from the freesty le nature of the music policy.

I Frisco Disco at l’opRokit.

()pm lam. Free. I‘) May. Fortnightly. Martin Valentine and Stex en Wanless pump otit the deep and funky house.

I Funk And Disorderly at The (‘iiy ('afe. ()pm lam. I” .May. Fortnightly. Yogi ‘l)a Beat" llaugliton supplies the yery best in dancelloorja/l. R&B and yocal garage.

I Greazed Up at The spider‘s weh. Monthly. Next date lo May.

I Headspin at Bam Boti. ‘)pm lam. Free. Weekly. ('onfucius say this new ()riental style bar got plenty good hip hop and funky stuff with (‘olin Millai' and “ma.

I Illgotronik at Meadow s Bar.

()pm lam. l'i'ec. l3 May. Monthly. lilectro music fan (‘yi'ix aka Patrick H hosts a soirec where old-school bleepy‘ stuff meets cutting edge techno.

I Immersed In Music at l’iyo. 9pm lam. Free. Weekly. Stuart Duncan of Atomic Baby infamy showcases his cutting-edge pt‘ogt'essiye holise style (12 May). while young l)ay id Begg plays some funky grooy'es for the drinkers to shimmy totl‘) May).

I Made In Iguana at lgtiaiia.

0pm lani. Free. Weekly. ('olin (‘ook (t'ltragrooy‘e) plays some real house music. from the experimental to the touin and tribal with random Latin influences thrown in for good measure. This fortnight. he's joined by Tribal Funktion fella (ieorgc T. w ho now makes highly successful jackin' house records on his own imprint l’ohm l’ohin Records (l‘) May).

I NY Mambo at The Ark. 7.307 l0pm. £5. Weekly. NY mambo dance classes for beginners and intermediate enthusiasts. with a feisty club night to follow should you so choose.

I Oxygen at ()xygeii. ()pm lam. Free. Weekly. Lisa 'l'lioiiipson (Nature) and Steve Atistin (lleadspin) entertain the weekend ei'owds with their beats. breaks and funky house ftisioii thing.

I Squalor Show at l’opRokit.

()pin lam. Free. l2 May. Fortnightly. An old-school beats and breaks selection from experienced jocks around toth Well Stirred atid l)J Frosty.

I Sub-Atomic at Bar l'nion (formerly Bliss). 0pm lani. Free. Weekly. A selection of the Atomic Baby backroom boy s (Scott Brown. Bruce Nicholson. Stey'ie Wilson and Scott MacKen/ie) play a frisky range of LS house and garage.

I UrbannHangSuite at Bann‘s.

I lpm—3am. Free. Weekly. Light \egetarian snacks served to a swinging soundtrack from Saf? Sap. pltis guest l)Js from (hand (‘entraL Fat ('ity. Tummy 'l‘ouch atid Pork Recordings.

I Yush! at the City (‘afe. 9pm “lam. Free. IQ May. Fortnightly. A]. (head honcho behind lidinburgh's leading hip hop label. Yush Recordings) selects the upbeat hip hop. ftiiik and ragga. lle’s

joined by the fresh prince of R& B. the

Mad Ambassador.


I @ at Noa. l0.30pm—.‘~am. £7. 12 May. Monthly. With no details confirmed at time of going to press. you‘re sure of a big surprise if you go down to this new house and garage night. We can surmise that it will. at the very least. be fairly funky in a two room capacity type way.

I Acetate at The Liquid Room. Monthly. Next date 2 Jun.

I Ascension at Holyrood l'nion. l0..‘~0pm- 3am. £3 (£2). I‘) May. Monthly. In association with lidinburgh t'niy'ersity 's (ioth and Rock Society comes this cheery tnix of tip-to-date darkness geared towards people who like wearing black.

I Atomic Baby at La Belle Angelc. Monthly. Next date In .May.

I Blast at (‘lub Mercado. l lpm—3am. £l() (£8). It) May. Fortnightly. The

infamous lluggy Burger Queen and his trusty sidekick Markell throw caution to the w ind once again at their rooflraisiiig. funky glaiiifest. lfyou fancy starting early. check the pre-club at Acanthus.

I Boogie Mo’ Dynamo a \enue (tbc). Next date in Jul.

I 0.0. Blooms at (‘.(‘. Blooms. l0.30pni 3am (bar from bpm ). Free. Weekly. DJ Ally is back again with more of her trademark high-camp-ttt-house decknical expertise at this always lioachiiig gay yentie.

I Cream at The Venue (all floors). Monthly. Next date 2o May.

