('Iassilied I'or more iitlo.

I Salsa Experience at Baracoa. 10pm Iain. Free. Weekly. l.atiito grooy es to tttake you salsa. w itlt daitce classes from Sattt.


I C.C. Blooms at ('.(3. Blooms. 10.30pm 3am tbar Irottl 6pm). Free. Weekly. Take a step back iit tittte to 60s. 70s. 80s aitd early 90s times at this gay clttb.

I Flava (formerly Motherfunk) at The Venue. I Ipitt 3am. Free. Weekly. Now re-itaitted I‘ttitk and sotil rtigltt. ltosted by ()li. Beatty attd Felix. witlt boo/e promos a pleitty.

I Motherfunk at The lloiteycoittb. Free. Weekly. (lino aitd Fry er break ottt tlte Itittk pipes aitd cotttIy sottl slippers as they make themselyes at Itonte itt tlte salubrious surrouttds ol' lidiitburglt's Itottest Itotspot. Please note that this is the original Motherltittk so it's rammed every week aitd early arriy'al ensures entry.

I Oaxaca at l’o Na Na. I Ipttt 3am. Free. Weekly. l.atitto Itiitk night witlt a ttattte tltat ittakes yott sound like you‘re coughing tip a kitty Itir ball. (ieared towards pleasittg tlte student tttarket.

I Chart & Party

I Shagtag at (iaia. 10pm» 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. Alcohol-I‘ueIIed I‘Iirtittg (aided aitd abetted by drinks promos) via the infamous rtttittber-based introductions system. Please note there‘s tree tequila aitd champagne tor the IIoo/ie with the most requests.

I The Subway at The Subway. 9pitt-~3aitt. Free for students witlt tttatricttlatiott card; £1 otherwise. Weekly. See 'I‘hu.

I The Subway West End at The Sttbway West Iiitd. 7pitt—3ant. Free for students with ittatricttlatioit card: £1 otherwise. Weekly. Themed party ttights every week. ol'I'eriitg cltart pap. clteap booze attd pri/es.


I Ad-Lib I l I Hope Street. 248 6645. I Air Organic 36 Kely'iitgroy'e Street. 564 5201.

I Alasksa I42 Batlt Lane. 248 1777. I Archaos 25 Queen Street. 204 3189. I The Arches Midland Street 1611‘ Jamaica Street). 0901 022 0300.

I Asylum 70 (‘owcaddeits Road. 332 068I.

I Babaza 25 Royal Iixchaitge Square. 204 0IOI.

I Bennet’s 80 (ilasslord Street. .552 576I.

I Blackfriars 36 Bell Street. 552 5924.

I Bonkers Ilope St. 248 5884.

I Brel 39 Ashtott Lane. 342 4966.

I Brunswick Hotel I()6--I08 Brunswick Street. 5520001.

I Budda 142 St Vincent Street. 221 5660.

I Caledonlan University Student Union (Asylum) 7t) (‘owcaddeits Road. 332 0681.

I The Cathouse 15 l'nion Street. 248 6606.

I Cleopatra’s 508 Great Western Road. Kelviitbridge. 334 0560.

1Ivelub Budda 142 St Vincent St. 221 2.13.

I The Cran 1038 Argyle Street. 248 688I.

I Cul De Sac Ashton Lane. .334 8899.

I Eat Drink Man Woman 34—44 King St. 552 9227.

I Flrebird I321 Argyle Street. 334 0594.

I Fury Murry’s 96 Maxwell Street. 221 651 l.

Edinburgh Wednesdays


I The Departure Lounge at l’opRokit. 9.30pm laitt. Free. Weekly. .»\ compact cabin crew. comprised ol' ('aptaiit llarry Ainswortlt and trolley dolly I)usty Heights. iityites you to Itop aboard ait interstellar e\cursiott irtto qtii/land. Please note that the new League has recently got underway aitd the final tor the last one is being held on 30 May w ith 4 flights to .-\itts1erdaiit tip Ior grabs.

