V I saw you sexy Frisco Andy Revolve.” boy - Mon l4 May. So I make ten and saw Ms Bush live!'.’ I saw how yoti looked too! l.()()K()[i'l'! I loved the shirt 7 you know that . . . l'tne hands! Follow/find me . . . find corned beef. tlottble barrels and bogey wheels . . . Box No U/4 l4/I.

V I saw you working in Little Italy; yottng man with dark short hair. Yoti and your coffee get me through the day! Btit sure you are trop beau a moi. Box No U/4l4/2.

V I saw you or my friend did. on the tttbe being a good citizen. You have rainbow hair and first aid skills. I am impressed. Box No U/4 l4/3.

0 I saw you working in Virgin Buchanan St. You were blonde with a traditional Scottish 'highland' look. jttst my kind of Lussie. I want you NOW! Box No [1/4l4/4.

V I saw you VliRMlClotlS KNlD in Borders for a start. then in ()ld Kilpatrick. Arisaig. Blackpool and other exotic locations. Thanks for everything. love scampi scamp. Xx Box No [1/414/5.

VI saw you in Finnegan's Wake watchin old firm. You were wearing a pink top me a brown sweater. l was amazed by your bright eyes. Would like to meet you again. Fancy a drink‘.’ Box No [.l/4l4/(i.

V I saw you at the gym (we both did). Part 2. Heart monitor . . . 45p. btis fare . . . 70p. a smile from the turquoise star . . . PRl('l€Ll-ZSS! Box No U/4l4/7. V I saw you Paul at the Mttll Festival. 1 was eating a banana on the btis. we stayed at the Youth Hostel. Pogey camped. can the Greenock scrap merchant call me. ('aroline. Box No [I/4l4/X.

V I saw you Reuben from London [England of course l didn't! Remember the Maus in Spain! Missing yous. Yes. 1 still have an address to write to! And a phone! Box No [l/4l4/9.

V I saw you Diamond. complaining that you've never had a mention in I Saw You . . . Now you have. You: gorgeous Showgirl. Me: still without a name. I'm waiting (probably 4ever) . . . Box No [l/4l4/l(). V I saw you Worm. Had a mindblowing evening. See you shortly. Wortnetta. Box No

U/4 NH 1.

V I saw you Miss Mitchell in the Cottiers on Easter Monday afternoon with the normal crowd. Your hair was in pigtails and your smile as enchanting as ever. Box No U/4l4/l2.

0| saw you with a slim blonde and a short haired blonde. You wore a white polo neck sleeveless jumper (v sexy). You are blonde and stunning!! Please call me. Box No [f/4l4/l 3.

V I saw you shagging every guy you saw. but c'est la f'“‘cking vie. you know what I mean! Box No ['/4|4/l4.

0 I saw you naked. How‘s your head‘.’ My teeth are fine. Adidas + u. Box No ['/4l4/l5. V I saw you Nathan B at ‘The Face'. ()ptimo. You're iii big trouble ifl see that Hysteric (ilamottr T shirt again! A Fan. Box No ['/4l4/l(i.

V I saw you chuchter blonde behind the ('til-de-Sac bar. you ride like a devil ~ I will be your Magnus Fattis any day! I will descend you ~ who said you can't teach ati old dog new tricks - yours the spunk weasel. Box No [7/4l4/l7.

V I saw you sharp suited man with limp wrist and swollen ankle love that briefcase! Box No [.’/4l4/l8.

V I saw you spewin' your ring iii Ashton Lane. White trousers. blue leg warmers. ('all me! Box No [I/4l4/l‘).

V I saw you you absolute stud with your sexy Scottish accent working at Starbucks iii your tight black pants. I want to pinch that supple arse of yottrs! Box No [l/4l4/2ll.

V I saw you sexy Aussie chick in Brel. you shakin' your ass. me wanting it. ('ream ti later. Rx Box No [,1/414/21.

V I saw you you lovely pig tailed woman with elephants on your tits. Box No [7414/22.

V I saw you Brian F at the (irosvenor ('inetna watching Bridget Jones' Diary. ('all me! Box No [l/4l4/23.

VI saw you Aline on the way to ('latties -— see you in liarnock High School. from yr (i music class. Box No [3/4l4/34. V I saw you looking for more drink. your name was ponytail boy. your long fluffy mane was just a clever decoy. Jenny. Box No [7/4l4/25.

0 I saw you Mr (‘lainpett. you are my favourite teacher. Discipline me! Kxx Box No [I/4 l4/26.

V I saw you Mr Ponytail. You the man. women love you. we understand in Brel holiday Monday. Xx Box No [1/414/27. V I saw you modelling your new ‘jherkin' in Tinderbox. I love your spiky hair. you Scottish/Italian stallion! Box No [1/4 l4/28.

