Seriously good fun and far easier to handle than it looks

The latest beach craze fits into a suitcase and hits


speeds of 90kph. Enter the blokart. Words: Richard Moore

Photos: Jonathan Littlejohn

cotland's beaches: what are

they good for? Absolutely

nothing? That may have been a perfectly reasonable response. until the blokait came along.

The blokan has been seen in New Zealand for four years and in Scotland for only five months. lts arrival into Scotland was low-key. hidden among the baggage of Tom Duffin. a retuming holidaymaker and owner of Fdinburgh’s Another Planet. a shop which sells ‘anything as long as it’s fun’. It's not as if Duffin was trying to conceal his latest toy - the

blokart folds into a suitcase-size bag and tops the scales at 25kg - but he knew he had a prize asset on his hands.

Actually. ‘fun’ hardly begins to describe the three—wheeled blokart. as many have since discovered. with Duffin touring the country. offering unsuspecting beach-strollers an opportunity to taste and enjoy the blokaning experience.

And what an experience it is. These things are seriously good fun and far easier to handle than they look. Once assembled you simply

Anyone seen a beach?

‘TWenty-five mph feels pretty fast on a blokart, but at over 30mph it’s like sensory overload.’

climb aboard and take off. Someone might issue instructions. but there's no need to listen: trial and error soon teaches its own lessons.

Otherwise. the only challenge is to restrain yourself: over-excited yelps could come back to haunt you as you clamber from the blokan and attempt to rescue it from sinking sand. while a gust of wind threatens to wrench the vessel from your clutches. I speak from bitter experience.

Disaster averted and you're back in your blokart. scuttling along the beach and fielding jealous glances from people desperate to have a go. but not too sure how to go about it.

Their appeal seems to be as wide as the beach at St Andrews. where I had my test drive. The beauty of the blokart. says Duffin. is that people can do it to their own level: ‘You can go

very fast. or you can just potter


On one trip to an East Lothian airfield. he recalls that he had an entire family all scooting around. from a three-year old - to his 72-year-old ‘pot- bellied grandmother'.

But. equally. blokans can appeal to the hardened seeker of more extreme thrills. A top speed of 90kph has been recorded in New Zealand. while here. on St Andrews beach. one blokan was recently recorded doing 55kph.

The pilot on that occasion - Brendan. an Aussie - is claiming a UK

record. 'It's one of those rushes of

adrenaline.~ he explains. ‘Twenty-five mph feels pretty fast on a blokart. but at over 30mph it's like sensory overload.’

At £15(X). it‘s perhaps advisable to leave the credit card at home if you do venture to a beach and bump into the blokans. Now that could be dangerous.

Wendy , Woolfson, ' 30, cycle couner

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Glasgow is getting better for cyclists.'though it’s still . not that cycle-friendly. They’ve just put in more cycle lanes, alongside the ' , traffic. on Arger Street and Byres Road. And around Central Station there are lanes that allow you to cross with the green man.

But We found that the Glasgow drivers love women. They let me out in. front of them; it’s unheard 01. Even taxi and van drivers; the other couriers can’t believe it.

The other day a cab driver shouted: ‘You're the nicest looking biker I’ve seen’. i just smiled back.

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