I Excursions at Iguana. 9pm 1am. Free. Weekly. Rotational residents (i- Mac tMattga). (iary Mac tSuintite). (‘oIitt Millar attd Adam Bray tIIeadspiit) demonstrate their aitta/iitg decksterical versatility iit the Iields oI druiti ts bass. hip Itop. I‘tiitk aitd breaks.

I First Contact at I’iyo. 9pm Iaitt. Weekly. Mellow mid-week drttttt ts bass with the delectable I)J Now.

I Headzeint at lilll. 9pm laitt. Free. Weekly. IIip Itop. Itittk aitd electrobeats courtesy oI' Michael attd (iary.

I Hot Charanga Sauce at Q Bar. 8pm Iattt. Free. Weekly. Staggering though it may seem. the di\i11e (‘arlos Penn and his tour-piece combo are now spicing tip the Q Baron a weekly basis. Allegedly.

I The Merry Pranksters at the Meadows Bar. 9pm laitt. Free. 23 May. Fortnightly. Roan Layery' (()t'bital 'I‘ottr DJ attd resident at Radio Babylon) entertains the coIotirI'ul customers w itlt all sorts of electro l‘urtky'ttess.

I Nocturnal at Baitt Bott. 9pm Iain. Free. 16 May. Fortnightly. latt ()wettson aka Ii.\'() tMtt/ik Bedroom Bedlam winner) l'ttses itti-skool breaks. garage aitd drum 6‘; bass at this swanky new pre- club.

I Oxygen at ()xygett. 8pm Iattt. Free. Weekly. This popular bar now hosts a student party pt‘e-cltib every week with ridiculoust cheap boo/e attd Itltik‘y

I The Garage 491) Sattcltieltall Street. 332 1 121).

I Glasgow School of Art 167 Reitl'rew Street. 332 0691.

I Glasgow University Union 32 t7itiy'ersity Avenue. 339 8697.

I Groucho St Judes 19(1 Batlt Street. 352 8800.

I 92 474 Sauchiehall St (behind the (iarage). 353 3| 1 I.

I Havana 50 Hope Street. 248 4466. I Life (basement of Corinthian). 191 Ittgrattt Street. 552 11111.

I The Lighthouse 56 Mitcltell Street. 22l 6362

I The Living Room 5 Byers Road.

339 85I I. I MAS 29 Royal Iixchartge Square. 221 7080.

I Nice ‘n’ Sleazy 421 Sattcltieltall Street. 333 9637

I O’Henry’s I)rury Street. 2-18 375 I. I Planet Peach 34 Queen Street. 226 8990.

I Polo Lounge 84 Wilson Street. 553 1221.

I Queen Margaret Student Union 22 t'itiyersity (iardeits. 339


I Beds. 375 SaticItieltall Street. 331 I635.

I Riverside Club Fox Street. 569 7287.

I Rocksy’s Basement 4() New Sneddon Street. Paisley. 552 5791.

I The Shack 193 Pitt St. 332 7522. I Soba l l Mitchell Street Lane. 204 2404.

I Spy Bar Bath Street. 221 7711.

I Strawberry Fields 56 ()swald Street. 221 7871.

I The Studio. 1084 South St. Scotstoun. 401 1751).

house troitt Izyc (‘andy 's ( itaellle Mcleait.

I Salsa con Cabor at 1:1 Barrio 8pm 3am. I-ree. \\eek1y. .loiit .r IlttsI o1 guest l)Js at this sw iitgiitg l.aItII party where the tequila runs like water

I Salsa Variations at littl'dc‘tkt. 8pm Iaitt l-ree. \Veekly. I).I Mikayel plays the l.attito giooy es lo ittake you salsa with dance classes iit ettlter a ('oluittbiait or ('ubait style.

I Son de Rumba at (‘ellai Bar No I l0pttt Iaitt. l’ree. \Veekly. ()ite ot the pioneering l.atiit rtttisic nights and still the best selection o1 itott coittitterctal gi‘ooyes courtesy oI l).| lattiique.

