Re: Jah Shaka preview (issue 412) Paul Dale's piece may have been an attempt at light-heartedness but it was inappropriate. To suggest that most people turn out to see Jah Shaka ‘for the Simple reason that they can get publicly chonged' is both naive and inaccurate. Followmg a quote from Shaka. Dale precedes his next paragraph with ‘Back on planet earth . . .' This implies that the speaker is not of sound mind or that the words are nonsense. This is not only grossly disrespectful but displays a woeful ignorance of the subiect matter.

As if to illustrate this. the writer observes that the sound at a Shaka gig is akin to “waiting for the Rapture to wash you on your way to Babylon'. Babylon is not a place that one would wish to be transported to with or without ‘spleen- splitting frequencies of bass‘.

No mention was made of Shaka's charitable foundation in Ghana or any of his many other fund raising activities. Instead crass allusions to ‘short-term memory sufferers'.

Jerry Neville Clarence Street Edinburgh


Re: Scottish Film Special

(issue 412)

I am one of a team of student researchers working for the Scottish Filmmakers' Network. an organisation which seeks to create a progressive. collaborative network of people of all disciplines within the Scottish film industry.

We are compiling a guide for first—time filmmakers working on low-to-no budget films. We noticed your article and would like to get in touch with these young filmmakers.

I can be contacted at or Scottish Filmmakers' Network. 74 Victoria Crescent Road. Glasgow G12 9JN. Alison Groat via e-mai/


Re: Fashion Tip (letters, issue 413) Listen Mr Comrie, if people want to wear their trousers halfway down their arse the way you pricks do. then that's up to them. True fashion is to do with personal choice

Motorhead, Barrowland. Glasgow

Lynne Student

I think it was fucking brilliant. Theyre everything I thought they'd be and more.

not labels. Uniforms are for the army. Sandy Nelson Via e-mai/


The things people send to us

Please adVise your engineer not to drill the new machine but to use the grommet at the Side of the machine for the tubing. Carol

we email


Re: Wheels Special (issue 413)

Good to see a mention of Veto-city 2001 in your diary section of Wheels SpeCial. Though listed as one of many events. it deserves extra billing because of its world significance. The Velocity conference series gets cycle campaigners, town planners and politiCians seriously talking. This is the first time Scotland is hosting Velo-city since its launch 21 years ago and the conference agenda makes a big play of related issues such as health. safe cycling to school and tourism.

It could hardly come at a better time with more and more peOple in Scotland realising that cycling is not only fun and a good way of keeping fit. it happens to be about the quickest way to get around town. What will it take for Veto-city 2001 co-hosts Edinburgh or Glasgow to become a New Amsterdam? Over 500 conference delegates from around the world should help.

Mike Wilson VeIo-city 2001 media team Via e-mail

ON YER BIKE Re: Wheels Special (issue 413) Well. you've really excelled yourselves this time. Not content with the abomination of a Bikes Special a while ago, you've just dedicated no less than twelve invaluable pages of your arts publication to the execrable and laughable fads of other non-car- based wheer transport. Half of which, I'd like to point out. was about fucking bikes. Again.

Really, what is going on down at List Towers? Is there some Gestapo-style regime of bike- bores imposing their editorial whims from on high? An arts and

Harry Fork/1ft Driver

Top quality. I've seen them before in New York. but it was at a wrestling event.

Leigh-Anne Recruitment Agent Fucking brilliant. First time I've seen Motorhead and first time I've crowd- Suned.

entertainment publication should be about what's on in music. film theatre. art. etc not ab0ut getting a sore arse oft—raxidii‘g Or looking like an oxer-aged schoole twat in anto Sotiare on your i!“. e hundred quid board. Dude.

Doug Johnstone

Via e-rnai/


Re: Fashion Tip (letters, issue 413)

Not SO long ago when I was one of the first skateboarders in Scotland. and Royal Exchange Sguare was home to the Si'l'illlt) Library. my mother bought me a \ellcv. nylon foldaway cagOule. This garnient not only looked cool but more importantly, being shower-woof, kept my school uniform dry.

Trainers hadn't been invented yet -— we had to wear something called ‘sannies' ~ so 'boarding really was extreme in those days. And how. While tackling the Big One in the local park, I contrived to fall off my board and bodysuit the whole way down. My cagOLile ignited and flames lit up the late afternoon sky as | glided for what seemed an eternity.

I survived unscathed and so did my pride and joy. give or take a few holes. My board has since gone to the great skatepark in the sky. but I retain the cagoule to this day in the hope of one day passing it on to a genuine skater who WI” continue where I left off. and sensibly dressed at that. Perhaps one of your readers?

Mark Donnelly (35 and a half) via email

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