éil'niria‘ésli' * ARMSTRONG The Bad Fire I

‘.".ltre.'r ,muflr: iri:‘:" fur a .'.'l:rle. curnrr‘r; l‘crrrr: ’Llel he an u'tcrlrr‘r‘urtahrr: exceeerrce l er curs; ‘rr thrrliers. rt ten/ls Tr, li: a rle‘c/rrrrgtrt dangerous will; New Yuri. deter‘frwi fir r'r: Mullen returns In the

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(Zarrrphell Arrnstreng's wrrtrng rs rather clurr s3, at tunes. and hrs stun; Takes a while t<> rgrrite. But when rt (lees, l/re Hid r’-/re strrrrs hare a werld rn ‘~.'.rhrch hent cuppers. \rcruus hrtrnerr and sectarran powerhrekers clash. and larnrly leyaltres are stretched hever‘d iirtrttlxittt] pernt. Which rs all. needless to say. enerrneas tun. rtlarnes Smart;

i)( )lvll S l It: l iii/\h‘rx‘t ANNE TYLER Back When We Were Grownups tChatto 8. Wrndus S‘ifS.ElEll O...

l lave you ever wondered \.'.rhat \eur lrle wetrld l‘e Ike new had you rrrade dillerent cherces in t'te past'.‘ Alter a hecrrlrar haurrtrng drearn almut a sen she nexer had, 53 \ear-eld Hehecca l lelnres Dautch wakes uh te realrse the person she has hecenre rs a \rrtual stranger. completely removed from her nr'rgrna? sell.

Leekrng hack exer her rte. she tries to prnpernt what set her on the path to hecerne thrs person. Her cenclusrun rs that rt came te r‘ass when she decided to leave trance—te-

ANGELA” LAMBERT The Property Of Rain lia"‘..rr'r i)'o’:‘1‘~ >"r’C’Wtr

l"17K".t'.'.';rtlr;‘<lrerrare l‘r".’.'i at /:‘-:,-r<:.'rt ends (if the tilt}: ESarr‘r Savage. a peer T'arrrxer i‘rt)‘, trcrrr f31rff')li\.;rr‘tllakshn‘r.The crust; ever daughter til art lrt'lran su'xeerzer. But?" are thrust :ntc» a rrrag". érte rrt’ hunger, ‘.rt,ir:.".(:'f} arrzr ialt’rtrr. .'.’r‘.?"r‘ut rrruch

“w I: That ther' tatr‘ ‘.'.rrl: we! turn. ‘\.‘.’lrerr frlfeerr .rva' ':i fiarr' escarres if‘t:

u'f‘. 't.ra= heatrrrgs (if his father and [cum the arm), hr:- lrrrds hrrnseif sfatrrzr‘rerl rrr t're l’rdzarr (Ldiertres. leere, r'r the rnrds’. r)? a heaxfi, rrterrsuur‘. rarn. ar‘. rll fated errcrruuter wrtrr lalxshrrrr cr‘ar‘ges hrs lrf'e lerexer.

(luxerrng a trrne r>errdd <>l rnure than three decades and shttrng rts narratrve lecus het‘r.'.een the true rnarncharacters, lire /"< r; 7t Pr”. 0," H's/r: takes saute trrne te drax'; the reader rrrte .ts trner, wen net. .lust grve rt that trrne. and 2qu ‘.'.'lH he lt?‘.'.’£iltit?(i \.'.'r'.l‘. a cernrreltrng stem teltl in szrurrle \et execatrve

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l rt‘rrli t:‘-.'rl l‘r‘r' BEATRICE COLIN Nude Untitled rluh‘,

Press 5",).96 COO

ii‘t' rntnrra '.'.‘errd rs furl l";'5;tr!t.: .'.'rth letr"\tv:‘*1 turnrrtg t'ie-r hand tc trctren. Mare elfer‘ tl‘ar net this cernes \.'.r".h disastrous results. hut =n the ease of Beatrice Celrn. there's some hrernrse ter a tuture lfitlltil‘; career. Thrs tic-hut nexel rs a \.'.rarnr and gentle cernedt of manners. r.-.'hrch rs hath xxeli-tielruereti and sue-flu planned

Kate rs a neurotic and trantrc editor of a

lashrenahie lentiun

“,3‘.rr;‘:<‘tr,~'::"if"rr‘ rs a liftle hear. nardea‘arvr {101111711X} rtr‘ r:c<:".(:_ flaue l/rrfxfr‘ej '~; rnarnrr. a :fieasarif rf' ...".ta><rng read. and ()r‘lrn fine:

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ROBIN JENKINS Childish Things ()anerrgate l‘i‘r.€itlr COO

(ireger iVlcl eerl rs the ['2 tear-git: uarratur (>1 (Slit/rush ilrrrrgs. and acts as a ‘.'.'arrrrng te these whr) hepe tu uutgrex'x therr yeuth‘ul neureses. Atlluence and a successlul lrte l‘-a\.e net cured hrrn ()i the rim-d te exercrse hrs trilt>()\.’(>rlf;it(}(i chrldheer l. Meanu'rrhrle. hrs z'xrle's death results nut rn a perred at {iltllllilt‘ti rrruurnrng. hut rn an upsurge of sexual energy. Assurttxl unrernen utter themselves to hrrn hut Mclctmd has hrs srghts set an a rnrlirenaness and turrner irlrn star. l \.en.enc- wants sernethrng from her and she rs shrexzrd eneugh tu grxe therrr \.'~.rhat they "ee:l. ("Ltéli r.‘ rt's net t-xactlx '.‘.'hat tnet. ‘.'.'ant.

Rec-n .le'tkrns has ‘.'.rrtt<:n cloak a'ra' distar'lw'ig works such as lr‘7eC.‘rre G'rfr‘erers. hut here he eexe's serreus thernes ‘.'.rrth a dtxmptrxelg. lrght. engagrng tene. ‘.'.’l‘:(flt mostly stats thrs side of ‘.'.rltrrrts*,. Hrs upheat take en sexuafrty suggests a rnale lsla Dexnrar‘. or a grown-up Mrke Gayle. ‘Katt‘. Murphy:




Wednesday 30th May at 7pm


'Shooting Sean' &

'He Kills Coppers'

An evening with two of the most exciting writers of modern fiction. Tickets -Free


Wednesday 30th May, 7.00pm


'Angela's Ashes & 'Tis' A rare chance to hear Frank read

from and discuss his work. This is surely the book event of 2001. Tickets £4/E3

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Robin Jenkins

From the author of 'The Changeling' and 'The Awakening of George Darroch' comes a brilliantly written and received new novel.


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