Flatshare wanted

I Student looking for flat in (ilasgnw West lind preferred hut lint essential Willing In pay £200+ hills l’cm In share with male nr female students. Tel 07941 322072.

I Young professional (male), casy —gning and tidy. cur- rently wnrking in (ienrgc

Square. lnnkillg lnl‘ dnuhle rnnm in smart flat near ('in ('enlre. Jnnathan nn 07867 505 418.

I Computer professional, male, n‘\s. nutdnnr enthusiast. seeks hnuse/flat share/let in Slrathhlane area. l’ref with nff- street parking. 07989 968 314.

I Room wanted in quiet linuse hy visiting pnstgraduatc frnm ()ctnher In June. Pref in West lind. N/s. 07960 507447. I Gay-friendly girl cnuple lnnking fnr dntlhle l'nntll ill llal whilst saving In gn R'l'W. ('lean and friendly. we wnuld he ideal flatmates fnr 6 mnnth

lease. All areas. Need tn he clnse tn transpnit links. 07974 454 828.



FESTIVAL FLATS Est: 1986 We are once again seeking quality central flats to accommodate Festival participants for I ,2,3,4 week lets during August

I‘In/uulm In urnl lll/I‘I'Illtlllllll Imm ('arnle Smith/Anne (Qnring Tel: 01620 810620 email It'sllltllsw anl.cnm or write In 3. Linkylea Cottages. (iiland. I'Iast 1.nthian l-Ill41 41'1'1.


requires top quality, one to five bed flats and houses within 15 mins walk of Princes Street for excellent retained clients.

Please call Louise Dickens on

01 31 558 1 108.

I Shandon colonies, Spacinus. hright. furn. rnnm in cnlnny hnuse. liemale In share with nlher female. 6-12 mnnIh lease. 1-‘ully furn hedrnnm with TV. Shared kitchen/dining rnnm. (i(‘ll. Small garden. Mitst he tidy. easy gning. nkay smnking and like cats. Suit mature prnf/student. £270 pcm + share nf hills. ("1‘ & phnne. Mnnth dep req. Avail immedi- ately. 0131 337 6483. eves nnly. I Gorgeous double room with ensuite in large newly dec- nrated flat nverlnnking Rnyal Mile. \Vnuld suit prnfessinnal enuple. All mnd cnns. Avail ASAP. £200 pp pem. 0131 22.5 1457 mnh 07989 556 851

I Bright, sunny single rnnm avail. in SInckhridge (‘nlnnies flat frnm 8 June. Prnf .\'/S female preferred. In share with 2 nthers. £203 + ("110131 332 4986 nr 07974 199090.

I Min/double rooms celi- tral lncalinns In let. fully equipped with washing machine. cnlnur 'l‘V. Mtisic sy s- tem. viden etc. £40-£45 per per- snn per week inclusive nf gas. electric. ("11 Tel 0131 657 5555. I Lovely room in large and heautiful central flat. (iayfield Square w ith 4 (llllL‘l‘s. £195 inc ("11 ()v er 25. friendly and hnusetrained. 0131 556 8550

I 2 rooms available in fully furnished student flat

ny erlnnking Ihe Meadnw s. Large dining. kitchen. hath- rnnm. (i('1l. I dnuhle. 1 single. £230. £195 pcm + hills. Avail nnw. (1131 668 2936

I Single room in very large snciahle Snuth Newingtnn linuse In share with 2 guys. 3 girls. .\'/S nnly. £195 pcm + ("1' + £30 hills. nm («)7 5929

I Leith Sunny single rnnm. stripped flnnrs. (i('11. garden. cat (friendly). £180 pcm inc ("1' and hills. ('all 0131 555 2636 I Newington area Big. heaut dnuhle rnnm. Avail nnw- in a fully furn flat and well dec- nraIed In share with 3 nthers. £270pcm. 07714931890 fKil‘slell) ("417951831721 (Jane). I Merchant City. l'nnttl 16 let in flat. sharing with nne nlher lmnstly ahsent). suit prn- fessinnal nr pnsI-grad. £240 pctll + LlL‘pt)\ll + ("1. + Bills. Tel 0131 5532073.

I Big room in spacinus relaxed new Inwn flat In share with 4 nthers. £250 pcm + ("12. 0131 538 3354 aft 6pm.

I Double room to let. Pan ath area. sharing with 2 nthers. Avail £166 pcm + ("1' + hills. Tel 0131 346 8185 evenings and weekends.

I Marchmont l.arge sunny single rnnm in shared flat. We are 3 pnsI-grad prnfessinnals lnnking fnr similar. (ll/WM /Shnwer. New decnr. £200 pcm + ("1‘ + hills. 0131 447 7152.