I Tango at 'l he ( )tttltotise itipstaiis ). 7.30 leitt. I't'ee. \Veekly. lttlortnal tango night w itlt tree beginners class Il'ollt 7.30pm.


I C.C. Blooms at (‘.(‘. Blooms. 10.30pm 3am that 1i‘oitt6pittt. l'tee. Weekly. A spot ol' iitidweek house action at this always busy gay club.

I Cerotonin at \thkie House has itow lIIo\ ed to a monthly l'rt slot at the Venue. I Fat Sam’s Swing Club at tagrr. 8pm I Iptit. £71L'5t. 16 May. Monthly. Jutttp‘iiyiitg action with Scotland's leading swing band plus I).I support ll'oltl tlte Vegas crew.

O Indigo Revisited at the Bongo (‘lub. I0pitt 3am. £4. 16 May only. Second session oI' tltis conscientious soiree wltere .-\l .l. proceeds go directly to the local ttteitittgitts Itllltl. .\'ot only is the night iii a good cause bttt it‘s also may good. with 6 by e bands hunting a big ‘ole ja/I/I'uitk jaittboree iii the main room. lollow ed by a DJ daitceoll iit both rooms. Arriye early or be leI't ottt iii the cold. and see llitlist.

I Kero-Scene—K2 at Studio 24.

I lpttt 3am. £1.50. \Veekly. Increasingly popular alteritatiye itigltt which sees l.eaI. Wally. lqy aitd l.i/ playing death. doom. heavy metal aitd e\treitte tunes.

I Tchai-Ovna 42 ()tago l.atte. 357


I 13th Note 260 ('Iyde Street. 243 2I77

I Trash 197 Pitt Street. 572 3372.

I The Tunnel 84 Mitchell Street. 264 l000.

I Variety Bar 40|Sauchieltall Street. 332 4449.

I The Velvet Rooms Sattcltieltall Street. 332 07.5.5.

I The Woodside Social Club 329 North \Vootlside Road. 337 I643.

I Yang 33 Queen Street. 248 8484.


I The Ark 3 Setttple Street. 229 3. I The Attic l)\t‘t"s ('Iose. ('owgate. 225 s3s2. '

I Bam Bou 66/67 South Bridge. 556 0200.

I Bann UK 5 Hunter Square. 226 l I I2. I Baracoa 7 Victoria Street. 225 58-16. I Bar Union 25 3/258 ('ow gate. .557


I La Belle Angele 11 Ilasttes (lose. 225 7536.

I The Bongo Club 14 New Street. 556 5204.

I Cavendish \Vest 'l‘ttllcrttss. 221' .3252. I C.C. Blooms 23 24 (it'eettside I’lace. 5569331.

I The Citrus (iriitdlay Street. 622 7086. I The City Cafe Blair Street. 2266125. I Club Java (‘oitttttercial Street. I.etth. 555 5622.

I The Cocteau Lounge (Ego), l’icardy Place. 478 7434.

I Cuba Norte I92 Morrison Street. 221 0499.

I Ego l’icardy Place. 478 7434.

I eh1 I97 Iltglt Street. 220 5277.

I El Barrio 104 west Port. 229 8805.

I Eros/Elite I‘otllltitltlllitrl’s. I)tiitdee Street. 228 I66l.

I Gaia 28 King's Stables Road. 229 9438.

listings Clubs

I Nectar .it \\ lty \ot has rtow tittislted

I Red .tt I‘o \a \a. I lpitt titt. l its. \\eekly III Harry I ets (tot >oittbo\) I‘IIIS llte eclectic lllto electiic .tl lllts stylish sotik bar

I Sleep at llte \tttc I Ipitt 3aitt L3 3.3 May I-orttttghtly Residents .|.tsoit ('oite/ aitd ls’icltic \alle11/ Itltelt real names 't ie\ rye the credible ittidweek clubbing e\pciteitce by play titg some up 1ioitt hard house .iitd ttaitce tor .t hedonistic c tow d

Chart 8 Party

I Carnal at llte t‘octeau lounge

lllpitt 3am Ltbc 16 May Moittltly Student night w itlt coitiitteicial eiitcitaritittettt including tlte l'ull Monty .rttd Stars In tout layes lltrttks pioittos will no dottbt assist tlte eittoyitteitt ol these wacky tapes.

