The Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Sat 19 May.

‘That was the club. I mean that was our clubbers’ club, that’s where we’d always gone and that was where we wanted to be. Then you get it and you think your dreams are all made, but you never know what’s round the corner and I’m still angry about it now.’ Tencini, the resident DJ and promoter of progressive to hard house night Mondo was one of those several sorely put out by the sudden closure of Wilkie House.

Having spent a considerable amount of money on promotion for their first birthday bash at Wilkie, he and fellow DJ/promoter Aldovos were given only three weeks’ notice to vacate the venue and find

other premises. Thankfully, Mondo has now secured a new residency at the Liquid Room and the re- scheduled birthday date will - earthquakes, floods and plagues of locusts withstanding - go ahead later this


With venue worries now behind them, the plan is to build upon success already enjoyed. The club’s ltalianate theme indicated by its name and the names of its residents (who for the record, can’t speak a word of Italian) - is set for a slight development. The club will still retain its roots in Italian house but will broaden the remit to welcome DJs from all over the globe. ‘We’ve had three ltalian DJs over but we’re trying to concentrate on the world aspect now and get DJs from as many countries as we can,’ says Tencini, carefully adding, ‘we might draw the line at guests from Australia because the flight would probably take up all

our profit.’

So far guests have included hard house heroine Rachel Auburn, tribal and Euro trance maverick


GLASGOW ROUND UP Friday Street at Blackfriars, Fri 25 May; Goodfoot at the Riverside, Fri 1 Jun.

West-coast bias uSuaIIy suggests that when it comes to new mLiSic. the Weegies are in there first. With such a good track record. maybe Glasgow can be forgiven for being a bit backward on the northern soul front. Until now that is.

‘NOrthern SOul In Glasgow. unlike Edinburgh and Dundee. didn't happen in the 70s.' says Frank Murphy. enthuSiastic punter and occasional DJ. 'The alternative crowd then were more into funk and reggae.‘ That was until the mod-revival of the early 80$ finally injected SOul into the \elflS of the northern city. and it WOuId appear Glasgow is still hooked.

Goodfoot is the longest-serving perpetrator of northern SOUI in Glasgow. with its playlist also embraCing some spOradic ska. the occaSiOnal soundtrack gem and the Odd violent Hammond Organ swirl or two. No one night has had a bigger influence on the scene and every new northern night started in the city owes a debt to this trail-blazer. As Frank Murphy himself puts it. Goodfoot set the style'.

The latest event for all self-respecting mods and scooterists to be seen at !S Friday Street. which has Blackfriars overflowing on the last Friday of even

Sundissential resident Nick Rafferty

Flickman and the innovative Mark Gray from the reliably hard UK stable Tidy Trax. Despite many clubs choosing to stick to either hard or progressive house as these are the most popular styles of the moment,

Mondo wants to keep its options relatively open. ‘You


don’t know when one style is going to go and another style’s going to get too massive that you have to stop playing it. So we’re open to new styles but they always have to be hard, obviously.’ Yeah Tencini, well

On the subject of keeping things hard, the birthday date will feature notorious hard bag enthusiasts Nick Rafferty (Sundissential) and DJ Ziad (Trade) and will celebrate the launch of their new compilation mix CD 21st Century Hard House 2. Tencini’s slightly nervous however that Rafferty’s going to play a touch too fierce for his liking. ‘He’s definitely going to be hard,’ he says,

‘whereas I think Ziad’s more on the trance sort of

Scott Brown

month. 'Now is the best it's ever been for northern SOUl in Glasgow.' says promoter Michael Collins. 'Before. we sat back and didn't put nights on. but now there's something on every weekend. We're not involved for our own financial benefit. we're d0ing it because we love the music and want to keep the scene healthy.' Collins is also at the helm of Afterglow at Ad Lib which promises guest nonhern

.' " -‘ '-.~ 2 .. '..‘-

shows Kevin where the volume control is at Goodfoot

techno tip. But Nick, yeah. Good gosh, I’ll need my steel pants on that night.’ (Catherine Bromley)

_‘.uln:< .i',

scul DJs from England.

The future of nonhern sOui in Glasgow is pretty much aSSured then. with other respected club nights Divine and Tap Mei La keeping the torch burning bright. What '3 more. deSpite scurrilous aCCusations of anachronism levelled against the scene. the internet is new linking nOrthern SOUI networks across the globe. (Steven Clark)

Word up

The latest club news . . .

BIG BEAT, THE LEISURE group run by Scots tycoon Ron McCulloch has gone into receivership. Headquartered in Glasgow, the group operates 23 licensed premises (located mainly in Scotland but also including the Home franchise that has outlets in London and Sydney) and has an estimated turnover of approximately £26m. Receivers KPMG Corporate Recovery has announced over 250 enquiries and, given this level of interest, are confident that a satisfactory sale, either as a whole or as individual businesses, will go ahead in the near future.


and tec'vto S"D'.‘.'<i£if3(: 8' :ixi'v‘i: has ieft its new FOSSii’lt-E'Xfi, at flit? Venue alter cw, two o‘fztzia dates. Promoters o" T'T‘.) ’rxxgy standing night. noz'.’ approaching its s:xth l2Ir’i'i'li’ly have announced that Siiim've ‘v‘.’ll| be moving intr a fo'ti‘icy‘tl»,

residency at the Honeyctyiiu. a“) from Friday ‘- Jtine. The "rs: date wiii feature spec-a guest Oliver Leib. the second date June ‘.‘.’lil be the birthday has." with guests stiii if) we annoui‘ce’l and the ti" 'iatr; i29 June “‘JUI\:'(? tl‘t: Out/f; ireduent and highy {JCIJ‘u'iél' guest Timc Maas tycfiircii A! in ali then it's set to or; a great start ’0’ Subiime at the Honeycomb.

ON THE SUBJECT of nights parting company with venues,Renegade Promotions (Pure, Vegas, Radio Babylon and Disco Inferno) has pulled its nights at the Attic after being told that its weekly Saturday club Nameless was no longer running due to disappointing numbers. This parting of the ways will mean that Renegade nights Mothership, Nameless and Rio have now ceased at the Attic, to resurface if and when other premises are secured.

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