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MESSIAH BBCl, Sun 27 & Mon 28 May, 9.20pm 0...

' riotliilirj rjulte like i: 'wl'ai killing iiiurder’

" ,' .lr:', .'.’llll biblical .TU ’l‘:l lllf: ixrvj aivi this

i':.il,t:i‘rr,r: l"’)ll‘ the E3; Star" rig bestseller II: ‘I if, r l‘ll’Llfld'; )llllt,‘ literally and very ll’;ll'l;l‘,. A iv ilftlifll’rl is stalking

‘lim-tn of london. iiipir llli’l lioiiim Without l v.” i.- lli;friie l't;lll()\.’lflg illl- ulf‘lllll'f} tongue and ii j il.i’iilitj It ‘-.‘/Illl a silver 3; i ..ii A liaffliiig case I .' ll»« 2 i'v’lr:tr,alle (played : . t’n- ‘.(ilt.'fl(llfl Ken “.i .iizll lll‘i team. .‘.l‘.i ': !lI' ,lurlu. Slotlt; l rlinliuighei

w. (iii-y. Initially. ll‘i' 'l'filVJII Ii could he a ll, i-liai killH ".‘.’lll(2ll It Kit I‘ l. i a wrongful illll‘7»T lut as the liodles jili: ii; i. it looks like the It a! perpetrator If; JllESl It»: iiuiiiy steps ahead of NH: llillllf‘.

lhrotniiiij Ill Red's own Ti« illl)ltfll present and


l‘.l‘»l lllél Ia clear ntijiiilatioii of the genre llltr‘K‘ daysi on!\,' lllrllljllltlll‘,’ detracts from llir .li‘lltill and while the T.ll‘i(l (it) of the loose i-iids it; toiiilulaitt and

iii «j ii irater shoehorned Ill. the ride to get there is l7'.lllillll\, effective.

lliuiii Donaldson)


Scottish, Sun 27 May, 10.45pm 00.0

(i:.l:.tl=.)‘.'/ had a tilii‘ihakilig talent who

a \l“l‘ill‘it:il the suspense i. if Altmrl Hitchcock With this :Iuiiiral aesthetic of .Ieaii Cocteau and the '.'.';lll led humour of Davrd

u. in. all, But who was the

sup-villi. inonikered

, . ! ’IIIIIIII l .l

after appearing on TF/

Enrico Cocozza. and why are we only hearing about him four years after his death? CocO/za was the son of immigrant Italians who ran a cafe in Wishaw. An academic by day, he made films by night throughout the 508. They sat in a heap in a flat above the cafe. eventually handed into the Scottish Film Archive for safe keeping. And what films they are. There's the nightmarish Fantasmagoria. the e><istential suicide drama Nine O'C/ock. the pornographic portrait of bi-sexuality Bongo Erotico and many more. This marks the first Artery of a new series. with later subjects including Alasdair Gray. the Glasgow Boys and the art of sports commentating. And the only real criticism of the Cocoxxa piece is that it's all too brief. But full marks for unearthing a shamefully overlooked talent. (Miles Fielder)


Channel 5, Wed 30 May, 8pm eee

“They're not looking for beautiful people. they‘re looking for freaks.‘ Thus starts the voiceover for this documentary about the world's biggest character model agency. Fat people. thin people. old people. and just plain ugly people fill their books. and Channel 5 has chosen to take us inside their heady world. We join five models. including Treacle. the champion gurner and Del. the Naomi Campbell of the character modelling world who shot to fame

Friday. Make no mistake. these people

have amazing faces, but

as we're taken to shoots and castings with them. the eternal hanging- around that makes up


Scottish, Sun 27 May, 9pm 00

John Thaw and Sarah Lancashire may well be ITV's most beloved stars. Tough Regan and

sophisticated Morse are two of Britain's finest cop

characters and ditzy Raquel remains disturbing close to the nation’s heart. At last, you cry, they’ve finally come together. Well, after one episode of

The Glass, you wish they hadn’t really bothered, or

at least waited for something meatier to come

their way.

