Theatre lrstrngs

Central Drama 8. Dance, cont.



larrst l’orr. ttl KM tl-HI" Il’. ll. \\(‘_ \\.\I Jive! Jive! Jive! \M-tl It» 'lhu I“ .\la}. ". it) ‘tfittprn. L'SSHrL’.i Ur. Soc ;\_\r,

We’ll Meet Again Sun 3‘) \la}.

3. Winn & "_ itlpnr, Ur rL'i til i, Su' .\nrlrrt',


lzasl l’ort. ttl iSi illll". [l’. H. \\'(‘. \\.\|

Rose Marie t'rrrrt Sal I: \la}. Tl5prn. {S r Ur, Kt-ll} \lttslt'al .\\\ttt'lilll(t|l [next-iii tilt" nruxrcal talc ol Rost‘ Matti".

East Kilbride

EAST KILBRIDE ARTS CENTRE ()hl ('oat'lt Road. “I ‘55 JOHN“). Il’. H. m ‘. \spu

Beowulf The Dragon Slayer Sal I‘) \la}. SL'L‘ Kltls ll\ltltj_‘\.


.\l;t\\\L‘ll l)l‘l\L'. HI 3552 -l.S(r(r‘). Jive! Jive! Jive! Mott M Ma}. Titlinn. Su- .'\_\ r.


GREENOCK ARTS GUILD ('arnpht‘ll Slit-cl. (ll-US 7230“. ll’. H. \\'.:\|

Forever In Blue Jeans 'l‘lru to .\la_\. 7.3ttprrr. L'l |.Stl r LUSH). .\ rock 'n‘ roll iournc} lrorrr lhc Sits through to lilt' ‘le \\ ith corned}. song: and dance. Coppelia l'ri ll Ma}. 7.30pm.

L'IZSU tl.§.5(lr£S.5ttr. lzuropcan Ballet nrtt'rsu'au' thc ronrant'c lwtxsccn Snanhihla arul l‘rarr/ \\ ith lilt' stor} ol the thilllltttkt‘t' ( .(tltpt‘lllIS. \\ ltost‘ tlL'stl't‘ t\ to create a doll \\ ith a soul.



|.o\\cr .'\llt‘lttltf_'t‘;ttttttttl Roatl. ttlo‘tS lSJJ‘t‘t. H). m ‘. \mr

Troc Back The Clock in Is .\la). Spin. [3 [I I. (haul) pt'r'lorrnarrt'c in aid ol \it‘lnn Support lcaluring ('hris

.\h‘( 'lurc antl 'l’hc Reasons.

Jive! Jive! Jive! 'lhu ll .\la_\. “Sunni. L'S’ rt-tfitlr. Sct' .\_\ r.



Ill I In llarhour Strt'ct. (tll‘t-l 37105”. Il’. ll. \\‘(‘_ \\'.\|

Love and Money Sat 13 Ma}. Tlfinn. [USU r Ufith. .-\\\artl»\\ irrncrs Rona \hnn‘o antl l-rona Knou h's learn up once again lor this tale ahout a single lttllltt \\ illiiS ttllt‘l'ctl lltl't‘t‘ \‘lttlltuW lo t'hangc hcr llit‘.



‘) (it'L‘t‘tl .Slt'L‘L‘l. 01503 5335‘)”.

Jive! Jive! Jive! l‘ri ls .\la}. 7.30pm. lei-.5“ t l. .SUL' .\} l'.


ADAM SMITH THEATRE licrnrot’h} Road. “15": -l I I‘ll” [l’. H. M '. \\'.\|

Women On The Verge Of HRT ‘l’hu I“ \la}. ' ittpnr. US”

“44.25 £5.5Hr. St't' ( ilasgou. ( 'rtr/t'ns' ‘l‘llL'Atlt't'.

Ballet Central \\t'tl It» \la}. " Hrpm. LS5“ t Urfittr. I'rnal _\t'ar students trorn London's prestigious (‘cntral St‘hool ot Ballet pcr‘lorrn a \t'lcctron ol (outt'rnpor'ar') and L‘l;l\\tt'.tl \xorL.» Frankenstein in Is \l.r_\. \t-t- tx‘rttx listings.

The Gruffalo Sal It) \la}. su- Klih ll\llllj_'\.

Defending The Caveman Sun In Ma}. Spin. U251) r L' lttfitrr Sut- latlrnhurgh. l\'rng_'\ 'l'hcatrc.


VIKINGAR THEATRE (it‘t't‘ltrtt'h Roatl. “ll—‘5 (MSW-H“. Coppelia Sal I: \la}. ". Winn. L l 2 L l 3.5“ l U) l. .SCL' ( il't‘t‘ltttt'h.