V I saw you James at the btts stop in Bearsden. Yott're cool atid no one's gonna see a fool. Seen yoti on your drums. and we are best chums! Love you always! Box No [1/414/2‘).

V I saw you you are tall with dark hair and are really cute! You were in a cool car reg no TAS 3. You were at the traffic lights outside Milngavie Tesco. Box No U/4l4/3t).

V I saw you my Bambi. You say we're friends for ever but I can't help wanting more. Just say the word and I'll be yours for ever more. Love. your sexy lexy. Box No [.’/4l4/3l.

VI saw you l thought of the sky. I looked at the clouds rushing by and watched as the sun set. I sit there dreaming. ()range was your favourite colour. Box .\'o [7414/32.

V I saw you in 'l'inderbox ya big sweetheart fiddling with your Telecaster. you can strum my chords any day! Box No ['/4l4/33.

0 I saw you at Lendrick Muir S[' centre. Yoti atid your brown quiffed hair. So cute so fair! We could be a perfect pair! Love the cuddly bear. Box No ['/4 l4/34.

V I saw you Thomas at llenryvvood Hall. Yoti were lookin' good playing your violin. atid strutting your sttiff! Box .\'o ['/4l4/35.

V I saw you in the 'l'inderhox. stintanned. hairy chest and oh la la. I want to be ur coffee cup from a mature man lover xx. Box .\'o [7414/36. 0 I saw you car licker bouncing around (ilasgow with your skanky dred/ hmmm ytiini when can I lick you back‘.’ Box No [7/4l4/37. EDINBURGH

V I saw you at lidinburgh ['ni at l().2()am-ish lh May. You (sexy gtiy) work for uni (cotild tell by your 'uniform'). I passed you by twice as you were waiting for something together with a second person. Anyway. I know you noticed inc! ljttst want to look in to those gorgeous eyes of yours again. that's all. (iirl with long dark blonde hair. jeans. jacket and multi-colottred scarf (with quite alright eyes as well . . .) Box No [7/4 l4/S‘).

V I saw you dancing iii Harry's Bar on Fri 20 Apr. You iii green top. glasses. blonde hair. Leave behind your legal eagles. come fly with me. Box No [T/4l4/(itl.

VI saw you luscious Lou in smelly pub. Please get in touch. Donkey Dave. x. Box No

[1/4 l~l/()l.

V I saw you Mozeltla. Wiggle that sexy ass in my direction any time! Dreadnaught chicks rock!! Box No [7/4l4/(i2. V I saw you at Disco Inferno on S/S/Ol. You were on Sarah's

Hen Night. black top. sexy body.

1 had floppy hair and wore your 'T.l.T.S' Top!!!! Fancy meeting for coffee or even a Smirnoff lce'.".".".".’ Box No [l/4l4/(i3.

V I saw you for the first time at work. You were new. I was trying to be mysterious! Then your eyes smiled and l crumbled and fell in love. I know things have to change btit it's hard because my heart still has you in it. If you ever need me come and find me . . . I'll be the one counting squirrels in the park. Box No ['/4l4/(i4.

V I saw you at the Northern Quiz Night. I know a (red-head) diamond when I hear about one. Fancy a Roger'.’ Box No [5/4 l4/65. VI saw you in Edinburgh: Adam. Andrew. Claire. Gillian. George. Karl. Kate. Katherine. Keith. Laura. Lindsay. Neil. Nicola. Robert. Ross. Sarah. Sean. Steve. Stephie. Stuart . . . With love and thanks. Scott. Box No L7/4l4/6o.

V I saw you last tiaster In (ireen Hat. Divine ln Lovely Knickers. Sexy !! Box No [7414/67.

0 I saw you t‘ said hi at Revolution 7 Fri 4 May (me long hair. white top). we'd met and shared a kiss there the week b4. Want I speak properly now l'tt) sober'.".' BU\ No ['/4l4/(i.\'. VI saw you on the bits. with your big dog » l was the one who almost fell over it. on the way otit. Box No ['/4l4/o‘).

V I saw you ('ttrly blonde panda-girl in Ryan's bistro. .-\w man I got dent panda blues! Box .\'o t'/4l4/7().

V I saw you iii .»\v'alanche. very red hair and my heart missed it beat. Seen you before in the Fruitinarket cafe. Wotild you like to know your secret admirer'.’ Box No ['/4l4/7l. VI saw you on a hen night at the 'l'rav'erse bar on Sat 28 Apr. You are attractive blonde. dressed in black. with a gorgeous smile. I am tall. shy guy in white shirt. jttmper and chinos who told you how attractive you look. Meet for a coffee'.’ Box No ['/4 l4/72.