I Deep Sensation at Noa. Monthly. Next date 26 May with a BBli Records Party.

I Digital at The Place has now finished.

I Disco Inferno at ligo. Monthly. Next date 2 Jun.

I District at Noa. Monthly. Next date 2 Jun.

I Divine Divas at The \'enue (top floor). l0pni 3am. £6 (£4). l2 May. Monthly. The diyas celebrate their fourth birthday in style with special guest 1)] 'l‘rendy Wendy. A mistress of many styles. Wendy cati camp it up with the best of ‘em btit she can also be quite the classy customer when she wants so expect Varied iiiusical gems from lidiiiburgh's infamous girl D].

I The Egg at The Wee Red Bar.

llpm 3am. £4 (£3.50). Weekly. Still the best tnix of indie. ()(ls garage. Northern soul. ska and soundtracks you're likely to stagger across.

I Essential at The Liquid Room. l0.30piii 3am. £(i (£5). l2 May. Monthly. Deep t'S garage and funked-up house courtesy of Key iii Jones and Martin \t'alentine.

I Eye Candy at (‘lub Mercado.

l lpm 3am. £l() (£8): £6 iii fancy dress. l2 May. l-‘ortnightly'. Residents (it'aeme l’opstar. Neiat Barton and Neil ('rookston host their infamous. glam house party. Remember to ‘l)ress glam or scrain'.

I Fiesta Latina at Tey‘iot Row t'nion. 9.30pm 2am. £4.50 (£3.50). 26 May. Monthly. Salsa. mambo. rumba. merengue. y'allenato. cuiiibia and son all under one sweaty roof at this liesty fiesta of a Latin dance party.

I Freefall Edinburgh at The Honeycomb. Monthly. Next date 2 Jun. I Headspin at The Bongo ('lub. l0.30pm-3ani. £7. It) May. Monthly. What with all these great guests lleadspin hay'e been haying recently (Martin Brew. t'naboinbers ete.). we're in dire need of a residents night to remind usjust how talented (‘olin Millar and Stey'e Austin really are. Luckily. they'ye realised the urgency too. so get ready for their superior blend of hip hop. funk and soul with support in a free range y'ein frotii Dam and Trendy Wendy tlirotigli the back.

I Hell On Earth at The Venue (top floor). l0..‘\0pmi-3am. £5 (in ady'ance from Flip Basement and (iround

(‘ontrol ): £6 on the door. It) May. Monthly. Liyc rock mayhem with local acts Benn and Taunt from 8.30pm and then hair shaking. groin thundering action on the dancefloor from I lpm. lixpect everything from stadium rock to nu-metal classics and a strict no pop throughout. As a special bonus. this month sees the inclusion of a kinky torture chamber and rather painful acts of heresy that include the diseinbowelment of a priest on a hand-crafted crucifix. ()uch.

I Inside Out at The Liquid Room. Monthly. Next date 26 May.

I IT at The Honeycomb. l0pm-~3am. £l5. 12 May. Fortnightly. Defected Records night featuring yery special guests Seamus llaji and Smokin Jo. who shall no doubt work it in a tough but funky house style. The residents fortunate enough to share the decks with the luminaries are: lltiggy Burger Queen. Craig Smith. Jon Mancini. atid Yogi Haughton. Arriye early to avoid tears.

I Joy at ligo. l0..‘~0pm 3am. £l0 t £.\‘). I: May. Fortnightly. Maggie and Alan seryc tip some good solid. meaty house in the main room while Trendy Wendy and Sally Finlay stir up a saucy mix of chart. pop and garage in the downstairs suite. (iay. friendly and fun.

I Keb Darge’s Legendary Deep Funk at The Venue. Next date 3 Jtiii.

I Last Night A DJ Stole My Wife at Po Na Na. l lpm 3am. £3. Weekly. DJ 4th Varmint. keeping it real with the old skool to nu skool beats thing.

I Latin Explosion at The Mambo ('lub. 10pm 3am. £5. Weekly. Your weekly dose of high octane Latin rhythms (run exclusiyely by women). with dance classes starting at 0pm for beginners and for more experienced salsa aficionados at l0pm (priced £4 which includes entry to the club).

I Latino Loco at til Barrio.

l0pm > 3am. Free. Weekly. The original Latino chart party continues with the freshest beats from the barrio from 1)] Hector and his Latin posse.

I Luscious at (‘lub Jaya.

9.30pm 2am. £(t (£5 with taxi receipt). l2 May. Monthly. Brand new LR and LS garage night hosted by Shabba. DJ Dan and DJ lnnoy'ator. lit a bid to encourage city centre clubbers down Leith way. you'll notice if you catch a cab to the venue. the door charge is £l cheaper.