I Midweek Mayhem at 'I lle liquid Is’ooiit. l0.30pitt 3.1111.l‘tt‘e\\1IIlllt.1Illc cai‘d betore I2. 30am; t2 otlterw lsc. \Veekly. ('Iteesy. cltarty chooits. cheap drink aitd good odds .tt coppiitg olt.

I Shark at l'.ltl\’l‘.lIIe. 9. 30pm 3am. t3 1122) beloi‘e l lpitt; t4 1(3) alter. \Veekly ‘Scotlaitd's biggest studeitt' night supplying the obligatory chart pap.

I Skint at the :\tk. 10; '11 3am t2 tIi'ee witlt [It'ool ol o\e1tll.tlI l. \Veekly. lille undisputed kirtg o1 student ittgltts itot only supplies llte littest cltait .ttttlteitts btit also cares enough to pro\ tde drinks at Ll all itigltt aitd li'ee entry to o\e1tl1'.t\\11 students.

I The Subway at llte Subway.

9pm 3am. I-i'ee tor students w ith tttatrictilatioti card: 1.'| otlterw ise. \Vcekly Sec 'l'Itu.

I The Subway West End at ‘1 lie Subway West Iiitd. 7pm 3am. I‘t'ee Iot' students with ittatrtculation card; (I otlterw tse. \Veekly. See Ilttt.

I Viagraah at Reyolutioit. |0pttt 3aitt. {-11£.3).\\'eekly. l’utttped tip party ttiites lot the It‘isky students ottt there.

I Holyrood Union Ilolytootl Road. 65l 6l57.

I The Honeycomb 15 1'7 Nrddry S1recl.53ll55-10_

I The Human Be-In 2/s west (‘l't)\\e.tll\t'\\;t-\_ 663 88611

I Iguana 41 l.otltiait Street. 22114288. I The Liquid Room 9e \ ictoiia Street. 225 2564.

I Loco 2 35 (‘owgate 225 5413

I The Meadow Bar Bttcclettclt Street. 622 76st)

I Club Mercado 36 39 \Iittket Street. 226 422-1

I Noa 7 ()tteeitslei‘ry Street latte. 226 6828.

I The Outhouse ttrotrgttton Street Lane. 557 668.

I Oxygen 3 5 litliitiiary Slice-1.557999} I Peppermint Lounge Blair Street. 622 68l I.

I Pivo 2 6 ('alloit Road. 557 2925.

I P0 N3 Na 26l‘1'etlt‘rlck Sheet. 226


I The Pond 22 24 Bath Road. 467 3825.

I PopBokit 2 I’icaidy Place. 556 4272. I The Potterrow ltrrstrr Squate. 656 VII”.

I 0 Bar 5” I l.e1tl1 Street. .557 58311.

I Revolution 3| l.otltiait Road. 229 76711.

I RUSh 2l{(lI‘Cl'l\IIII.\ (.l()\e. 557 3768, I Studio 24(‘altoii Road. 558 3758,

I The SUI)an ( 'ow gate. 22.5 6766.

I The Subway West End l.otltiait Road. 22‘) lH97.

I The Union Ileiiot \Vatt l'tttyeisity. Riccartott. ~15l .5 3 3 3.

I The Venue (‘allott Road. 5.57 3073. I The Watershed 4-1 St Stephen Street. 220 3774.

I The Wee Bed Bar ladtnburgh ('ollege ()1 Art. l.auristoit Place. 22‘) I442. I NOT? l4 (ieorgc Street. 624 S3l I. I Wilkie House ('owgate. 225 2935.

2‘1 lift, 7.01 THE LIST 89