Ma}. .-\ xelection ot paintingx h} Scottixh artixtx including .i\nne Redpath. John Knox and lohii l)uncan.

Paul Martin in IS 'lliu 3] Ma}. \ch paintingx.


l‘l l{i;};il 'lci‘t‘ace. 550 I'll”. Mon l'i'i IHain (ipin; Sat h} appointment.

Spring Into Summer ’t‘hu In

Ma} Sat ‘J Jun. .-\ xpi‘ing xelection ol paintingx leatiii'ing noi‘kx h} \Villiam ('lark (ii'eenock. .loliii \Vilxon laihank and H). l'ei'guxxon.


77 (‘let’k Street. “33 7330. Mon Sat noon lam1Sun l3.3Hpni Iain. Mixed Exhibition .\ changing exhibition ol gotliic art including xculpture. drau ing. photograph} and pttlllllttgx it} local artixtx.


3 Market Street. 53‘) 3003. Mon Sat

Itiain 5pm. £3 iL'l i.

RSA 175th Annual Exhibition l‘niil Sat 3 .liiii. 'l‘he Ro}al Scottixh .v\cadein_\ ‘x annual exhiliition inox ex to the (’it} .'\rt (‘entre tliix )ear. ax planx are underna} tor the Phi} lair l’t'oiect \xhich \\ ill link the RSA \xitli the National (iallei‘) oi Scotland. The exhibition teatiii‘ex paintingx. printmaking. xculpture and architecture h} :\cadem_\ ineinlierx ax \\ ell ax xelecteil \iorkx h) non-inemherx. .»\inong the pi'i/e \\ innerx ix Ke\ in |)agg. a 3t)-_xeai'-o|d xculptor \\ ho “on the pi'extigioux RS.-\ (iiitlirie :\\\ard for the inoxt outxtanding \iork h} a )oung Scottixh artixt.


33 3S (Iiieklttll‘lt Street. 33” l3(i(l.

\Ved Sat llain opin; Sun I 5pm.

Ola Pehrson l'ntil Sat l3 Ma}. The lirxt l'lx' exhihition ol' \xoi'k h} uptand- coming Suedixli artixt ()la l’ehrxon. 'l'lie lltt‘ee piecex on \ltim include lili'i'il Illl'(’\I ‘li'iu/iiig /’liml \\ hicli lookx at axpectx oi economicx: Ih'xAIn/i i‘eplacex the xtandai‘d xcreen on a computer \\ itli a Ion -tec|i dexklop xcreen: and [fir/Inlay l’urli' dealx \\ itli docunientai'} xoap operax.

Martin Eddie - Hens 8: Pens t'niil Sat l3 Ma}. Martin liddie takex up rexidence in the Project Room \\ ith hix lii'xt xolo exhihition. l’ainting dii‘ectl} onto the galler} \xallx. liddie ix inxpired h} liix txxo l'a\ourite thingx henx and penx. lle \\ ill alxo he xhoix ing a \ ideo xliort entitled The Hen Run and \\ ill dixpla} ltix pri/ed pen collection.

People From Off Sat I" Ma} Sun l7 Jun. 'l‘hree lie“ pi'ojectx h) Anna liext. Karen (iuthrie. .\'ina l’ope & Simon l’oultei‘ produced during a rexidenc) at (ii‘i/edale. taking inxpii'ation from the attitudex and interextx ol'('unihrian People. Ni W Si l( )\."i’.

Anna Ray Sat l‘) Ma} Siiii l7 .ltiii. .\'e\\ work in the project room from Anna Rm. NLW 8i tow. '


tl-‘oi'merlx (killer) 4| ). 4| l)undax Street. 557 45(i‘). Mon l-"ri ltl.3t)ain 5.30pm: Sat lll.3(l;tllt 5pm.

Mixed Exhibition t'niil \Vctt 3n Ma}. l’aiiitingx h} l)a\ id lixanx. l’etei' Nardini. .-\nitra Riixhhrook and Hip id Sinclair.


Bell'ord Road. 034 (i300 (recorded int'orination 333 33(ioi. Mon Sat

Itlam 5pm; Sun noon 5pm.