I Luvely at the Honey comb. l0pm5am. £l() (£8). l‘) May. Monthly. Funky to hard house iii the main rooiii from guest DJ Tasty Tim and some slick. y'oeal house through the back at Edinburgh‘s highly hedonistic weekend party. Make a big effort on your ensemble for this one ‘cause the dress code is decidedly fetish and arrive early to guarantee entry.

I The Mambo Club at The ('ay'endish. l0pm-3am. £4 before midnight: £5 after. Weekly. The highly respected mix of reggae. ragga. R&B. rap and hip hop continues to be one of the strongest nights for music of black origin iii town.

I Messenger Sound System at The Bongo ('lub. llpm—3am. £7. l2 May. Fortnightly. M(‘ Bro ('ulture guests at the capital's leading roots and dtib reggae showcase. packing one of the most ferocious sound systems known to man and one of the most dedicated crowds known to clubbing.

I Mingin’ at Studio 24 (upstairs). l0.30pm--3am. £5. It) May. Fortnightly. No-nonseiise. gay-friendly clubbing where it’s the hard house and sexy trance froin the residents Brian Deinpster and Alan Joy that matters and not the decor. dress code or attitude. Altogether a good place to let your hair down then.

I The Mission at Studio 24.

l lpm~3ain. £5 (£4). l2 May. Fortnightly. Astoundingly popular haunt for the alternateens of the capital featuring three rooms of up-to-date

listings Clubs

darkness: head upstairs toi goth and industrial goingsson. to the mam tlooi for rock. nu metal and guitarbased sounds and tip to the wee fioiit toom toi general weirdness. sometimes on a skate. punk or indie slant.

I Mondo at The l iqtiid Room

10pm 3am. £l0t£S). I" May Monthly First birthday spectactilai teatiii‘iiig the launch of .‘/\I ('t'rtlitrx His/ii [/4 ittyi .‘ with guest l).ls Nick Raffeity anle Xiad. The music policy ‘s self explanatory then and if you want to w in free entry to the club and get a tiee di ink when you ai'riye. email

mondow yourdisposal.co.tik and yoti could be one of 50 lucky recipients See l’i'ey icw.

I Nameless at The Attic has now finished. See Word l'p foi ttill details.

I Oxygen at Studio 34. lllpm iam Members £S before midnight. £l() altei; non-members £l() befoic midnight. U after. I” May. Fortnightly. Residents .loliaii and Sarah (B (Stindissential) woik the wildly hedonistic. glamiiied up ciowd into a liai'd hottsc fi‘en/y. The dress theme this month is Alice in ('liibland so .Mad Hatters. ('hcshirc (‘ats and \\ hite Rabbits are all welcome.

*3 Phosphoresence at The Venue (lower two floors). |0piii 3am. LS it") I: .May. Monthly. l'il'sl birthday bash that's also quite a coup for the tie dye contingency at this psychedelic trance night because they ’ye only gone and booked the Munro brothers from flying Rhino Records. James and (‘harlie will be going head to head on 4 decks in the main room. while llobbes tl‘iidei'woi'd) and lilix (Sublime) go all freestyle in the ('oolet‘. See llitlist.

I Posh at (’Iub .laya. Monthly. Next date 3 Jtiii.

I Progression at The Liquid Room. Next date 35 .liiii.

I The Project at The Bongo ( ‘lub. Monthly. Next date 3 .liiii.

I Promise at ligo has now finished.

I Raw at La Belle Angelc.

10.30pm 3am. £8 (£o). I: May. Monthly. ('hunky. funky house music supplied by Neil McDonald and Ben Mc('abe. Reminiscent ol the good “ole day s of clubbing.

33 Rotation at The Venue (lower two floors). lllfillpm 5am. £9 (£7 members). l‘) May. Monthly. No. 3 oii the list of famous things that hay e originated from Belgium (after Mtissels and .lean—(‘laude \'an l)amme) ('J Bolland guests at iliis superior house and techno showcase. Bolland's quite the tiger when it comes to hard. funky techno and the last time he played with Rotation. a whole lot of fun was had by all. Support comes from Mitchell and .l. ('aiiimera on the main floor. while (ieorge T and Maxx (( ‘amel Beats) do their jackin' house thing in the (‘ooleit See llitlist.

. Ruff Kuts at The Venue (top floor) Monthly. Next date tbc.

I Scratch at The Venue (low er two floors). Monthly. Next date 3 Jun.



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