Nic Cavendish hasn't quite grasped the essence of Four Play (we require four different pictures, each capturing the DJ with one single record) but he is rapidly gaining a great reputation for DJing in the capital. Resident at monthly showcase Upl, Nic is now also in demand at Mingin’, Acetate and at parties for Flying Rhino Records for his distinctive blend of sexy, progressive trance.

Lift: ‘Nations’ (Bluestone Records) 'l ><:<:p. grooving track

at :u: rill to a 'l‘t:lt)’ll(i S‘xl/tttplltflly and v,ll‘tllxt:lllfrtléllltltfilfltfl

it ~- 1‘

Musica: ‘Hydrogen Rockers (Vocal Mix)’ (Plastica) Sexy vocal '.'.“nt<:h l|( let: a ll ttilxllltl iillltlelSSllllt}.

tlf‘ll‘tJ t‘lt:‘.'t-t tvonatmaott. llitt; is;

Saints & Sinners: ‘Pushin’ Too Hard’ (Bedrock) 'One ol Bedrock's oldet tunes; boasting a superb

b; ssline and a n‘elotly which llllS you

Genesis: ‘Cass Cerebral Noodles

EP’ (Fire Records) Hanging out on

the darker end of the spectrum, this taxistetl piece of musm: starts as nothing. builds and then explodes

I The next Un’ IS at the Venue Itop floor», Edinburgh on Fri 2:3 May.

86 THE LIST lj-l l.

Edinburgh Fridays, Club

OKeep It Moving at ligo.

lltillpm 3am. £S t£"i. ll May only. The latext aural adyenture lrom tlte lleadxpttt ereyy bringx ux a wry. \ery xpeetal guext tn tlte lortn ol l).| 'l'ouehe lrom The Wixeguyx. With httx ax ltttge ax ‘()o |.a l.a‘ and ‘Start The (‘ommotion' on the highly rexpeetable Wall ()l Sottnd label. you ean t'ext axxured that tlttx man ix bigger than big beat and ittxt about ax lttnky ax .lamex Broun'x underpantx. Support in the main room eomex lrom (’olin .Millar attd l)a\a atid young Steye .v\uxtin \\ ill be taking eare ol buxinexx in the doyynxlail'x lounge. See llillixt.

I Keep It Unreal at ligo. lit-tttonthly. Ne\t date S .lttn.

I Loop at The Wee Red Bar hax noyy linixlled.

I Lost at Stttdio 24. Monthly. Ne\t date I .lttn.

I Majestica at Noa. Monthly. lllfillpm 3am. £5. 35 .May. Monthly. Next xhoyyeaxe dedieated to playing only the linext in l'unky. \oeal houxe. Rexidentx 'lt'eyor (i t'laxte baek roomt and Bruno li—K are Joined by xpeeial guext Andy .luniortl.u\ely l in tlte main roont. \yhile Shakti. l,ogrey and lid l) take it on a progrexxiy e tip through the baek.

OManga at La Belle .v\ngele.

lllflllpm 3am. £1“ (£8). l8 .May. Monthly. Taking a break lrom the big boyx in drttnt & baxx. Manga manage- ment xee the xenxe in xhoyyeaxing the xtat‘x ol tomorroyy attd l).l :\—Sidex ix one ol' the guyx burning tip the laxt traek. With o\ er 35o tttnex under hix belt tinder axxorted aliaxex. :\-Sidex ix one ol‘ tlte leyy dtkb l).lx to eombine a hip hop ltixto- ry “ith a luturixtie otttlook. lle'x joined by the up-and-eoming M(' l-'atx ol ‘('ra/y Vll" lame and by the rexident l)Jx (i- Mae. Kid and The (ieneral. See llillixt. I Modern Lovers at the ('oeteatt l.ottnge tdoyynxtairx at ligoi. Monthly. Ne\t date I Jim.

I Mothership at The Attic littx now linixhed. See \Vord l'p lot‘ lttll detailx.

