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1‘“ Sub Editor AV TECHNICIANS The List is looking for a talented far?" experienced SUD Editor ‘0 I’le'ise coltt'tet HR I)e )t lom the “moral and deslgn team lireelance .-\\' 'I‘echnicianx required. ;\re _\ou “(it I t I I r EVENTSGUIDE 'n our busy Ed'nburgh Ofi'ce' l'lexihle, \x‘ell pt'eselttetl and a team p|a_\er \\ ith 11' F 1:. ' ESSEW/a/ S/WS needed? excellent communication \lxllls and initiati\ e.’ \lxrriztlrglifi ' a talent for editing COPY 10 length and writing You would he part ol the 'l‘cchnical l’roduction ixdinhiurulil H“ 8“: Cleathe headlines, intros and captions team at the lil('('. responsible l'or implementing “1'. (m {1"} “MANN; ' ' a PaSSlon for accuracy. 3 methUIOUS approach to events to meet and e\ceed client requirements. ' . j . l _. _ prOOf reading and 3 Sharp eye for detail li.\perience in a conference or related tiara”. If“! “H'ULM‘ ° familiarity With Quarkxpress and MS Word emironment uould he essential. .-\ \ariet) ol' h" donuts. . faSt and accurate keyboard Skills technical skills are required such as lighting. ° abilitylo Work under pressure to meet tight sound. rigging. computer presentation and .-\\'. deadlmes . You must have the ahilitV to hiiild and maintain 0 a good knowledge of the arts & entertainment scene “Mug Chem rcmmmhilk Salary according to experience. . Please write with CV (stating current salary) to: _ . Mark Fisher, Editor, The List, The lidinhurgh International (’onlerence ('enti'e ltd itllll\ 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE to exceed the changing c\peetalions ol its cttslonierx. hoth E email: editor@| internal and e\ternal. \\ ithin a conte\t ol lzqual . ()pportunities. \\ e are Deadlme: Monday 11 June 2001 E committed to the continued _-_*— . -flh

de\elopinent ol' exer\ team memher. a. t." . . .' ' " lndi\ ltlllitl\ locused on Illll’t ( ( INVESTOR ’V “0"”— (‘ustomer Delight \lttlllltl appl_\.

GLASGOW AND EDINBURGH EVENTS GUIDE Brunton Theatre. , Would you like to join Scotland’s leading magazine - East Lothlan sales team? M USSEl bu rg h Council Can you help look after our existing clients and bring in new busmeSS? \V'e require the following individuals tor the llltl l/l Season at llrnnton llicatrc. If so, contact us now as The List has opportunities for Musselhtirgh. results driven individuals with energy, imagination and Stage Manager Assistant Carpenter good admin skills. Previous sales experience essential £287.50 pw (43 hrs/wk). €202.00 pw (39 hrs/wk). and some knowledge of the advertising market would Ref: STMBTH Ref: ACABTH . i be an advantage. We are offering an attractive basic Deputy Stage Manager ASSIstant TechnICIans (2) salary plus a generous monthly bonus scheme and the £263.50 pw (43 hrs/wk). £242.00 pw (39 hrs/wk). chance to work in a lively creative environment. RefIPSTBTH Ref: TECBTH . A55istant Stage Manager Wardrobe A55istants . . . €246.00 w 43 hrs wk . £202.00 w [39 hrs/wk). Please write wrth CV (stating current salary) to: Ref. ASM‘ETF} / ) Ref: WARpBTH Amanda Mungall, Sales & Marketing Manager Ch: . . . ief Car enter The List, 14 High Street. Edinburgh EH1 1TE £245 00 pwp(43 hrs/wk) 7 Brunton Deadline: Monday 11 June 2001 Musselburgh It is anticipated that interviews will he held week commencing l 1 June lll(l|. (3 p. I .n u _ Application packs are available from the Personnel Services l)i\ision. ltasi loihian 3 "t" “‘"f‘ film} Council. ohn Muir House. Haddin 'ton. lilHl il l.»\ tel: 01620 82'82§ (24 hour of Scotland s busiest . l“ . pmdudng and answering machine) to he returned by 12 noon on l-riday 8 .lune 2001. Please quote receiving theatres, appropriate reference. \\ w“.eastloilnangm.uL th .1 We are seeking to , an tabfléufiéx ; recruit:

.-\ssistant Front of House Manager

To help co-ordinate all aspects of front or house .ictn ille\ including the

~ 0 31 Festival Contracts

recruitment. training and management of ushering stall and merchande sales y I and liaising mth illiel' de iartments to ensure the \motitlt running of all e\ent\

. \ >~ l . . . 7 Bright. energetic staff ttechnicat “Illllll the theatre the mam actn m “I” he I)ut\ .\lan.igement tor e\ent\. ' ' hadn't) box office and front of helium Assistant Box Office Manager ' recurred for (Secrgr: SQtlélf‘: To help lead our ho\ otlice team and ;|\\l\l in managing a hus) ho\ office Ump‘lnl Theatre and Old College Quad

venues during the Frinq‘:

Prewous experience preferred

li\perience in telesales and computerised ticket \Cllllig desirahle.

liotli P0\liltill\ are full time and require a dedicated and enthusiastic indn idual R(‘(]Llll‘(‘(l tor littsy l()rlll('()l‘nlll,fl “la-V)” (ll Rilytll manaqpmem posmoms “uh l‘r‘“ en L'\lk‘rience lit .1 customer sen tee\ em iroltn‘ieltl and e\cellent Ly(~()urn Thpdtrp Conuxlnv Ed “huriih atiqllqbtp I ' h . I( C v

commonicatioii skills. liwmng and weekend “ork I\ required as l\ a tleuhle

" Please 3 I in writin to: ‘ll‘prottch lo \torking ltittlr\. l’erth theatre is an equal tipptirummc\ cmpln} Cr, pp y g

. _ Festivals Office. 56 George \Vritten applications including (‘\' and quoting the position applied for it» PlCdSO (‘dll ROSH‘ K(‘l lagher ()ll ll V Square, Edmbruqh EH8 9JU 0r l’erth 'l'heatrc. INS High Street. Perth l’lll Sl'W, festivals Cream; Uk

' ‘s‘ 'oi ind i) )l in writin’ with (‘V and . ]()l) (l( . ( FIDll l ( r l l l-s Ciosing Date; Thursday (".1': Join:

For lurther information. 'l‘el INTER FINN). ('loxing date tor applications Monda} 4th June 3001.

two references hy lst June.

1 18 THE LIST Mat—7 Jun 2331