Paolozzi And Music t'niil Sun 3.x (let. .'\x part of a xeriex oi dixpla} x from the (ialler) 'x collection ot~ liduai'do l’aoloI/i‘x \xot'k. a xiiite of nine xei‘eenpi'intx entitled ('ii/i‘i'iim [jg/i1 .Vig’ll! inxpii‘ed h} the “wk of inno\ati\ e .‘\lllel‘letllt compoxei'. (‘harlex l\ex. Onoland Penrose Sat I‘) .\t;i_\ Sun 0 Sep. [4 (£3.5(li .loint admixxioii \xith Lee Miller li\hihition at the National (ialler) of Modern .-\it. ()ne of the kc} tigurex in the de\elopinent of modern art in Britain \\ ax Roland l’enroxe t l‘ltltl IVS-l). 'l'hix major exhibition \xhich coincidex \\ ith the

publication ot li’u/iiiii/ l’i mum. [in /'rii'Iii//\ .Siii‘n ii/ixl a l‘iogt‘aplt} it) hix xon .v\nton_\ l’enroxe. i‘e\ealx hix \ioik .ix a xiii-

i‘ealixt artixt. e\hihition organixei. collector

and outer. l’enroxe \xax triendx \i itli a numher ot xui'i'ealixtx including l‘.l'tt\l. Miro and l’icaxxo and \x ax t'exponxtlile tor the tirxt xurrealixt e\hiliition to come to l.ondon in WV». 'l'o complement the exhi» hition. the National (iallei'x ot Modern .\rt ix hoxting an exhibition ot photographx h) l’eni‘oxc'x \\ ite. Miller. See pi‘e\ ten and llitlixt.


3~ Queenxterr} Street. 330 4151!. Mon Sat 03mm 5.30pm: Sun noon 4pm. Recent Acquisitions .\ cltattgtng dixpla} ot the gallei'} 'x recent purchaxex.

DOGGERFISHER || (ia) lield Square. 55S 7| W. 'lliii Sat llam (ipni; Sun 3 5pm or h_\

a ipointnient.

éJonathan Owen Sat I2 Ma} Sun l7 .lun. l-‘ounded h} the [In [ix/"x Ioi'iner \ ixual artx editor Stixanna lieaumont. dog gerlixhei' ix Iidiuliiirgli‘x next and onl_\ independent commercial conteinporar} art agenc}. \xorking excliixi\el} \xith i'exolute» I} coiitempoi'ar} artixtx. (‘omerted troin a t}re garage into a gallei'} xpace. the inair gui'al exhibition leaturex the work of emerging artixt .lonathan ()\x en \ilio \\ ill he xltim ing \xall paintingx and cut-outx

\\ liicli iaixe iiuextionx on l\\lle\ oi max— culinit} in the earl} 3|xt centui'). See tea- ture and llitlixt. N! ‘.‘.' Si V >‘.'.‘


S .'\il\ocatc\ (low. 335 0371. Hail)

l l.3(lam 5.30pm tcloxed Wed l.

The New Wave Of Primitivism l)oni ix an artx project extahlixhed in two h} a group ol' international artixtx \ioi'king in Scotland. With a conxtantl} changing c\hiliition oi al'tnot'kx. tlte galler} liotixex xculpture. xtained glaxx and paintingx h} artixtx \\ ho practice primiti\ e art.

EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART l.aiirixton l’lace. 33l ()llllll.

ECA Fashion Show 2001 ’l'hii I7 Apr. 7pm it Hi IS Apr. 3pm ik 7pm.

[5 {It}. lidinhui'gh ('ollege ot‘.r\rt xtudentx' annual laxliioii xhoix \xhich can he xeen li\ e on line \i \\ \\ on Thu l7 Ma} at 7pm.


lS‘a l)undax Street. 557 5337. Mon Fri llain 5pm; Sat lilain lpm.

Andrew Fitzpatrick and Joan Gillespie Sat l3 Ma} Tue 5 Jun. .\'e\x paintingx.


