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cotland's one and only lashion liestiyal is getting bigger. holder and better looking as lnteryention returns tor its third year running.

New Scottish fashion from Kyla Singleton

This )car lnteryention’s host. the Arches. has even ~ Y * dressed for the occasion. lts returhislunent promises a a ' new space. new lacilities and a trendy new cat'e har

tor the style conscious to gather their thoughts'.

Speak to any Scotland-based designer and you‘ll realise that Scotland’s riyal to London liashion week is much needed. Long has the Scottish fashion establishment complained about the lack of inyestment in design talent. Designers haye l‘elt there has been little funding. support and. perhaps most importantly. opportunity in comparison to other lashionahle cities. It explains why Scotland so often loses its talent to London or l‘urther alield.

But people don’t associate a young. trendy or eyen contemporary image with Scottish tashion. Why not'.’ We too read The l'iu'v. .S'lt'urnuliun and i1) maga/ine. We too haye shops with snooty sales assistants. Yet Scottish label Kat/enhaus. which produces cutting- edge streetwear. sells huge amounts in Japan. hut fails to receiye the attention it deseryes at home.

The most important message that lnteryention wants to get across is that Scottish l'ashion has moved

on. It‘s not all about tartan It’s and traditional knitwear.

although Scotland hoasts

some ol‘ the most beautiful clothes-making textiles. traditional Many Scottish designers are

_ using high-tech lahrics and

knltwear. introducing new methods

for traditional l‘ahrics. Take

Howie Nicholshy"s 21st

(‘entury Kilts: Nicholshy's successful use of denim

and leather as well as wool and tweed is a clear

demonstration that people are happy to see tradition updated.

This year the Scotland‘s Runway eyent features a huge range of work from designers as diverse as Belinda Robertson. Queene and Belle. (‘onnie l"airburn and (Ian (iatherings. It a catwalk show still

seems all a hit ‘luyyie darling'. then there's always the

alter—show party with [Ms Harri and Domenic from

_ Suh(‘ulture. (ieorge 'l' and Daniel lhhotson who will ;.

undoubtedly rock it fashionath of course.

- i, I The n/(:e peep/e at The Arches have g/ven us We pa/rs of {/ckets to g/ve away for Seer/ands Runway, and one wxnner W/// a/so receive a pair of t/Ckets to the after—shew party. Send your name and address to Scotland's Runway Giveaway'. Sheep/rig, The L/st, M H/gh Street, Ed/nhurgh

And you thought Scottish fashion was all about tartan. EH7 7T5 byF/vday Hum. \_-"\.v"ords: Kyla Singleton

Scotlands Runway at lnvervention, Thu 7 May, the Arches, Glasgow, 0901 022 0300.

Connie Fairburn

Queene & Belle - 215t Century Kilts

2‘1 Mar? JUN: 2001 THE LIST 113