ISS High Street. tt|“3.\’ (rjlttS I, III. 'l'l’. \\'(‘. \\‘.v\|

Terry Neason - Celtic Kisses, Slaps and Tickles l'rr t I s Sat I3 Ma}. 3pm. (I: rt‘Sr.

Singer and cornulian \cason hlcruls a range ol ('t'ltit‘ songx \\ rth hcr' rm n nurrrrtahlc hrarrtl ol sassy humour.

The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare (Abridged) luv 22 Ma}. 7.30pm.

[3 L l 5.5”. ‘I‘ilt‘ Rt‘tlltt‘t‘tl Silill’st‘Spt‘ill't‘ ('onrpan} CUIltlt'llSL‘ all 37 pla_\s into inst 07 minutes.

Romeo and Juliet \M-tl 23 .\la_\. 7.30pm. L'S £155”. ('mrnn Ballet (ixscrn present this popular t‘l;r\\it‘al hallt‘t. setting; Slralxcspturr'os lingual} to a \L'Ut't‘ It} llL‘t‘lol‘ liL'l'ltttl.

Love and Money lhu 11 Ma}. 7.30pm. £0.50 USS”. See In lllL'.



lhnnhartorr Road. (ll "Sir .1"35-l-l. |l’. II. \\'(‘|

Jive! Jive! Jive! \lott 3t .\la_\. Tallinn. L'.\' r [or See .\_\ r.


l'niwr'sit} ot Slrrlrng. ttliSo .trrtrrsl. ll’. ll. \\‘('. \\’.\|

King Matt l'ntil Sat I: .\la_\. St't‘ Kids listings.

Underworld ‘l‘hu to \la}. ". lupin. L‘“ (£3.5ttr. Sec (ilasgms. (irlrnort‘hilK i l I. Assassins Sun l3 .\la_\. “.lSprn. U) (U r. Rapture 'l'hcalrc conipan) prcscnl Stephen Sorrtlhcnn's hlack cornul} that tackles the dark \ltlt‘ ol the .-\rncrit‘an tlrcarn. Scc rm ins.

Ballet Central 'l'ut- I5 .\t;r_\. L7" rL'3.5(lt. Sec Krrltt'ahl}. Sleep Tight \Vt'rl It» Sat I” \la}. St‘t' Kids listings.

“St tpnr.

Saturday 19th \la)

than 5 minutes of a stand up routine. 7.30pm

I’ridap Isl .Iunc

\llPI'L'lllL' L‘Xpl't‘\.\l\L‘llL'\\.

8pm Tickets f 9, £8 concession

pcrlornrancc. participation and discussion; a unique opportunrt} tor all corned} fans. It )0“ arc a “mild he pcrt‘orrncr‘. bring along no more

'I‘ivkets (It). [8 mnr‘ossiuns/ sludmls.

TERRY NEASON— ('cltic Kisses. Slaps & 'I‘icklos

This Scottish singcr/actrcsx and cornulicnnc tasz _\ou on a iouan} \\ Inch touches cwi} emotion. and can earn you from laughter to tears in thc \anrc hrcalh. Season's \crsatilc Voice is superhl} complimented h} hcr comic ahilit); shc rratls pot-u}. tells stories and lllL‘ltlS music \sith \\ttl'tl\ in

All tickets available from the Steeple Box Office (01324) 506850


ARNOLD BROWN STANDS UP 'l'he l'ltimate (‘nnmly Master ('lass l ' (‘:\l.l.l.\'(i .-\|.l, \\‘()l'l.l) lili l’liRl-()R.\lliRSY lie part ot this pronccr ol conlL‘ltthol‘ai‘} stand ups llllCl'~;|L‘{t\C slum. 'l‘hc scssron \\ rll include

l-alkirk Coumil

72 THE LIST ' .-'. .‘.'r.=.

open MIC AWARD 2001

Edinburgh University Students Union.

Sun 13 May.

lll‘l III III”


"ll " i2 Frrr mi ,1






Francesca Martinez begins her climb to fame l.


Those of us who‘ve come to admire the surreal, open-ended humour of LI Boosh have reasons to thank the annual Daily Telegraph Open Mic Award I‘

that we may not even know about. Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding. the bizarre pairing that comprised the original Arctic Boosh were products of

this award scheme, which is played out across the UK in a series of gigs at student unions. Lee Mack is another of the many successful comedy newcomers to graduate through this rough and tumble scheme. " There can be few comedy audiences more daunting than a great collection of pissed-up students, but it’s by the bear pit atmosphere of such events that performers cut their teeth on their craft. Locals might t want to come along to cheer on this year‘s high proportion of Scottish

hopefuls. Among them are Billy Watson of Falkirk, Wendy Jane lvers of Aberdeen, Kevin Kenny of Wishaw and Des Clarke and Christopher

Broomfield, both from Glasgow.