Thaw plays Jim Proctor, millionaire boss of

Albery Glass and seemingly content to call it a day

on his glorious career. All he wants is to retire and wed his substantially younger girlfriend, Carol

Parker. But he needs someone he can trust to take

over the business. The man Proctor has in mind is

his 22-year-old nephew Paul (Joe McFadden), who

has had little sales experience, but possesses an

eye for instinct. He also has peepers for the ladies,

Sarah and Joe aleepwalk through The Glass

having already conducted a half-pass at Carol before discovering who she is; unadvisedly, things begin to spice up between them, leaving Proctor in a very bad mood. ln Thaw’s opening scene, his first words are ‘shut it’ (Regan's catchprase) as he lectures some delegates on the silent method of selling; Lancashire reprises the airhead role she quit Corrie to escape from by forgetting to put on her skirt on before leaving the house; and McFadden is as boyisth handsome as he is utterly wooden. And for some reason, he has adopted an accent picked up from Glendarroch via Royston Vasey. This is grim stuff and a waste of two of the nation’s great

talents. (Brian Donaldson)

their lives proves as irritating to the viewer as

it must be for them.

Also. there's a reason why these people are usually in photos rather than on TV: their face is

their fortune. not their

personalities. It provides

an amusing insight. but ; at 60 minutes is twice as

long as it needs to be.

(Louisa Pearson)


May, 9pm 0000

It is a sorry reflection of our humanity when the

absolute devastation of young children and teenagers is viewed as entertainment. Take Kizzi for example; at fourteen-

years-old, she has a £40

per day heroin habit. The

reason? Her mum is in prison for drugs-related offences. Incredibly

articulate about her

feelings, she says she

just can‘t cope with the

pain of not having her

mum there to talk to. Then there's Nicky, a seventeen-year-old who has just fallen pregnant. The father is black. and

her own father, who is g servingafitteen-year sentence. refuses to talk

to her because of this.

Cue close-ups of daughter sobbing with

despair. This is a powerful and harrowing series. but the question

is, what purpose does it

serve? What do we gain

Enrico Cocozza opens up Artery by witnessing the

1 12 THE LIST 2-1 Max/J Jun 2001

trauma of families torn apart? It all leaves a rather nasty taste in your mouth. (Kirsty Knaggs)

DRAMA SERIES MEN ONLY Channel 4, Sun 3 & Mon 4 Jun, 10pm eeee

While the British documentary and reality TV forms have been continually stretching themselves over the last couple of years (from Walking With Dinosaurs to hanging out with Big

1 Brother). the realm of

drama has seemed set in its formulaic ways. Men Only, though, is three hours of extremely edgy telly which will have the tabloids screaming with indignant

3 rage.

We are in the company of five men. all with deep—seated frustrations and whose nights on the town act as their sole outlets. This starts off as innocent five-a-side games before getting dangerously heavy on the drink, drugs and fighting. And when they find themselves with a sole female companion for the evening, things go from bad to bloody awful.

Coming on like Neil LaBute in a bad mood. the show's many scenes of rough sex. porn. drug-taking and joyful cursing could all seem a bit childish if it were not for the fact that this is a i pretty scary indictment I of the state of maledom. l (Brian Donaldson)

Men Only offers a scary indictment of maledom

ALSO ON Big Brother (Channel 4.

Sat 26 May. 9pm) Who will follow in the footsteps of Nasty Nick. Charity Craig and Nun Nolan?

EaatEndera (BBCl. Mon 28 May. 8pm) Phil

3 goes into grump i overdrive when Sharon returns to Albert Square.

Shockers (Channel 4. Mon 28 May, 11.05pm) Tales of terror for the

modern age.

British Soap Awards (Scottish, Wed 30 May. 8pm) Will the plaudits

end up on Brookside Close. Coronation Street or Albert Square?

RAD (Channel 5. Sat 2 Jun, 2.55pm) Culty

alternative sports series returns.