I Sunny art deco flat in l.uIna 'l‘nwcr. l'se nf' whnle flat except ndd weekends. Parking and garden. easy access In city. great shnpping. £375 pcm. share hills. .\'/S. prnfessinnal. 07715 448 801

I Friendly, sorted, semi- sensible persnn wanted fnr single rnnm in cn/y hasement flat. sharing with I female. 1 male 8; I cal. .\'n 'l‘nries. meat eaters. smnkers. drinkers nver 25 welcnme. £200 pcm + share hills & ("11 Tel 07947 176 074 I Morningside room avail- ahle immediately in attractive. clean. fully furn. friendly flat. :\11 mnd cnns. £220 pcm + hills and ("1‘ suit prnf. 'l‘el Sinhhan 01334 477761 nr 0131 447 3904. I Polwarth, near Morningside, hedrnnm. in 4 hedrnnm main dnnr flat. pine llnnrs. (i(‘1l. all mnd cnns. Tel: (1141 633 2656/07890 848736. I Female flatmate want- ed large. hright dnuhle rnnm in heautiful newly decnrated flat. Situated nff Brnughtnn SI tn share with nther fetnale. £325 pcm + ("l' + hills. 'I‘ina 0131 243 425(k1ay/0131 .558 7286 ev Us. I Morningside (Maxwell St) n/s prnf female tn share clean 3 hedrnnm flat with 2 nthers. avail nnw. (i(‘ll. WM. S11. £210 pcm. 0131 447 1457.

I Comely Bank (Learmonth Ave) ll/s prnf female tn share clean. well-dec- nrated. 3 hedrnnm flat w ith 2 nthers frnm 1 June. l)(i. WM. S11. £210 pem. 0131 332 2760. I Double room in Fully l‘urn shared l-lat. (i(‘ll t& elec shnw er. 2 females pref. £305 pcm + hills. 07770-312901.

I Leith Double room in shared l~lat £295 P(‘M + Bills. '1‘el013l478 1120.

I Rooms in shared flat. L‘ellll'ttl. nr 'lttllc‘rnss at linuntainpark. his. students pref. (‘11. sanded flnnrs and new decnr. dnuhle rnnm. £230 pcm. Large rnnm. £210pcm.

0131 229 3560.

I Morningside large bright l)nuh|e Rnnm availahle fnr n/s prnf in furn flat sharing with 2 nthers. £327 P('M + ("1' + Hills. 0131 4469023.

I Large furnished room, in hright. spacinus. and friendly Marchmnnt flat. lilec. Shnwer. (i('ll. Washing Machine. £205 pcm + hills + ("l'. £250 depnsit. Availahle frnm Jun 9th. Tel: 0131 447 5952.

I Double room with has- rnnm fnr stnrage in spacinus. n/s. maindnnr flat in SInckhridge/(‘ninely‘ Bank. £350 pcm including ("1. and

all hills except Ielephnne. Availahle frnm w/e 19/20th May. 0131 332 6557.

I Double room available in hright. tidy. fully-furnished Brnughtnn flat. £250 pcm inc. ("1' & hills lnnt phnne). (‘nntact l)ave nn: 07890 188573.

I Sunny room to let in a spacinus Marclunnnt flat. In share with twn nthers. Availahle mid-May. 270 pm incl. hills and ("12 Tel 07881 692 464.

I Room available in spa- cinus Marchmnnt lilat fnr mnnths June. July. August. Septemher and pnssihly lnnger. Nnn - smnkers nnly. To share with nne nther. £200 pm + ("1‘ + share hills. 0131 228 1619. I A professional wanted fnr a dnuhle rnnm in large shared flat (2 nthers) Central. (Mnntgnmery SI.)A|1 ameni- ties. large kichen. shared living rnnm. 2 hathrnnms. £250 inc ("1’ pem plus depnsit. 0131 661 8027 day 0131 661 8422 eves. I Single room available in quiet. clean and calm prnfes- sinnal. n/s flat. (‘lnse In city centre £190 pcm + depnsit and hills. (‘all 0131 346 7620.

I Double room in quiet area nf Snuth Queensferry. (‘Inse In puhlic trans. shnps and puhs. Parking space. Sharing with nwner and cat. N/S female prefered. Wnuld suit prnf/mat student. £200 pcm excl hills. (‘nntact (‘ecile mi 0131 319 2380 or (1794 117 4687.

I Large single room avail- ahle in spacinus Newingtnn flat sharing with nne nther. Availahle 1 July nnwards. Suit n/s ynungtish) prnfessinnal nr graduate. Living rnnm/ (iC‘ll. £220pcm + hills + ("11 Tel: (1131 667 6027. litltail: (iavin..\liller(a ed.ac.uk

I Professional female, n/s, seeks dnuhle rnnm in friendly lidinhurgh flat with

2+ nthers. Please call Rachel nn 0177 1(1) 989894.



Room available in large. fully furnished flat in Grassmarket to share with 3 Australians for about 6 months.

Would ideally suit OUKiwi/fellow traveller. £240 pcm inc CT + bills. Call Lee on 0777 5847 907


ACCOMMODATION excellent facilities. flexihle duratinn nf stay. Suit cnuples nr singles. l’rn'c's starting frnm p“: (‘all 0131 452 8727 or 07808 297 812.


in totally refurbished sunny flat in Dalmeny Street. Stripped floors 8. great kitchen. Avail 8th June £240/month + CT + bills. Call Charlie on 07974 307226.


