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promoting the health. environmental and practical benefits of cycling.

Sustrans Freepost BS7739. Bristol, 881 4BR. The Sustainable Transport charity. which designs and builds

There is no other pastime that has no instruction manuals, no

school, no laws or rules.

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routes for cyclists and walkers. Responsible for building a 10.000-mile National Cycle Network. of which 5000 miles were opened in June 2000.

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I’ve just come off the train from Aberdeen. l’m from Huntly, V and I’ve been at university in Glasgow since October. I just hopped off the train and straight onto my skateboard; until I got told

offers free third party insurance. legal advice and other benefits. The CTC actively campaigns for safer roads and

better facilities

throughout the UK and concentrates on touring

not racing.

Surf addict

They said it was a passing fad, but skateboarding just won’t go away. Words: Coach Photos: Jonathan Littlejohn and S. King

have been sidewalk surfing in Scotland for the past fifteen

years. It seems like an oxymoron. imagining ‘skateboard’

and 'Scotland‘ in the same sentence. what with our awful weather in winter and the poor surface quality of the majority of Scottish streets. But I‘m as much of a skateboard addict as I‘ve ever been. I just haye ntore distractions and commitments now I‘m older.

The anatomy of a skateboarder from Scotland is unique. The conditioning they go through due to the elements. environment. torture and abuse certainly separate the wheat from the chaff. There is no other pastime that has no instruction manuals. no schools. no laws or rules. All you do is put the board down. stand on it and the rest is up to you.

Whether you like bombing down hills. or flipping the board beneath your feet. jumping downstairs (or if you are really brave and stupid. slide down the adjacent handrail) or maybe just going back and forth on your backyard ratnp. skateboarding is the most Zen-like experience available using wood and four wheels.

Skateboarding has strong foundations in Scotland. Kenny ()mond. who started the first Scottish skate organisation itt l‘)7(i and helped build the legendary Livingston skate park. the Stonehenge of British skateboarding. is (it) this year and can still be seen down the park having a cruise on his hoard. 'l'hat‘s proof that skatel‘ioarding is here to stay and isn‘t some retarded jumping on the American Tony Hawk bandwagon type stuff. We are talking about 25 years of history.

There was a time when there was a facility in Kelvingrovc (now llower beds) . . . there was an indoor place in a (ilasgow church known as Angelights which met its maker . . . there have been countless abandoned factories in Dundee all illegally converted and destroyed . . . But skateboarding keeps

jumping out of the ashes bigger and better than before.

011 paper I‘m an adult. a professional. a tax payer. Most people see me as a nuisance on the pavement or a danger on the road. Last week a bus driver refused to let me on his bus for bombing down a hill in front of him. What a misery gule But ljust can't stop and l have no idea how to grow tip.

l‘use' it for transport and to get to University in the morning. lt’s'about

3, .a twenty minute walk, but I get

Ethere in 'te'n'min'uteson my

1 skateboard. Most. skateboarders

use their board for transport. I take mine into lectures and leave it at the side. ,

l’ve been skateboarding for four

years. The Gallery of Modern Art is good for tricks.

Stansfield, 19 Hallcroft

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