The winner of this arduous comedy circuit can look forward to a good

deal of media attention, and many a leg-up to the world of comedy’s high-

fliers. Last year’s winner, Francesca Martinez has already written a sitcom treatment for Channel 4 and is negotiating with a major publisher for a novel. 80 this is the chance to tell your mates down the boozer five years hence that you saw the comic currently on the telly when they were just

starting off down the track to fame. There’s got to be a couple of cool

points in that. (Steve Cramer)

Thursday 1 0


The Stand the Slalttl. {.1 i \\tltttll;llltl\ Road. Uh-” (illll “USS. Sitlltllr. [5 It i r_ l'.\\c\ girl (inra l\’_\an l\ rornctl rn \Hlllt‘ \ltll‘lltlul healing: h} lilt' Rm ()harhah Slt‘ltltt‘lhutllt' lltl'L‘t‘ \t'lu‘l \ ll'f_‘tlt\ antl r‘t'sitlcnt host l‘rankrc Ho} lc.


Reg Anderson’s Comedy Cellar l'tu .\lat‘(‘ool\. lhl l.othran Road. ()3: " ltt‘). ‘tpnr. l'l't‘t'. .lorrrnr; .\lr‘ .\Ia;_'rt' lltl\ cwnrng arc hartl rrran .larnt's l't‘rguxon. .\lartrn huh} and tin .\lt'.\rthnr‘.

The Stand 'l'ht' Starul. 5 York l’lat‘t‘. 55S “3‘3. ‘tprn, L5 rL'.‘ r. l-crnalc angst pondering; l'ronr Sal|_\ llolloua} \srth \llplrot't lr'orn i)k'\ ('larla' antl lmhl}, .loorr Broon takes charge ot thc t'orrnt'



The Stand the Stand. ‘33 \\(ttttll;llltl\ Road. rrs"n (rtlil truss «rpm r {S r. \otol‘tousl} naught} l\\'\ in ( irhlt‘a. \\ rtlr support trorrr l't'ank ()unnr antl Sall} llolloua}.


The Stand the Stand. 5 \or‘k l’lau'. 55S "3—3. ltpnr. Ur r :5 r. (irna Kym tlchunks lllL' l'.\\c\ girl \tcrcotnw. and support l\ courtcs} ot the Rcwrcntl ()hathah Stcppcrmollc lll .lllti .lohn (iortlon. Susan \lot‘t'tsott lakes t'hargc ot tllt‘ ttt’rtt‘t't‘tltttg\.

The Bedlam lmproverts tit-alarm llttfitltt'. lll‘ lilhlrt l’lau‘. Uh" i.

lttinn. t; i rL'ISttr. latt- rrrgiht laughter

Ilt\o|\ in}: lllllk h .rurlrt'nt'r- [tartrt'rpatrorr

tlrurrla-n rut-Ir} and spontaneous t'onrt-tl}



Dundee Comedy Club Itrt- l)1r:_'lttttt\L'. l i ltroun Stir-cl. HI KS3 BRUSH. ‘tlnn. L5 rLll r. \o lrohls harrt-tl lrrrrrrorrr lronr lx’;r_\nrontl \lt'artrs. \‘.|llt hatlxrng; tronr _|.rrnrc Rolnrrxorr. ( irant (YRourla'. Ullt' opt-n spot and lt'Sllit'lll host ,loolt lil'oott.


The Stand 'l llk' Stantl. H§\\ootl|.rrrtl\ Road, rrs“rr (inn (rrrfii. up.” of I!_-ll \t-t- in II.

Madcap Comedy Club lht' \rart- liar. HS llollantl Sll‘u't. “I It“)

0. Winn. ‘5 (Hr. \o hohlx lxrrrt-tl hurnonr trorn R;l}lllHllti \lcatlrs v. rtlr .larnt-s ('arnphcll. Rit'hartl Snrrth .llltl porrrpcrc Hill} liorrlwrx,


Boom Boom! 'l hc 'l rorr. ‘) IIlllllt'l Squarc. 55“ l ilF. ‘tinn. Hill l)c\‘.ar antl Hrrarr llt'rnnyarr arc hails at it again \\ rth their .rt't‘larrnctl ‘l 'sclt'ss (illltlt' lo Scotlarrtl‘ show 'lt'tltl} antl .lohn littlcrohn \lalltlitltt in support urlh cornpcrc \lartnr l'tll'lt}.

The Stand lht' Stand. 5 \Vl'lh l’lat't'. 55S "3‘2, ‘lpm. L.“ t‘e-lt, .Su' l'tl ll. Ulll} .lanc Marita} gonna-res.