I Nature at The Attic. Ne\t date the. I PillbOX til Studio 34. Monthly. ll)..‘\llpm 3am. £0 tton-memlwrx: £(i memberx. IX .May. Monthly. (iird your loinx l'or another l'ttnky to lieree teehno xexxion. thix month l’eaturing rexidentx llyyatxong. .l-l.oop and .lohnny Metronie in the main room. \yltile Niek Brannon lindx a more doyy'n-lentpo grooy e in the upxtairx lounge with liy e aetx Solar l’erplexux and 'l'ranxgenie.

I Planet Earth at The ('itrux (Tub. l()..‘x()pm 3am. £4. Weekly. The \aried muxieal delightx ol the 70x and Sllx. \\ ith a partieular xtrexx laid on that madeap magie knoyyn ax dixeo. No xmoking at the bat' pleaxe.

I Radio Babylon at La Belle Angele. Monthly. Next date I Jun. See Thu l'or detailx on the Radio Babylon ()l'l'teial ()rbital Alter-Party.

I Rampage it! The Wee Red Bar. Monthly. Next date I .lun.

I Reflex at ligo. llptn 3am. £8 (£7). 25 May. Monthly. Jaek yottr body to xome xliek tech-houxe gt'ooy ex xupplied by xpeeial guextx (ieorge T and Nathan (‘olex tliukahouxei and the rexidentx l.aurie and (‘hrix.

I Resistance at The Venue tltmer tyyo lloot'xl. Monthly. Next date the.

I RhOMbUS ill The Venue (loyy‘er lyyo lloorxi. ll).3tlpm 3am. £7 (Hit. 25 May. Monthly. In the main room. loeal hero Jo .Malik getx it together in aja//. lunk. reggae and xoul xty -|ee \\ ith a little help lrom l‘elloyy guext l)emonear. Down in the eooler. Antidote. Bill Spiee. (‘.\' and Day id Bernard xample all manner ol~ boogie doyy n breakx.

I Rio at The :\ttie hax no“ linixhed. See Word l'p l'or lttll detailx.

I Roadblock at l’o Na Na.

l lpm 3am. £3. Weekly. Nieei l" xtopx the traltie in bad tnuxie \\ hen xhe digx up the bext in lttnk. dixeo. houxe attd bloek roekin‘ beatx.

I Senses at Noa. lllpm 3am. £5 t£4r IS May. Monthly. Speeial guext Mareo Stnith toinx rexidentx Jak and Day e l’etrte lor xome quality teeh to hard home in the tnain rootn. Through the baek. Tim Makin and l)omi dixh the deep houxe delight

I Shift at Noa. Monthly. Ne\t date S .lun.

I Skill! at The (iayendixh.

lllfillpm 3am. £4 belore midnight; £5 alter. Weekly. The night lortnerly kno\\n ax the Matnbo (’lub tmdergoex a re- branding e\ereixe and beeome Skill/. 'l'hanklully. the name ix the only ehange ax Sir ()xxie. M(' and TNT are xtill

proy iding the bext in reggae. ragga. xottl. lunk. rap. hip hop and Rth l'or their dedicated crowd.

I Spectral ttl Wee Red Hat.

llpm 3am. £5 (Ht. ll May. Monthly. l‘olloyying laxt month'x xueeexxlul launch. l’hil l)iekxon and Day e .'\nderxon return \\ ith their quality blend ol' deep houxe and teehno. (‘heek your attitttde at the door beeauxe llte altnoxpltet‘e ltet'e ix loo lt'iendly l'ot' ixxttex.

I Streetlife at The Honey eomb hax noyy linixhed.

I Sublime at The Honey eomb. Ne\t date 1 Jun \y ith xpeeial guext ()li\ er l.eib. I Sugar at The Honey eotnb hax noyy linixlted.

