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You wouldn't have believed they (NASA) put a man (Armetrong) on the moon If It hadn’t been for the efforte of thla bunch of Auealee, ae eeen In the hlt comedy up from down under. The Dish

together they prove that mainstream American cinema can be something truly great. Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

let Wounde ( I 8) O. (Andrzej Bartowiak. CS. 2001) Steven Seagal. DMX. tbc mins. 'What am l.‘ asks Steven Seagal's harassed. loose-cannon cop. ‘a shit magnet'." On the strength of this putrid action movie. one would have to say. 'Yes'. Demoted and dumped into Detriot‘s toughest neighbourhood. the po-faced Seagal attends anger management courses. beats the shit out of bad guys. and cleans up some nasty police corruption with the help of hip-hop club owner and hi-tech wizard DMX. Bartowiak's frantic direction and choppy editing cannot disguise the sluggishness of the ageing. overweight and out-of-condition Seagal's movements. General release. Face 0" ( l8) 0... (John Woo. CS. 1997) John Travolta. Nicolas Cage. Joan Allen. 133 mitts. FBI agent Sean Archer (Travolta) undergoes radical surgery to become terrorist Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage); but when Troy comes out of a coma and undergoes a similar operation. he too is able to slip into his enemy‘s domain domestic and professional. Part horror. part sci-ft. full-on action. with a cast that's uniformly excellent. The day when an action movie could be dismissed as mere popcom- munchin' entertainment is over. Cameo. Edinburgh.

Forreet Oump (12) 000 (Robert Zemeckis. LS. 1994) Tom Hanks. Robin Wright. Gary Sinise. 142 mins. Even those with the lowest le can rise to the top in the land of the free. as this picaresque tale sets out to prove. But despite its incurany sweet hero and its fairly standard love story core. Forrest Gump has a surprisingly dark-tinted view on recent American history complete with racism. drug and child abuse. war and political assassination. There are some bitter tasting choices hidden among the soft centres. Odeon. Dunfermline.

Puckland (18) (Jose Luis Marquis. Argentina. 2001) Fabian Stratas. Camilla Heaney. 85 mins. The eighth Dogme film gets a limited UK release. but don't let that put you off. it's a typically original entry in the Danish back-to-basics filmmaking series. A young Argentinian man arrives in the Falklands armed only with a movie camera. The locals. unsurprisingly. view him with suspicion. which may be well-founded.

Breaking new ground here. Marquis had his female lead 'miked up' 24 hours a day. Cameo. Edinburgh.

The General (L') 0000 (Buster Keaton/Clyde Bruckman. US. 1926) BUster Keaton. Marion Mack. Glen Cavander. 80 mins. An engine driver tries to get behind the Southern lines during the American Civil War in order to rescue a train. A silent masterpiece. containing some stunts that approach the realm of genius. Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

Gladiator ( 15) 000 (Ridley Scott. US. 2000) Russell Crowe. Richard Harris. Joaquin Phoenix. l50 mins. Just before dying Caesar Aurelius (Harris) charges General Maxiinus (Crowe) with cleaning up his beloved. but politically corrupt Rome. Aurelius‘ son. Commodus (Phoenix). doesn't take kindly to this and has his rival executed. But Maximus survives and. as a gladiator. works his way back to Rome intent on revenge. Parallels tnust be drawn with Spurtit'us and Ben Hur; we’ve not seen a Roman epic in a long time. Scott's is a handsome spectacle and exciting enough. but that's all it is. MacRoben. Stirling. done In 60 Seconda (15) 0. (Dominic Sena. US. 2000) Nicolas Cage. Angelina Jolie. Vinnie Jones. 118 mins. A re-working of HE. Halicki's I974 cult car- chase movie which. despite its flashy paint- job and hip-hop in-car stereo soundtrack. lacks grunt and growl beneath the hood. Forced out of retirement when his kid brother. Kip (Ribisi). crosses some heavy duty criminals. legendary car thief ‘Memphis' Raines (Cage) mUst reunite his old crew and steal fifty cars in one night. or kiss his siblings ass goodbye. The original had too many car chases and not enough plot or characterisation; this has too much plot. too many characters and not enough metal-crunching. tyre-squealing action. Cameo. Edinburgh.

Good Kurde, Bad Kurde (15) (Kevin McKieman. CS. 2000) 79 mins. McKieman went to Northern Iraq to uncover the Kurdish uprising against Saddam Hussein. and discovered a war overlooked by the world's press: a campaign of ethnic cleasing directed against Turkey's Kurdish enemies with the aid of US miltary weaponry. Part of the Human Right Watch lntemational Film Festival. See Rough cuts. GFT. Glasgow.

Scottish Ballet


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Anything Goes

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