Room for Rent

Large Room in quality terrace house

Shared Livingroom, Kitchen and Garden

£250 per month

TEL: 07968 68 72 78 0131 312 8783

I Portobello fab 3/4 lied- rnnm V'ictnrian villa. f/f. (i(‘1l. near heach/lncal amen. Prvt gdns. Suit prnfs/family. Avail. mid-end June. £750 pcm. Tel. 0131 657 3632.

I Large sunny single rnnm In let in .‘ylarchmnnt flat with twn female students. £233 pcm + shared hills. l)ep req. Avail early June. (‘all 01 31

229 2492 nr 07754 671659.

I Box Room available in Mnrningside frnm 01 June 01. All mnd cnns. Sharing with 3 nthers. Mins frnm main rnuIes tn (‘in. lidinhurgh & Napier lint. (‘lnse In all shnps etc. £165 pcm. 0131 447 9411.

I Central Flat near l)ean Village. l.nnking fnr 2 friendly flatmates In share with 3 nthers. MUsI see flat. gnrgenus views towards the l.eiIh shnre. 2 hath- rnnms. liach rnnm cnsts £210 pm + (‘1‘ share nf hills. Jasnn 0788 7793054.

I Bright sunny flat in Viewfnrth area. Rnnm availahle immediately In female (prnfes- sinnal n/s pref). Mnd cnns. £270 incl ("l' & hills. dep £270. 0131 229 2316. 07811 351 630. I “no single rooms In let in central flat nff Rnyal Mile. £200 per rnnm pm. hills apprnx £20 pm. Avail 7 June. ('all 07968 000875 leave a message. I Flatmate wanted fnr (iayfield Square flat. l‘riendly' flatmates. hig heautiful flat. lnvely rnnm. central lncalinn. all mnd cnns. Suit 20/30 snme- thing. nnn nr light smnker. £55 pw plus hills. availahle early June. James 0131 557 9919.

I Young prof female want- ed f'nr hright rnnm in lnvely Musselhurgh flat hy the sea. All mnd cnns. parking avhl. clnse tn amendities. £200 pcm lincl hills) + ("11 Tel 0771 838 7283. I “no good sized rooms available fnr tidy pnstgrad /mature students in Brnughtnn Street flat. Pref n/s. £167 pm. £250 dep + hills. ()ne avail 1 June 8; 11 June. Sarah 0131 557 8549.

I Morningside, double room availahle in newly-decn- rated. friendly flat sharing with 2 nthers. Suit n/s. prnf female. All mnd cnns. £210 pcm + (T + hills. Avail l7 June. 0131 447 8251 (after 6 pm).

I Central single room availahle Ill mndcrn fully fur- nished hnuse tn share with 4 nthers. liscellent lncalinn. Availahle immediately Iv until Sep. (iaragc availahle. £250 pcm + ("1' + hills. 'l'el: 0131 556 082.5 nr (17761 282 560.

I Large single room Availahle in Mnrningside frnm 30 June 01. All mnd cnns. Sharing with 3 nthers. Minutes frnm main rnutes In (‘in. lidinhurgh tit Napier l'niversity. ('lnsc In all shnps etc. £200 pcm. 'l’el 0131 447 9411.

I Fair sized double t‘nnlll availahle in friendly flat in Muirlinuse /Silverknnwes area. (lay - friendly. n/s wanted In share with nne male. and Iwn gnrgenus cats. £250 peril all bills (except Ielephnnc) incl. ('all 0131 476 4377.

I Double Room available in Newingtnn. ldeal fnr enuple nr l’l‘nfessinnal. (‘lnse In Shops and (‘in. fully furnished. (i('11. private (iardcn ln Share with 2 nthers and a cat. N/s nr |)SS; £230pm + ("1’ + hills. l’hnne lvnnne: 07754 410957 nr email:iruppcl((I lemplelnn.cnm I Friendly female flat- mate wanted In share with nne nlher girl in small. perfectly fnrmed SInckhridge flat. Sunny dnuhle hedrnnm. Suit tidy. relaxed prnfessinnal. £250 pm + hills + depnsit. Availahle cnd May. (iail 07932 654 965.

I 2 Student rooms in Bruntsfield. 1 single rnnm (£200/mm) + l hnsrnnm - with skylight £120/mth. avail 1 July in sunny friendly pad. nv erlnnks Illeadnws, wnnden flnnrs. gclt. all mnd cnns + qualin hantcr. Suit laid hack 20 snmethings. Matt/Alice013l 228 1734.

I Flatshareds) wanted for heautiful SInckhridge river- side flat. l"armhnuse kitchen. (’ll. views. garden. 1 mile Princes St. lintanics. £362.50 pcm + ("1‘ + hills fnr 2 hed- rnnms. shared kitchen. shared / nwn lnunge. Avail heg July. N/s. gay/child-friendly. Peter 0131315 2158 / 07050 612878. I Single Room In let ill Pnlwarth flat. Avail nnw end Sep. Sep liv rnnm. sharing with twn nthers. Prefer prnf/mature student. All mnd cnns. £170pm + hills. 0131 337 6972 fans machine).

24 May-7 Jun 2001 THE LIST 123