Orbital play the Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, Thu 10 May and Barrowland, Glasgow, Fri 11 May

I The Cobramatics 'l'lie Scolia. Stock“ ell Strch. 552 ShSl. 4pm. l‘rcc. l-‘ortnightly residency.

I Live Music The ('athouse. l'nion Street. 248N100 7,3(lpttt. £3. ()yer—Hs sltoyy. Shoucasc


I Paul Cook, Daze and Suburbia Bongo ('luh. 14 Next Street. 55S "004. 8.30pm. £3. Another triple hill ot' \arioiis indie acts pert‘orming at the lndic’d night.


I Nik Kershaw King Tut's \Vah \Vah Hut. St Vincent Street. 22l 52‘). 8.30pm. L- l 2.50 pllls llttttktttg lice. Hlls pop ell. \\ ho makes his hread \\ riting songs l'or others these days. ()hy ioiisly the lure ot‘ the stage is too much for him. ey en though he doesn‘t scent to lta\ c the loudest memories ol- his time as a pop star.

I The Alf Stewart Combo Sitldio l. Byres Road. 34] (i5lo. 0pm. l‘ree. Not sure it this is the grumpy tella out ot' IIUIHI' {llitlxllfifl or not hut it sure to he a top night any \yay.

I Acoustic Jam \ice ‘ii‘ Slea/y. Sauchiehall Street. 333 0032. 0pm. \VL‘L‘kly session ltitsied ll} (icrry l._\tttts.


OAlice Cooper l’layhouse. IS’ 22 (il'ccltsitlc l’lacc. llS—ll (100.3424. “pill. L'IS.50. \ot (itiite .is \\ ild as hc \\ as in the old day s when no chickens new sale onstage. (‘oopcr is still putting on a good rock slimy. Sec prey ie\\.

I Kevin Montgomery and Guests The Venue. l" 2| ('alto.i Road. 55" 3023. Split. [the .\nicrican singer- songwriter Key in Montgomery isioined by a hacking hand comprised ot' Rohcrt Reynolds and l’atil l)eakin ol'Thc .\la\cricks and guitarist l’ettihone. .-\ustin~hased singer-song“ riter Trish .\lurphy tills the support slot.

I Michael Bruce Studio 24. (‘altiin Road. 55S 3‘5S. llpiii. L". Rock action l'rom .\lichacl Bruce ol' the original Alice (‘UUPCT (il’tttlp. .'\ll(l \\ lllt .'\llCC ('ooper also playing the capital tonight rumours are t‘ly ing that he may join Bruce on


Tuesday 22


I Ronan Keating and Fixate Sli(‘('. l’innicston Quay. 0S70 0-10 4000. 0.30pm. (20 plus hooking lee. The

Boy /onc singer lcayes his tormer hand incinhers trailing in the solo careers

Juniper presents

West Port Bar. Dundee Thursday 24 May 200]

Saturday 26 May 2001

Doors open 8pm

£7 in adyance. {S on door Tickets from usual outlets (Booking fee may apply i

information: 0131 623 0th mail@juniperherriescouk


Pleasance Cabaret Bar. lidinhurgh

stake. ()n his last solo tour. he \y as led through the audience like a ho\er heading to\\at‘ds the ring. .-\t‘ter that. the shoys \sent doysnhill someyy hat. Support trom pop Rx B combo l"i\ate.

I Grand Drive, Remedy and Train King Tut's “ah Walt lltit. St \‘incent Street. 221 52"). Spm. 1.5 plus l‘tlt‘lslllg tee. SL‘C pl'L‘\ lL‘“ l-(tl' (lTiilltl l)ri\e.

I Tribe, Snibglider and My Legendary Girlfriend (ilory Bo\. (‘urlers. Byrcs Road. 33S o5l l. S30pm. l‘il‘c‘c.


I Melanie C Playhouse. is 22 (ii'ecnside l’lacc. (LS—3'0 (100.3424. 7pm.

t' l (1.50. .-\ rescheduled date tor the Spice (iirl. performing hits from her solo album Nun/It'll! Slur.

