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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (12) 0.... (Ang Lee. China/LS. 2000) Michelle Yeoh. Chow Yun-Fat. Zhang Ziy i. Chang Chen. 120 mins. Jane AUsten meets Bruce Lee in Ang 'Sense And Sensibility" Lee‘s astonishing manial arts period drama. In a fictionalised version of early 19th century China. a world of heroic warriors and deep philosophical values. Lee seamlessly interweaves the stories of two sets of lovers. and a revenge tale with a feminist twist. The fight scenes are groundbreaking. as choreographed by expert Yuen W0 Ping. At once breathtaking and beautiful. Cmut‘hingTiger's also a cinematic landmark: its fusion of the best elements from East and West cinema has created something wholly new. Lumiere & L'Cl. Edinburgh.

0 Damnation (15) eeeee (Bela Tarr. Hungary. 1998) Miklés B. Szekely. Vali Kerekes. 120 mins. The great Tarr's mono- chrome miserablist mood masterpiece is at the forefront of a type of cinema that's become increasingly prevalent over the last decade. here humanist sensitivity fights a losing battle against unremitting bleakness. Yet Tarr is also 'old school'. with this story of a married singer‘s affair with a local recIUse utilising smoothly controlled lateral tracks and deep focus long takes that emphasise the characters‘ smallness in the world. It's a style clearly linking him to the 'aristocratic‘ camera approach of Antonioni. Tarkovksy and Angelopoulos. See review. Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

Dancer In The Dark (15) 0000

(Lars von Trier. Denmark/Sweden/Germany/France. 2000) Bjork. Catherine Denueve. David Morse. 137 mins. Having founded the Dogme school of back-to-basics filmmaking. von Trier's now turned his back on it with this digitally-shot homage to the Hollywood musical. Set in 60s America. it‘s the story of Czech immigrant Selma (played by Bjork. whose extraordinary performance takes naturalism to its extreme). a single mother whose only escape from her dreary factory work life are her daydreams which transpon her into a Hollywood-style musical. As with Breaking The Waves. the drama revolves around a naive young woman who becomes the victim of circumstance. and the ensuing protracted tragedy gives the film astonishing emotional clout. Filmhouse. Edinburgh. Dinoeaur (PG) 000 (Eric Leighton. Ralph Zondag. LS. 2000) Voices of: DB. Sweeney. Julianna Margulies. Joan Plowright. 82 mins. This latest computer animated offering from Disney follows the journey ofAladar the lguanadon as he flees across the meteor-ravished wasteland of prehistoric Earth alone after being separated from his family. Initially. the excitement is contagious; the C01 scenes are so realistic it's not that hard to believe what you are watching could be real. Then tragedy strikes; the lemurs talk. And talk. Yet as the predictable and. ultimately. boring storyline of Dinosaur unfolds. that winning Disney formula is guaranteed to keep any dinosaur crazy four-year-old pinned to his or her seat without scaring them too much. Odeon. Dunfermline.

07h. Dieh (12) eeee (Rob Sitch. Australia. 2000) Sam Neill. Kevin Harrington. Tom Long. 101 mins. It's 1969. Apollo X1 is about to land and Neil Armstrong is due to take the first human steps upon the moon. A bumbling team of country boys. at Parkes Radio Telescope Facility in New South Wales. are responsi- ble for providing the images scheduled to appear on 600 million television screens around the world. L'nfortunately. they seem to have lost Armstrong in space. The result- ing tension is high. the optimism infectious and the outcome astounding. With unfail- ingly quirky humour and sincere perfor- mances. the result has to be one of the most uplifting and entertaining history lessons ever filmed. See review. Selected release. La Dolce Vita (18) 00”. (Federico Fellini. Italy/France. l960) Marcello Mastroianni. Anita Ekberg. Anouk Aimee. l73 mins. Paparazzi Mastroianni mixes with

the beautiful people of rich Roman society and is ambivalently shocked and fascinated by the vigour of their excessive decadence. Everything you ever wanted from a Fellini movie black humour. grotesque st‘\lltliil). inspired visual imagination and the wonderful Marcello. See it. Lumiere. Edinburgh.

Idlnburgh On Screen (L') (Various. L'K. 191 l ) 90 mins. Back by popular demand. Janet McBain. curator of the Scottish Screen Archive. presents a selection of historical films pre- and post-war which paint an evocative picture of the capital in bygone times. Silent films include piano accompaniment. Filmhouse. Edinburgh. llvle Live: That'e The Way It Ie - Special lditlon (L') 0000 (Denis Sanders. LS. 2001 ) 97 mins. Sanders' original documentary. chronicling The King's first stage show s in more than a decade (time spent developing an almighty drug habit and appearing in terrible rom- com musicals). was a soporif‘ic affair. This Special Edition. boasting around 40 new minutes. is a revelation with four more songs and loads more insider footage. Within seven years Elvis was dead. a bloated parody of w hat he w as here. This is one musical and historical document you do not want to miss. Circuit Cinema. Livingston; Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

The Imperor’e New Groove 11') 0.. (Mark Dindal. 200i ) Dav id Spade. John Goodman. Eartha Kitt. 78 mins. Emperor Kit/co is monarch of an unspecified South American land who is turned into a llama by his scheming assistant Yzma (voiced most appropriately by Kitt) during a botched assassination attempt. The llama emperor goes on the run and is befriended by good-w illed herder Pacha (Goodman). who helps return his four- legged ruler to his throne. There are the occasional clever postmodern touches _ Kuzco stopping the film reel to talk to the audience but mostly this is prime old- school Disney stuff. it lacks the animated landscape innovations of 721mm. nor does it enjoy the character development of Aladin. which is why. ultimately. its missing edge. Circuit Cinema. Livingston; Carlton. Stirling.

lnemy At The Oatee ( 15) eeee (Jean-Jacques Annaud. L'K/France. 2001) Jude Law. Ed Harris. Rachel Weisz. Joseph Fiennes. 135 mins. The most expensive European movie ever recreates the decisive moment during World War ll when the RUssians and the Germans battled on the Eastern Front. Annaud condenses the siege of the city of Stalingrad into a thrilling cat- and-mouse game between two snipers (Soviet working-class hero Law and German aristocrat Harris) with a love triangle thrown in for commercial common sense. it's a film that's full of large-scale spectacle and intimate details. and in a scene to rival Saving Private Ryan's Omaha Beach opener. the beauty of cinema hits the ugliness of war with brutal effect. Highland Theatre. Oban.

Lee Infante du Blecle (15) 00 (Diane Kurys. France. 2001) Juliette Binoche. Benoat Magimcl. l37mins. Kurys is fascinated by the dynamiCs of intimacy. here at its most cumbersome and hyperbolic as the film details the love affair between 19th century writer George Sand (Binoche) and the young poet Alfred de Musset (Magimel). The relationship is played out against a broad historical sweep and so the famous love affair is anything but understated. and is thus sisappointing. See review. Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

Irin Brockovlch (15) eeee (Steven Soderbergh. LS. 2000) Julia Roberts. Albert Finney. Aaron Eckhart. 133 mins. L'nemployed single mother Erin (Roberts) shoehoms her way into a filing clerk position with Finney's California law firm. There she accidentally uncovers a conspiracy to conceal the poisoning of the local community. which leads to the largest direct action lawsuit in American history. This might sound like a cliched John Grisham thriller. but it's based on a true story and Soderbergh's direction and Robens' performance are faultless