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Courses in the Creative Arts

Looking for a career in the communication industry, media or the creative arts? Studying full-time at Stevenson College could launch your career or be a step to university. Our students are winners of numerous industry awards.

Courses start in the following subject areas in September:

0 Art & Design 0 Radio Production

- Drama 0 Communication & Media

0 Media Production - Audio-Visual Technology

- Photography - Television Operations & Productions

0 Film & TV 0 Advertising & Public Relations 1 CALL 3

0131 535 4700

web :

Be a radio star for a week!

Join us in July at the University of Edinburgh for this unique course in creative audio production.

Learn all about: ° Effective interview techniques ° Writing and editing for maximum impact ° Use of the latest technical equipment

For details call our Hotline now! Ol3| 650 3073 Ask for Ursula Michels and quote RadioActive.


Script Wanted

Edinburgh Video Training Co. wants an original 10 minute drama script to be filmed in September 2001. The chosen scriptwriter will

get: £100, 2 weeks with a script-editor to finalise the script and a credit on the final drama.

For an applicaton form: Telephone ()l31 ()52 1206 or


Writers Wanted Photographers

. co'wrne': "an"?! “’ Manhattan Photography durum "cur-mum SUM! Creative. l‘resli. exciting Promo- sereenplay and other projects. . t l t. I. P {I .! k with director writer and CI'L‘illlVL‘ mm" W.” 0 I” “r r‘" \ team. including actors. No “mi-Tc" "W “cm” 'l‘mld“ "mm-V yet. but I ham. 3 plan _ _ musicians. bands. artists. per- . Please send creative email ll’rms‘r-N Pmlc‘wmillV with briel‘ background info Photoshoots from 950. Call David on

burnbrighttu Iiy'elinkmediacom 0131 653 0682.

120 THE LIST 2:1 May—7 Jun 2001

Learn French

in Paris

Intensive French Courses for all ages and levels Summer/Autumn 2001

Call for a brochure 30845 6011157

Models Wanted

I Models with character wanted to pose for Photographer. .-\ll ages over 31). £8 hour ( l--I hour sessions). ('ould lead to professional work. Phone ()l3l 555 494d I Models required 18-40, by t‘reelance artist for portraits and nude studies. Photo and details to Box No Model I. or call (ll-II 573 I433. mobile 0775 23‘) 7l(i(i.

Spanish classes given by native speaker from l'niy‘ersity oliil'alladti. All ley- els. I; l() per hour. (irassmarket. For further information, please call Esther 0131 229 3391.

All about Alexander Technique An introductory lesson or work- shop to enable you to decide whether to take your interest l'urther.

Tel Isobel Anderson 0141 334 1658

I Spanish, French, German tuition in students home. .-\ll leyels. experienced tutor. Phone (H355 333797.

I Tai Chi for relaxation. ten w eels introductory courses commencing \\ ednesday nth .lune b.45pm. \lornmgside ('hrist ('hurch. lloly (other,

I hursday "th June. "pm. St Peters (lunch. I utton Place. \ew mgton. l9or turther int‘or- matron or to enroll. please call Ill 31 33" (I] I} or (l—‘Nll I): ]_

Piano accordion tuition all leyels. Play by ear lrom music compose improyrse.

l'dinburgh 07779 469 724 or email accordionpete®hotmaiLcom

I How to win friends and inlluenee people. impro\e your conyei'sation skills. Breaking lllL' lL‘L‘ liltttlt‘ Cttslcl‘. x\\tlll

eye we courses from Llll \lan .lohnstone lllh'35 NJIZIih.

Beginners power yoga :\stanga style is both dynamic and aerobic. synchronising moyements with breath. it ai‘otises the awareness and inner lire which cleanses and strengthens the body. Call Morgan on 0131 226 2941.

Tai Chi beginners class. I-‘or health and re|a\ation. Monday lunchtime l2.llll~

l.3()pm Venue: Sl)'l‘.-\. llll Park

Road. Kely itibl‘itlge.

For booking contact Tai Chi Instructor Suzanne Lin Jensen 0141 357 4479.

I Counselling in Edinburgh ollered by holisti- cally orientated Psychotherapist. Prolessionally supery ised and insured. Initial session li'ee. (all lilaine law'rence. Ill.‘\| 53‘) ‘HT‘.

Pilates courses and private sessions. Bookings open now 7

Freephone 0800 316 3747 for more information.

I Meditation and posi- tive thinking. l'ree courses. Organised by the Brahma Kumaris \Vorld Spiritual l'niyersity. ()l-Il 423 51-1I.(ll.‘~l 7207221). (H.334 (We) lll.< Peace starts in the mind. .-\ step by step medi- tation technique

I Make a positive differ- ence In your lllt‘ now

Dietary. physical. emotional or learning (mental) changes-- krnesiology can help w uh these and more. (‘ontact lironw en ('oglnll on (014] l 314 H021) or 0‘034 Utill 5H5

Ill—H 045 >103]

or emarl: yoga a gatewaycom

Carrying the world on your shoulders? 'l'herapeutic massage lime and space ltil‘ you. “little \Vtil‘lo lidiiiburgh.

Ann Kelly 0131 225 8092.



one-to-one help with life problems. self exploration and personal growth

Chris McKinnell 0131 667 9658

SCOllISli Gestalt Assocmtion Member

I Astrological life guid- ance through (’eltic. Runic and Ancient (ireek \lyslt‘l'lt‘s. l)i,scoy er a higher meaning to your personality and perspec— ll\ e. Counselling. sell-discoy - cry. initiation. ("all “HI 5"} I433. mobile “"75 3“) “Ion. I Astrology and hyp- notherapy ol‘l'er pow erltil energies for reconnecting w itli meaning and identity. l’or help w ill] emotional ll'ollblcs. \ot‘a— tioii. sell-diseoyery call .lanet Saunders BA Hons. l)lll’. :\.\l\l l(. on Illil 407 ‘l l ()7 lol' inlormation and appointment. I Iyengar Yoga Don't delay - phone today for details of Iyengar yoga classes in (ilagsow and surrounding area. All leyels catered lor. Beginners welcome. Phone lll~ll 945 NM

Book Club

I Interested in joining an inloriiial lidinburgh-based book club'.’ Aim is to read and discuss one book each month. in er lilltitl/tll‘llll'ys ('onlacl Rlllli on UH] (i(il (i733 or Rachel on (HR! Sfio 7246

Welding, Scenery Design,

Garden Gates, Fences and all Metal Work.

For a free quote call Fraser on

0131 331. 0867 Mobile: 07946 335888