Wednesday 23


I Ronan Keating and Fixate Sli('('. Hntiieston Quay. 0870 040-1000. (x30pin. £20 plus hooking tee. See Tue

I Steve Harley 8. Cockney Rebel ()ld l5ruitmarket. Albion Street. 237 551 1. Spin. {l5 (U3 i. Veteran songyyriter still best ktttmtt Tor urging its to “((‘ome L'p .-\nd See .\1ei Make Me Smile'.

I Runrlg Royal (‘oncert Hall. Sauchiehall Street. 287 55] l. 7.30pm.

L" l 8.50/9; I 7.50 plus credit card hooking tee. The ('eltic rockers continue to go sti'ongiishi \yithout Donnie Munro.

I Steve Forbert with Gary Solomon and Stacey Earle with Mark Stuart The Ferry. (‘Iyde Place. 287 551 1. 8pm. £12.50 (£10.50). l"orhert brings his guitar and harmonica contho hack to the lierry with support from Steye's sister. See Big Big ('ountry

rock 8. pop listings Music

pre\ 16“.

I The Supernaturals (il‘ct Nice 'ii‘ Slea/y. Sauchiehall Street. 33.3 “(~37 0pm. [lira-melodic (ilasuegians make their no doubt houncy return at'tcr years ot‘ record company \\ rangles. ('ontact \enue to confirm.

I Oddfish, Namwan, Haywlre and Academy Rejects King 'l‘iii‘s “ah “ah lltit. St Vincent Street. 22l 52“). S30pm. (4 plus hooking tee. ('lydehuilt Records shoys case night.

I Oren Ambarchl Tramyyay (Kite Bar. .~\lhert l)ri\e. 2S" 3000. 0pm. liree. .-\n electronic guitarist and percussionist from Sydney putting the mental into e\perimenta|. The “he claims he is ‘rerouting the instrument into a /one of alien ahstraction'. Sounds nice. Touch and lla/ard are the 1)] support.

I Late Night Foreign Radio, Ultimo Dragon and Midi Mode The l5ilt \itic (‘lulx ('lyde Street. 245 2|77. Spin. Free.

I Lummox, Fucks‘**k, Shank and Jason Pussypower ‘l‘lie l5ilt .\'otc ('al‘c. King Street. 553 lh3S. Spin. £2. l.uinino\ continue their mini- residency at the Note.

I Acoustic Open Stage The Hall littt'. “(Midlands Ritittl. .504 1.52“. S30pm. lirec. Hosted by l’addy ‘s (iirls.


I Delirious? The Liquid Room. 0c Victoria Street. 225 2564. (rpm. L‘l0. ()ne of Britain's most popular ('hristian pop/rock groups.

I The Erratix, Far From Out, Staedler and Faxon And Love The .\lcrcat. 2S \Vest Maitland Street. 225 38o]. 7.30pm. £2.50. lndie t'rom lidinhurgh rockers The lirrati\. metal meets punk lrom liar l-rom Out and more trippy offerings from Staedler. l5a\on .-\nd l.o\e


GLASGOW GARAGE Wednesday 30th May

plus support THE BURN

* SemiSOl‘thfl

1!: Mon llih runeetnscow CLYDE AUDITORIUM


Wednesday 27th June Edinburgh Com Exchange

For details of forthcoming concerts including the following artists: Orbital, Deacon Blue, Disturbed, Incubus, Tool, Belle 8: Sebastian, The Eagles and of course The Maln Event...1’ In the Park go to www.gigsinscotland.com and book online




in the park

Tickets liom Venue 80x Ollices. Virgin Megastore (Glasgow 8 Edinburghi. Grouchos (DUHOCCI Gotdriisti iPeithi

24hr TICKET HOTLINE: 0141 339 8383 (Way Ahead) www.9igsinscotland.com

‘3—24 Ma, 233‘ THE LIST 57