33 l'nion Street. 557 347‘). 'l‘ue Sat

Itlain (ipni.

Alastair Clark l'ntil l‘ri I5 .ltiii. .\ xeriex ol' \\ot‘k created in l'exponxe to genetic modification lettllll'lltg enlarged leat' xui'lacex contraxted \\ ith the xti'ucturex of chemical diagramx. :\lxii in a xliim are the large xtone litliogi'aphx. looxe folio printx and digital pol_\exter litliogi'aphx.

A Practical Demonstration And Artist Talk 'l'hu 34 Ma}. 7 ()pin. :\laxtaii‘ ('Iai'k gi\ ex a demonxtration and talk on hix \xork.

John and Margaret Grant t'niil l-‘i-i l5 .liiii.'ge-xcale xilkxci‘een printx haxed tipoii photographx and perxonal notex h} John and Margaret (irant. The work tormx part of the artixtx. current project The lIii/ii‘ii/iiu/ixl (‘ilr Selim. centred round London Zoo in l‘)54.

Nicola Murray - Translations t'niil l‘i‘i l5 .ltiii. .-\ xeriex oi imagex haxed on a pair of chroinoxoinex prexent in the human genome. l'xing a computer. Murra} hax created a 'lttltlll) ' oi iinagcx from a hand- painted reprexentation ot' a chroinoxoine.


SS l.othian Road. 33‘) 5933. Sun 'l‘hu l()ani ll.3t)pin: l5ri & Sat anin l3.3t)ain. Holy Cow l'ntil Sat 33 Jun. l’ltotogl'apltx from the xuh-continent h} \Villiain Pearce.


35 William Street. 335 3100. line l-ri 11am 5pm; Sat 11am 3pm.

Stills l'ntil Sat 3 Jun. \eu tll';l\\lll:_‘x h} ;\lan lx'ilpatrick. in charcoal and comprexxed charcoal on paper. a departure ti'om hix tixual colour xatui'ated alixtract paintingx.


3 \Vari‘ender Park Road. (307 5153.

Mon Sat lilain (ipin.

Scottish Craft Exhibition .-\ \\ltlL' \ai‘iet} oi ci'attx and applied artx h} tip- and»coming ci‘al'tmakerx and dexignei'x working in Scotland.


45 Market Street. 335 33S3. Mon Sat Ilam (ipm; Sun noon 5pm.

Tracey Moffatt t'niil Sat It) Ma}. 'l'i‘ace) Mol'latt ix one iil‘.-\iixti‘;ili;i‘x leading artixtx \x lio hax had ox er 5” exliiliitionx in liui‘ope and the [S and ix regularl} curated into major xhoxx x. In the higgexi xolo l'lx' prexentation other \xork to date. the l‘i‘uitmarket hoxtx a major \tll'\e_\ of her film and photographic work lt‘ttltl l‘)‘)() to the prexent tltt}. 'l'lte centrepiece tilt the xltim ix a new xeriex of thirteen xilk— xcrecnx. Iiii'm'iilimix in which Moltiatt e\okex the Ill} xterioux imagex of

\x itchci'att. liiiitax} and \L‘\ll;tlll}. lASl (Ll tANCl 108! i.

Northern Lights On permanent

\ ie\x. once night tallx. ix l’eter li'iiik’x light inxtallation for the galler) inxpii'ed Ii} the aurora horealix. ('oinprixing a ‘root' lin' triangle of light. light detailing on the eaxt and \\ ext root and hit xhalt. the colourx regularly change. brightening up thix dark corner ot‘ lidinhurgh'x Market Street.


4(ia Raeliurn l’lace. 3l5 3(i()3. Mon Sat 10am 5.30pm.

Master Carvers Of The Indian Subcontinent t’niil 'l‘hii 3| Ma}. l)oor\xa}'x. inirrorx. l'rziiiiex and furniture from liidia and l’ak‘ixtan. Mixed Exhibition l'ntil 'l'hu 3| Ma}. .\ mi\ed xliim ol' dexigner and original je“ eller_\'.


