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Cafe 0dile at Stills

Stills Gallery.

23 Cockurn St. 225 1333 Deliciously srmple French home-cook- ing. Choc'odile. illy coffee. Wine. patis- serie. c'est Sl bon! Tues—Sat. 10am—5pm.

Cuba Norte

192 Morrison Street. 221 1430 Bienvenidos! Welcome to the authentic premier palador. Dance. wine and dine in Cuba Norte sunshine.

Elephants & Bagels Nicolson Square. 668 4404

Even more elephants and

Scotland's only source of true bagels nutritious. filling, non-fattening, inex- pensive & utterly delicrous!

The Elephant House 21 George N Bridge. 220 5355.

Hundreds of elephants. the best cappuccino in town. Great pizzas. original home of J K Rowling. and fully licensed! Filmhouse


Cafe and Bar

88 Lothian Road. 229 5932

Relaxed. atmospheric cafe bar. serving great value snacks. salads. specials and brilliant cappuccinos 10am till late.

Salad table restaurant/bistro I I bar/deli -shop. Good quality.

healthy vegetarian. Live music evenings. Open 8am—10.30pm.

.co The best dining bar- gains in Glasgow. Edinburgh. London and the rest of the UK are just a click of a mouse away.

Henderson’s 94 Hanover Street. 225 2131


How to cook purple sprouting broccoli

Nigel Slater suggests boiling fresh broccoli spears as you would asparagus. serving them on bed of finely grated percorino or Parmesan cheese. drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil and gently tossed. finishing with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

Alternatively. they work well as a more filling and very easily prepared pasta dish. Heat a sturdy frying pan until very hot. add a good dollop of olive oil and one large chopped onion. If it begins to burn, reduce heat but if you're on top of the situation and stirring frequently you should have no problem.

As that is going. get the kettle on. Add boiling water, a pinch of salt and a package of some substantial supermarket pasta 'fresh' mushroom



Cafe Antipasti 337 Byres Road. 337 2737

8 305 Sauchiehall Street. 332 9002


80 Glassford Street. 572 0080 Globe trotting menu served 12—7pm everyday plus speCIal Sunday brunch menu. Football. DJs. private parties and drinks promotions.


86 Millers Street. 221 1568 Interesting. well-balanced and adventurous (staff and menu). Restaurant food at bar prices. served 12—7 daily (Thu/Fri till 9pm).

1534 Pollokshaws Road. 632 0161 "m Bar 11.45—11pm (12 Fri/Sat) lunch

1 1 .40—2.50pm, dinner 5—930pm. Traditional bar/bistro. est 1901. Southside's original and best drinking Road. 332 7052

den. lQ$MM¢H9s Pre-Theatre menu.

3-6pm. Sun—Fri from $6.95. World famous/award winning Mexican Cuisine. 4 years and still the city's most popular Mexican restaurant and bar. Drink promos all night every night!

Los Borrachos 2-4 St Georges

Pancho Villas

26 Bell Street. Merchant City.

552 7737

Mexican born owner of Pancho Villas Mayra Nunez hopes to bring some of the real Mexico to Scotland. Buen provecho.

The Underworld

95 Union St. 221 5209 12-10pm. New World and Iiiffiolgiiwpgrpf

Mexican cuisine. New

breakfast deal from 1 1am ~ coffee 8 2 rolls for only 522! 2 for 1 main course vouchers available Sun—Thu. Drink

promos every night.

tortellini from Asda. for example to a large saucepan. Cover. This need not go on the heat.

When the onions have reduced and begun to go golden. add a clove or two of chopped garlic. Don't let the garlic burn: stir. Next in are the broccoli spears. Keep stirring and reduce heat if you feel anxious. Keep a bottle of dry wine at your elbow to 1) steady any nerves and 2) flash into the pan if anything starts sticking. Once the purple colour is gone from your fresh veg and it becomes a bright green. strain your pasta and add it. (You might include a knob of butter. as well.) Keep stirring and add a splash more wine for some furious boiling and fast reduction. Cut back the heat and use your potato peeler to add slivers of any hard Italian cheese with a bite: Reggiano Parmesan is perfect. Sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. (Barry Shelby)

0 package of tortellini (250 g)

0 one onion chopped

0 two cloves garlic chOpped

0 clutch of fresh broccoli spears

0 olive oil

0 dry wine

0 butter (optional)

SUMMER WINES As I write this. the sun is shining. It may be tempting fate to even pretend that Summer is leitering round the corner. but if it is. it might be nice to arm yourselves ".‘Jlih a few good-xalue bottles. Last of the summer Wine? 1 hope not. Miranda White Shiraz 2000 (Australia. $5.49) First off IS a bit of an odd character. Shiraz is well known for being a robust. spicy. peppery red. and this isn’t. Simple as that. For one thing it's not red but a rose and quite a gutsy one at that. The nose is loaded With light fruit salad character and only a touch of spice. The palate is light and peachy and very slightly off dry. The only problem is given a barbeque Situation. this would be finished before you knew it. Omaka Springs 1995 (New Zealand. $34.99) Riesling is a vastly underrated grape variety and thought by some to be the greatest white grape variety. It also ages gracefully and can be incredibly complex after a . m few years. This is a prime example and, with six years in the bottle. it is tasting very interesting indeed. The nose is very orly with a

petroHy aroma. so common wth mature Rieslings. and min limey straw labyrinthine flay OLllS. At this pernt the price seems ridiCulously cheap. and sf10uld be tried before it disappears. Poema Garnacha 1999 'Calatayud. Spain. $3.99) From Spain but made by Rariiela Geddes from Dundee. who is responsible for Creating Australia's lalmostl famous sparkling Shira.'. This is Garnacha iGreriachei Spanish style big. llllC‘y and loaded wrth aromas of raspberrii-is and white pepper. There’s a luscious spittiness on the palate. wrthout being ovenvhelming. Serve outside With plenty of sunlight.

Poema Garnacha Vinas Viejas 1999 iCalatayud. Spain. $1.99) For if) more from the same Winemaker you (:an get this. The same grape variety. the difference being that it comes from older Vines. This tends to add a greater depth of flavour and this is certainly the case here. wrth added layers of complexrty < from hints of eucalyptus leaf to overtones of chewy toffee. Great stuff and tastes like it costs much more. (Gordon Haggartyl I A// Wines avai/ab/e from Peck/rams.

Potion e [cpirihl o [allure

r: . , ) . J $81.11.], price

Fajitas 8r Burritos

Monday to Saturday

50 Hope Street. Glasgow 02 6AA Tel: 0l4l 248 4466 Email: hvglrri

24 May-7 Jun 2001 THE LIST 117