I Summit at Noa. lllpm 3am. £4 tall proeeedx to eharity l. l I May. Monthly. .-\tmoxpherie houxe and lunk xhenaniganx lrom l)Jx Rob. Roy and 'l'reyor (i tTaxte back room). lixpeeially niee beeauxe the needy innoeent \\ ill benelit lrom your hay ing inn and getting traxhed.

I Texture at La Belle .-\ngele.

l lpm 3am. £5 belore midnight; £0 alter. ll May. Monthly. (ieorge Mitehell attd Martin Spenee ol up-eoming loeal label Texture Reeordx hoxt a rexidentx night ol' progrexxiy e to teeh-hottxe. ll you‘d like to xample the Texture xollnd belore ltol looting it down to the elub. aurally peruxe \yyy wtexturereetit‘dx.eom at your leixure. I Underground Solu’shn at The lloneyeomb. ll).3(lpm 3am. £7 t£5i. IX May. Monthly. Shop axxixtantx (ieorge T & Sitnone (Tribal l-tmktionl. Ritehie Rulil'tone & l.y ley (Seratelt) and (lay Sutherland tl-ttdge l’ingerxi ttot only yyork the eounter ol lidinburgh'x eoolext reeord xtore but they alxo nou \mi'k the deek'x at thix xyyinging hip hop to ltmk and houxe party.

I Up! at The Venue (lop liloot'l. [0.30pm 3am. £lx’ (£7). 25 May. Monthly. l’rogt‘exxiye tranee joek'x Nie ('ayendixh and Alan Jamex tltroyy the doorx wide open to their lt'ixky' eil‘ettx onee again. They're armed ax alyyay x with the neeexxary props lor the party. ineluding the houney eaxtle and the drexxing-up box. See l’our Play.

I UTI presents at Studio 24 (ttpxlail‘xl. Monthly. Next date I Jun. OWaxworks at The Honey eomb. lllpm 3am. £7. l I May. Monthly. The legendary l)J ('oxmo lrom inlttltlotlx Neyx York ltolxpotx The l.olt and Body & Sotil xidlex down to play xome ol‘ that dixeo houxe xhe knoyyx baek to limit. :\x it goex. the night ix a bit baek to hunt because me” he playing in the haek t‘ootn alongxide .Mr Todd (Higher (iroundi and (‘olin ('ook and (iareth Sommeryille ol‘ l'ltragrooye lame. In the l‘ront room. it’x a 4-deek‘ lt'eakout in a tank. dth and hip hop xtylee \yith guext l)J llaryey (Minixtry Of Sound) and The Squalor Show. See llillixt.

I Zealous at Studio 2-1 (dou'nxlairx). l().3(lpm~3am. £5. 25 May. Monthly. llardeore xkatepunk and induxtrial xoundx eourtexy ol‘ xome liye protagonixtx and l)Jx l)unk. lqy and ('laire. Thix month liye aetion eomex l‘rom ()tit By Degreex and '/.illah.

Chart & Party

I Canned Heat at (iaia. lllpm 3am. £2 belore midnight; £3 alter. Weekly. 1)] Harry Let’x (io (Bootnhoxl lay x on the pop and partied-up lunk. dixeo and houxe tunex. Plux Double Zero upxtairx iii the

lounge \\ ith a xure-xhot xeleetton ol' l'tmk. big beat and drtttn tk b.txx.

I Club Tropicana at The Sttbyyay Wext lind. 4pm 3am. l-ree belore llpm; £3 t£l t alter. Weekly. l’oxt-“ork party

\\ ith a llayyauan theme. Sadly the drinkx are not tree.

I Fridays at (‘lub .laya. 5pm 2am. l-ree belore lllplil'. £5 alter. \\ eekly. The xumptuoux xurroundmgx ol' l.eith'x lu\urtoux elub \entte .tlloyy l'ot' \\ ild abandon on the do“ nxtait'x daneelloor or more xedate gomgx on in the eoml'ortable upxtatrx lounge. l)rmkx promox enxure al'l’ot'dable pleaxttre either way.