33a l)imdax Street. 556 3|.S’l. Mon l‘ri l().3()am (ipm; Sat ltlam 4pm. Spring Mixed Exhibition t'niil Sat 30 Ma). Annual xhou ol nexx uorkx Ii} ox er 4() gallery artixtx including paintingx ranging in xiihject matter from land and xeaxcapex to xtill and liguratix'e uorkx pliix printx. \etllpllll‘e. cei‘ainicx. Vieu'ellery and liidian lacquered hoxex.


('al‘e lliili. ('axtlehill. Roin Mile. 473 3000. Tue Sat 0.30am l()pttt:

Sun Mon 9.30am 6.30pm.

Sara Brennan t'niil Sun l()_lllll. Ahxtract tapextriex by lidinhurgh (’ollege ot'.'\i‘t graduate Sara Brennan. 'l‘lie \x'orkx l'uxe tone. colour and texture and are inxpii'ed h_\' the Scottixh landxcape.


(i ('arlton 'l‘errace. 556 444 l. Wed Sat l()am 5pm.

Land l'ntil Sat 30 Ma). The \\'()l'k' ol' linglixli xiirrealixt painter l’aul .\'axh (ISS‘) l‘)4(ii ix on xhim along \\ ilh \uit‘kx h} conteinporar) artixtx Richard Long and 'l‘homax Joxhua (‘oopeit Long. who won the 'l‘urner Prize in 198‘). a landxcape. enx'ironmental artixt. xlttiu'x a xeriex of mud drawingx and a xtone circle of granite block'x gathered on Dartmoor. alongxide Naxh'x WIS \hi’i/ ()fll'ur. rock photographx from the l‘)3(lx and \x'atereolourx from the 30x and 30x. :\meriean-horn photographer (‘ooper \x'ho hax made Scotland hix home for man) _\earx. exliihitx photographx printed with layerx oi xil\er and gold chloride. See re\ iexi.

listings Art


3” St Stephen Street. 330 .544"

Mon in “am opin.

2470/360° l'ntil in 3” Jul \ xeriex ot photographx hx Scott Mitchell taken on a road trip .icioxx .\mei‘ica \\ hieh co\ ered 34"” milex in lull ciicle. 'l‘ra\el|mg through (alitornia. \exada and .-\ri/on.i. Mitchell photographed the 'exerylax' ti'oin a coke machine to a diner talile.

INSTITUT FRANCAIS D’ECOSSE l3 Randolph (‘rexcenL 335 5 3N»

Mon l‘l‘l ‘lfitlatli o3Hpni; Sat

‘l.3Ham l.3t)pni.

Kosovo Refugee Crisis: A Photographic Essay l'nul ltle I: .liiii. Medicinx Du Monde prexent an exhiliition ot pi\\\el'llll photographx poi‘ti'a} mg lite in the i‘etugee cainpx ot .>\lliania. Macedonia and Montenegio lix \\ ell-knmx n pliotogi'apherx.


()0 (’umlierland Street. 55S US73.

Mon l’i‘i ltlam opm; Sat lilam 4pm. Eduardo Paolozzi: Calcium Light Night and Other Works l'ntil Wed 30 Ma}. l’rintx ol l’aoIo/n'x ('ii/i'i'uni lie/ii .\'ig/il atid other \ioi'kx.


(i5 The Shore. 553 5355. ’l‘ue l't'l

llam 5pm; Sat llain 4pm. Contrasts l‘niil Sat It) Ma}. Next paintingx h} \ieola l)a\iex. |)e|\oi.i|i l’hillipx and .lenn} Martin. l)a\ iex captiirex tlie di\ei‘xit} and lk‘dlll} ot the Scottiin llighlandx; l’hillipx paintx the Scottixh countr} xide and Martin captiirex the dixpla} caliinetx and treaxtirex tound in the Ro}al Miixeum and the lii'itixh Mtixeum in London.

Michael Ross l'niil Sat It) Ma}. .\ xmall exhiliition oi paintingx.

An Exhibition Celebrating the Millennium Forest for Scotland

1921‘. Ma, 20’»? THE LIST 95