you are always in hurry. (‘an I talk after work .’ Box No [7413/91.

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