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Film The awesome

‘Memcan Pulp Fiction'

survwes a storm of

controversv over its dog

fighting scenes to makeJ it NDT2

into Scottish Cinemas. Dance Tilt‘ St‘JK, ,Hu" : 1

See preview and review. hack in tit»: capital

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pENROSE & MILLE Music The Ace Of Spades? You Art Surrealist Roland Penrose and bet your arse Lemmy and his WHEN BRENDAN MET TRUDY

. ‘II n l photographer Lee Miller are given a first 98:?gfilsaxvé ggwbnngglng t 18 Film - exhibition documenting their work together. foundations with that and other .- ' t ~ See preview. page 90. Dean Gallery and t

. _ heavy rock classics. See prevrew. National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh. page 51. Barrow/and, G/aSgOW.

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Comic Daniel Clowes' bizzare. disturbing and long sold out comic book begins a welcome . reprint run right from . ' . ' the very first issue. See " . DOGGERFISHER reVleW. page 1 10- Art Tltt: l_,«:;t'<, for'rm art editor. Fa/VaQ’aDh/CS- Susanna Blzaunmnt, milk-nu Scotland") on}, ’,’)ll‘ll“:l",fétl conterr‘porar, ar't spa/ma UM: feature.

page 28.


ls ALIVE Television British telly's national

" :' treasure Steven Poliakoft harks back to Dogme mm involves a World War II wrth this disarming drama bunch of tourists starring Michael Gambon. See prevrew.

stranded in the _ page 114' BBC2 THE WEIR

desert lmDrOViSing a I , Theatre Irish playa'lngnt performance of King Conor McPherson},

Lear~ see ’eVler convnercral and r,r:’_",a£ page 33- OFT __ success real/trig arr/arid Glasgow! t. ghost stories told In a Fl/mhouse' r N DUO. 886 {HQJC' DENY; Edinburgh- Klltgs. Ec‘lltbtl’gl‘.

Film The first American,

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