I Fusion at lirox/liltte. ‘lfillpm 3am. £4 t£3i belore llpm; £5 (£4) belore midnight; £h l £5) alter. Weekly. Home and garage httx at thix behemoth or a \enue W illi oeeaxional ll\ e l’.-\\ an added bonux.

I Gorgeous at l.oea. lllpm 3am. liree belore midnight: £3 (£3 with llyert alter. Weekly. (iet ready to pump that party at thix mainxtream ehart allatt'.

I Jam at The l'nion. llpiit 3am. £3. Weekly. The biggext party tunex lt'ont t'eeent deeadex II] the tnain rootn plttx xotne big beat. ltutk and indie through the back.

I Night To Remember at The ('ayendixh. lllpm 3am. to Weekly. 01' not. giy en the all too reaxonable drinkx promox on ol'ler. ()\ er 25x.

I The Subway at The Sulmay.

0pm 3am. l-‘ree belore l lpm'. £3 t£li alter. Weekly. See Till“.

I T.F.I. Friday at The Ark. 4pm 3am. l-‘ree belore Illpm; £4 (£2) alter. Weekly. You'ye worked hard. noyy reyyard yourxell' \\ ith a maxxiy e drinking and daneing xexxion at the ultimate alter Work party.

I The Time Tunnel at (‘Iuti Mereado. lllpm 3am. £5 (£4 \yith l'lyer). Weekly. Trendy Wendy. Sltoyybi/ law and Betty l’ord dixrupt the xpaee-time eontinttum \y ith tunex lt‘ont the ()(l\. 7()x and Xllx. Or maybe it‘x jttxt the aleohol. I Why Not? at Why Not'.’ Illpm 3am. l’ree belore l lpm; £5 alter. Weekly. Mainxtreant eharl and dixeo \\ ith Neil Donald and ('raig Me:\rtney at thix popular eity eentre name.

I Yum Yum at Reyolttlion. lllpm 3am. £5 £7. Weekly. (hurt and danee night at tltix heay ing mexx ol humanity.

Edinburgh Saturdays


I Baracoa at Bat'aeoa. 9pm lam. l‘ree. Weekly. Big Beat'x Simon llodge donx hix xombrero and gaueho mottxtaelte ltll' a xeot‘eltio xeleetion oi l.atin layouritex.

I Cuba Norte at ('uba Norte.

lllpm lam. liree. Weekly. llol xttlxttl ll‘x Saturday and that meanx. er. hot xalxa at thix epieentre ol all thingx Latin.

I DJRed6 8. Friends at RUle

9pm lam. Free. Weekly. The homiex lrom lil Segundo xhoyyeaxe top quality [K and underground l'S hip hop.

I EH1 at lilll. ‘)pm lam. l-‘ree. Weekly. Nu-ja/I daddy Bob ('airnx xlipx on xome ol’ thoxe \\ iggy :Mt'o-bealx and breakx that he likex xo mueh t l2 May i. \yhile Ali ('ampbell xltoyyettxex xome ol~ the ltinky' houxe tt'eatx hiding in hix reeord box t l‘) May i.

I Electric Barbarella at llolyt‘ood l'nion. 8pm lam. £3 t£l l. l2 May. Monthly. (ireat il~ xadly mixleading name l'or thix xtudent orientated pre-elub that xpeeialixex in the general realmx of 70x and Sllx hitx u ith l).lx Mark. Jamex and (ieordie.

I Extra Width at Q Bar ttltm-nxtairxi. 8pm lam. l-‘ree. Weekly. New yyaye dixeo ti.e. all your layourite indie ltitxi \y ith rotational l)Jx (irainne. Keiron and l’laxMatron (Moguai ).

I Freeway at W] ('hrixtiex tbaxement). 9pm lam. l‘ree. l2 May. Monthly. llighly exeiting pre-elub hoxted by llobbex. HR and (‘ixeo. \Ve'd like to think it'x named alter the dog in Hart To Hart but it'x more likely the name deriyex