V I saw you in Bierex bar. ('ausewayside. Thu I!) Apr at lunchtime. You lovely. dark- haired girl with glasses having meal with a gtiy near the back. We looked at each other quite a bit until you left. Me dark hair and glasses. was with another woman who. is only a friend. If you are not attached to that guy perhaps you would like to meet'.’ Box No [i/4l4/73.

V I saw you I met yoti NHS fanatic in Po Na Na. | I May. Want to meet the Guy from Milton Keynes again'.’ (iet in touch. Box No [7/4l4/75.

V I saw you sexy topless boy at Taste. liaster weekend. You grabbed me at the small har

me too shy to speak. Fancy grabbing a coffee maybe more‘.’ Box No [1/4l4/7o.

V I saw you Amanda. Brotighton Street Tesco. limployee of the month. every month. Spending a fortune on groceries to see you. Scan. Box No [F/4l4/77.

V I saw you and ogled. probably. at DD's on the thh. You were with a grottp of friends btit left early; slender. tallish. close-cropped brown hair. wearing long-sleeved black T-shirt and grey trousers. Less divine diva than disco dervish l was in a glittery top. with a lot of hair. ('ontrary to my strutting manner. I was too shy to approach. [Fnder the auspices of this broadcast. though. would you like to meet up'.’ Box No [1/4 l4/7X.

0 I saw you Waterline. Fri 20/4. You short dark hair. glasses. black trousers with couple of friends: me drinking coke. three friends drinking lager by the window. Fancy a drink'.’ Box No L'/4l4/7‘).

V I saw you rainbow scarf mod-boy on a quest for mod suit in Armstrongs. You're suave with a capital SL'A! Let's soiree together. Box No U/4l4/St).

O I saw you you're lovely. I fancy you. Come to Summit and you'll know who I am (big. tall. hairy chest). Box No U/4l4/81.


V I saw you Jacko babie. When I saw ti. u made me feel like Lionel Ritchie's brother. Please call. Box .\'o [7414/83. VI saw you Mr Jacko inagig. ti r so funky strutting ur sttiff at Funky Magic will ti dance with mel".".’ Box .\'o ['/4l4/.\‘,§. V I saw you Bufty at Whisky Society enjoying your new membership and also at the Fresh Air night. ('an't wait to levitate with you soon. Let's enjoy it. (Betting too soppy now \xx Box .\'o t'/4I4/.\'4. V I saw you shaking that ass on the dancellooi' at Ten. Is one hour of love enough'.’ Meet you under the monkey pit/Ile tree Sat 9pm. Bling blitig. Bo\ .\'o [7414/85. V I saw you 4 lovely laytlee/ lsla. Luella. Hannah and Becca in my flat all day and every day. ('an't wait to live with you all next year. Loving clierishiiig. Snarf. :\lldays rules. Jeni. Box .\'o [/4l-l/3f). VI saw you Funky Magic Jack flash love your electric glide loafers. btit please tell me what they say about the state of your knob ain't true. Lots of love the big I). Box No ['/4 l4/b'7. V I saw you wild cat eccentric. .»\ penchant for 'l'sardoiii and Victorian garb. ls it that I wash too much for yott'.’ Starla. Box No [7414/88. V I saw you saturate stallion. Bucking and gasping and smacking of Letterman oo/e. 'l'antalising me with the honeyed natiie and game Donald ('. liinei'ald kisses and bed wishes. Box No ['/4l4/b"). V I saw you honey lips. We kissed aiitl we were dead. Neon eyes punctured through me. Take thy beak from otit my heart. take thy phantom form from otit my bed and give me you instead. Never more evermore. Love your acidic obsession. Box No ['/4l4/‘)(l. V I saw you spikey Kiwi boy, wearing ‘()siris' sweatshirt. looking tight in Mothers restaurant. (iive me some more!!! I think tir name is ‘1'. Box No [f/4l4/‘)l. V I saw you Stephen at Klll). Bttt you've moved on somewhere and I'm London- botmd. (iood lttck in your new job. have fun. Scott (Moose). Box No [7/4l4/!)2. O I saw you (a the Filmhouse cafe. dark. tasty and petite. You are the smallest portion of chilli I've ever clapped eyes on. Box No [3/4l4/‘)3. V I saw your ladybirds. Very cute. Box No ['/4l4/‘)4. V I saw you mouse bear. I'll be very happy to give you a birthday bonk. Love yoti. woljiejujj. Box No [7414/95. 9 I saw you the 2 French girls playing badminton in the Meadows last Sunday. I think your names are Sof and ('aroline. You were so light and gracious. Hope to see you again. Box No U/4l4/9o. V I saw you every day but never enough! You're the shiniest person in my life. I love you so much. JK Box No [I/4l4/97. V I saw you Brian prom king. in the Phoenix. Bring me the corsage and I'll bring the vaseline! Box No U/4l4/9X.

24 May—7 Jun 2001 THE LIST 127