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AS INTERVENTION gets well underway at the Arches, we’ve teamed up with the fashion festival for a special Reader Offer. Tickets for the Make- up Masterclass on Tuesday 5 June (7—10pm) and the Hair Masterclass on Wednesday 6 June (7—10pm) are available to lucky readers of The List at £5 instead of £6. Scotland's top make-up artists and hairdressers will be on hand to help you capture the season’s new looks, and you can enjoy complimentary drinks and a goody bag. Call the Intervention hotline on 0141 565 1040 quoting List Reader Offer for details and tickets. For full details of Intervention events, see Glasgow Life page 97.

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HARRY POTTER GETS fashionable? In the forthcoming celluloid outing for the young wizard, he‘ll be wearing cloaks made from material designed by Celia Birtwell. The London- based designer was visited at her boutique by the film’s set designers who thought her ‘History’ fabric - red velvet with stars and moons - would be perfect. The designer hasn’t read any of the books but is apparently looking forward to seeing her fabric on screen.

fills l /\E$l ll()N If; All ()‘.’!.‘l the high street. so it ‘,oti".t: {lot the gii‘gliaiii i;iouse. the capii pants and those s‘~.'.'eet 'l:l lyol,t;y socks. let Stila help you perfect the look, llltr colt make up liraiiti has launched its f3; who collection. packed i'i nothing less that red tiiiigliaiii. ‘.’.’|tll i>i=gl‘-2. sheer colours to riiake “,oti look like the perfect prom princess. Available from Space Nl<, Princes Square. Glasgow and George Street. Edinburgh.



Bring a little metalwork into your home.

‘People tend to focus on that iSSLie rather than the work,‘ says Meg Hamilton, one ot nine members of all women designerzwelder collective ArcAngels. Fellow-welder Ali Pickard continues the train ot thought: ‘I

think they focused on that more when we first started out; it was very much "welding chicks? t et's go and have a look". But quite a lot of people know about us now and so they look beyond that]

Meeting on courses at Telford College and winning European funding to encourage women to become involved in non—traditional skills. ArcAngels came into being. Still utilising the college‘s engineering workshop. they create a diverse range of products. from candlesticks to tables and chairs.‘ l here's such a WHO range of techniques. we can't cover all bases.‘ says Hamilton. 'We're still learning, and ‘.'/III he tor the next ten years.‘

With designs ranging from El 5 photo frames up to $71000 commissions. Arc/\ngels is producing wine of the most creative metalwork around, but is keen to make sure it actually ends up in people's homes. ‘We tiy and always have a complete range because good design should be available to everyone] says Pickard. Ideally. they'd like their own workshop. but the equipment and transport is expensive. so that’s an ongoing project. Meantime. their exhibition runs for a month. so there's plenty of time to £l<;(ltlll(: a taste lot

Global heavy metal. (Louisa Pearson) wafmmgi I ArcAnge/s. Concrete Butterfly. 377 Cowgate. Edinburgh, 0737 558 77530. Fri 2:3 fix/av Sat2.’1./un. Lush-style

It you want to shop where these lloyf. do. you'll fiiid the gear at Boardwise-1 Léi/l‘,’ Lawson Street ltilfit 229 588%. Gossip ft, South Bridge “H31 226 8127i. Odd One Out (girls) 18 Victoria St 013‘: 220 0400i. Odd One Out (boys) ()2 {5/1 Can/lleiiiaker

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