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comes to Glasgow

‘Mini-Seattle’ protest planned. Words: Mark Brown Photo: Duncan Brown

he Globalise Resistance (GR)

movement is focusing on Glasgow to

protest against a conference of some of the world's biggest and most controversial retailers. Working under the title of Efficient Consumer Response Europe). the conference is seen by anti-capitalist actrvrsts as another symbol of the global capitalism they have protested against in Seattle and. most recently. Quebec City.

The ECR. which rs meeting at the SECC between 14 and 17 May. describes Itself as a group of companies ‘working together to fulfil consumers' Wishes better. faster and at less cost'. That's not how GR activrsts see it. A GR spokesperson told The List: ‘The ECR is a collection of corporations. ranging from supermarket giant Wal-Mart to retail multi- national Nestle. which have some of the worst records for ecological destruction. exploitation and human rights abuses in the world.‘

The case of Nestle. whose policies regarding the marketing of powdered baby milk in southern Africa were wrdely condemned. is well known in this country. According to actrvrsts. however. the company's behavrour is typical of the corporations that wrll be attending the Glasgow conference.

Wal-Mart. the United States-based supermarket chain that bought British

company Asda in 1999. is singled out for particular criticism. Campaigning Journalist George Monbiot. a leading light in the anti- capitalist movement. describes the multi- national as a maior culprit in the worldwide shift towards out-of-town shopping developments. holding rt responsible for unnecessary new road building and an envrronnientaIIy damaging increase in car use.

Wal-Mart has also come to the attention of actrvrsts for its decision to initiate proceedings at the World Trade Organisation to challenge Massachusetts State regulations forbidding trade wrth the Burmese iunta. The company. which sells more firearms to US citizens than any other retailer. continues to face allegations of irresponsibly putting guns in the hands of American teenagers.

GR believes that a significant number of people wrll iorn its protest against the ECR. whose delegates include Coca-Cola. Tesco and Marks and Spencer. all of which have been the SUDJOCI of campaigns to do with workers' rights or the environment.

More information: wwwgrscotlandnet

Human Need Not Corporate Greed counter-conference, Glasgow Caledonian University, Mon 14 May, 9.30am-5pm; ECR protest, SECC, Glasgow, 4-8pm.

Coming quite soon . . .

Shynola's Quannum promo


Mirrorball goes on tour Fatboy Slim and Dom Joly in the frame

Some early clues about the lineup of the Mirrorball strand of the Edinburgh Film FOSII‘.'L11 can be gleaned from its UK cinema tour. The cool music films; showcase is criss-crossing the countn from Inverness to Brighton. FI'Itltl‘, l I May Saturdzn 7 July. before getting into the groove at the 553th Edinburgh International Film Festival in August. Highlights of the tour include Spike Jon/es "Weapon Of Choice' for Fatboy Slim. Terry Richardson's 'Aisha' for Death In Vegas and Dom Joly "s ‘Golden Ga/e' for Ian Brown. Mirrorball's Film festival line up won't be announced until June. but already confirmed is a retrosr')ective of Michel Gondry. who's made promos for Massive Attack and Biork and who's Currently filming Hurrian Nature wrth Charlie Kaufman and Spike Jon/e. (Miles Fielder)

New comedians wanted Stand-ups line up to be summed up

Spring ism the air. and a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of . . . stand—up competitions. OK. not durte. but in the build up to the title- bestownig fren/y that IS the Edinburgh Fringe. those comedy talent scouts from down south are scouring the country for fresh new faces. First up is Channel 4's So You Think YOLI're Funny; send an SAE to Gilded Balloon. 238 Cowgate. Edinburgh. EH1 IJO or log-on to www.channelzl. com/sofunny.

Next is the Daily Telegraph's Open Mic Award (The Pleasance. Edinburgh. Sun 13 May) where ten stand- ups wrll be plying their trade. vying for a place in the August final. And finally. a semi-final heat of the BBC New Comedy Awards takes place at the Velvet Rooms. Glasgow on 7 June with compere Ross Noble. (Maureen Ellisi

° oss Noble

On the new album: ‘Rock and roll wrth


In Toronto taking a break from tour rehearsals. Noel Gallagher has confirmed Oasis have recorded eight songs. without vocals. fer the band's forthcoming self-produced fifth album. Gallagher described new material as. 'Rock and roll

with tunes'. Duh! ‘I don't really get

excned aDOut my records: “Oh well. there it is. The songs that I wrote." But I'm very exerted about this one. it's the most interesting that we've written for a long time. It's the most upbeat album we've done Since Definite/y Mayhe.’ . . . Like buses you wait for one Coen brothers film. then three come along at

once. Well. almost. The Man Who Wasn't There premieres at Cannes. which began yesterday. as Joel and Ethan prepare to shoot To The White Sea with Brad Pitt. Then in 2003. the Coens will re-team with Ben Barenholtz. producer of their 1984 debut. Blood Simple. to develop an as yet untitled feature . . . The

first film in five years from Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Delicatessen. The City Of Lost Children. Alien: Resurrection) wrll be screened in Cannes. Ame/re Of Montmartre (Le tabu/eux destrn d'Ame/i'e Pou/ain). a fantasy romance about a y0ung woman's search for her Prince Charming. Will be screened on Sunday

13 May. open air. in a City Dark and free to the public . . . Scottish Opera has announced its 2001—2002 season. It includes Dre Wa/kure. Verdi's La travrata. Mozart's COS/ fan tutte. and the world premiere of Sally Beamish's debut full-length opera. Monster. based on Mary Shelley's novel. Frankenstern.